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MIR7 save as completed

  • Error message: You cannot save a completed copy of this form to your computer. Updated:10-11

    Hello, I created a PDF form in Acrobat Pro X and i am trying to distribute it by placing it on our shared drive so employees can take it from there and save it to their own computer. I tested the form with some employees that have Reader. Some can op

  • Can't save a complete site in one go ? want to global save? Updated:10-11

    Can't save a complete site in one go ? I want to global save? As a new site name... taThe site root folder name is not a part of the internal linking structure. Could you just rename the old local site root folder and delete the old site definition (

  • How do I save a completed form? Updated:10-11

    My job requires that I complete forms, applications, data sheets, etc. and return the completed form to the vendor.  Since an upgrade to Adobe Acrobat X Pro, I can't figure out how to SAVE THE COMPLETED FORM.  Once I fill everything in, I need to kno

  • Is it possible to save a completed form? Updated:10-11

    We would like to be able to save a completed registration/application form in PDF format as well as receive the spreadsheet data for our online database.   It is imperative that hard copies be utilized for portfolios. Thank you, MelanieYes, with a pa

  • Cannot save a completed copy of adobe forms Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, i was developing a simple Adobe form with a drop down list. When saving that form on local system ad then opening it , I tried changing the valve in drop down list it gives me a pop-up as "You cannot save the completed copy of this form o

  • How to save a completed form that was created as a dynamic form, with expandable files? Updated:10-11

    I have created a dynamic PDF form with expandable fields etc. As this is to be accessible for customers to completed, how can they save a completed copy on their own PC? I tried it myself and I receive an error msg stating that I can only save a Blan

  • Bapi to save as completed an incoming invoice Updated:10-11

    Hi, is there a bapi allowing to create an incoming invoice an saving it as completed?. i don´t  need to park it. i´d like to save the document as completed. (i did try with BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_PARK but what i got was a parked document and what i nee

  • How to save a complete book in iphoto to CD or external backup??? Updated:10-11

    I completed a book in iphoto. Is there any way to save the book to CD or to a backup minicruiser for example, just to have a safe copy of it. All I see on back up on the drop down is to send to iMac. Is this the only way to do it? Which means you hav

  • Unable to save a completed from in Chrome Updated:10-11

    I have a PDF form that I can open from the web page in IE and save the form and the data. I try that in Chrome and the document saves but it is blank. Any ideas?Thanks George - that works a treat. I was looking for a workaround or solution for those