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  • Modification in migo(User exit) Updated:11-30

    Hi Techis Can anybody pls tell me modification in Tr code MIGO AND EXIT NAME IS "MBCF0005" Material document item for goods receipt/issue slip Will any body pls provide soln wid stepd how to make it... Pls help me out.. Reward will be awarded fo

  • How do i remove my credit card from an exiting itunes account? Updated:10-11

    I want to remove my credit card from my itunes account (exiting)start itunes on your computer click the Itunes store buttom click account click edit under Payment infoRead other 2 answers

  • MIGO user exit Updated:10-11

    Hi I have been create a will contain PO no, then I go to  MIGO Transaction While saving goods receipt PO, I want to check with Ztable.PO No(MIGO trs) is Available or Not? Such as (Po is not available means Display error Message in MIGO tran

  • MIGO User Exit after Mat Doc creation Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts. I would like to request for your help about an user exit that will be triggered after the material document has been created or posted. The requirement is that I need to extract the material document from SY data and create a textfile via

  • MIGO user exit to get serial number Updated:11-30

    Hi Experrts:- I need to change the status of serial number (equipment number ) during Migo (good receipt,Transfer posting). I have checked all the user exits and number of badis but i am not getting serial number at run time if i get serial numbar in

  • MIGO - user exit - POST Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have added code in the user exit MB_CF001 for the transcation code MIGO. I put a break-point in it (hard coded), I have activated in SMOD and CMOD also. But when i run MIGO and POST (click on post button on application tool bar) it is not posti

  • Exit in accounting interface of material movement Updated:11-30

    Hallo together, I am looking for an exit in the accounting interface of the material document. We want to change the document lines of the accountig document created during a good issue posting. thanks a lot for your help. AxelHi, Check the BTE. THis

  • MIGO User Exit/BADI to disable field Updated:11-30

    Hi, I would like to disable a specific set of fields in MIGO (fields under the GOITEM structure). Is there a BADI (or user exit) I can use to implement this functionality ? Thanks.Hi, My understanding is this BADI is used for modifying the value of t

  • MIGO - User Exit / BADI / BAPI Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have an reuirement that when user save document in MIGO then I want to send an e-mail alert to concerned user for inspection of goods in store. Is there any user exit / BADI / BAPI where I can write my code to send mail in MIGO tcode. Thanx

  • MIGO: user exit for checking batch number Updated:11-30

    Hello, When using MIGO to do goods receipt (101 mvt) I need a user exit in each time a line is added to check the batch number entry. If the batch number is empty for certain materials issue a error message to the user. Thanks, Peterwhere is your pro

  • Doubt in MIGO user exit Updated:11-30

    Hi all, my requirement is "whenever the user is performing the MIGO transaction and presses the post button,i have to populate all the values what ever the user is entering along with the MBLNR (material document number) field and also to populate so

  • HELP..migo user Exit Updated:11-30

    HI all.. please help me... this is my third post and i badly need a user exit after posting of material document.. is there a user exit avaible before migo will pop up the success message Material document number 49000000 posted?.. because in my requ

  • Doubt reg: MIGO   GR/IR Reclass accounting entries Updated:11-30

    Hi , When MIGO is done , we have the below accounting entries. Stock a/c - Dr GR/IR clg a/c - Cr On month end when we run F.19 , if MIGO is done and MIRO is not done, the accounting entry is GR/IR Adjustment a/c DR GR/IR clg a/c - Cr Is this correct?

  • PGI exits for accounting entry Updated:11-30

    HI experts, Currently after SO and DO is completed a accounting entry will be created. This can be viewed at VA03/VL03N display document flow. Example : AFter SO the user will create a DO. AFter that the user will go again to VA03 to view the account

  • Message to display in MIGO user exit Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone, I have used a User Exit EXIT_SAPMM07M_001in migo for automatic batch generation, the problem is that when I give the message in the user exit it does not pop up the information. E.G. message 'Batch is xyz' type 'I' also i have tried to u

  • MIGO user exits Updated:11-30

    Hello people, I have the next requirement: when u make a movement through MIGO transaction, always we have to put the stock type to blocked (mseg-insmk = 3). Im trying to look for user exits... I have ZXMBCU02, but mseg is not passed by reference, so

  • How to find out MIGO or MIRO without account document Updated:11-30

    hi,can somebody tell he how to find out MIGO / MIRO withou account document,because my client want to check GL of GR/IR with MIGO&MIRO. in theory,MIGO - MIRO = GR/IR balance,but if no FI document generated from migo or miro for some reasons,they two

  • MIGO User Exits / BADI Updated:11-30

    Hi All,         Please let me know which user exits / badi for MIGO which is effective at SAVE time (only for GRN) with using PO. Best Answer Best Points.... Thanks In AdvanceEnhancement/ Business Add-in Description Enhancement MB_CF001 Customer Func

  • MIGO user exit : MBCF0009 Filling the storage location field Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I want to change the storage location filed after loading data (GR for PO, GI for network) before output (show in grid). I found the exit  MBCF0009 but it does not work. Any other way to do this ? Thanks. WayneDera Suyog, I try to use method

  • MIGO GR Price Diff Accounts Updated:11-30

    Dear Gurus, Please help me that system create GR Price Diff. Po Order  : Po Curr is INR qty 16000 PC Rate Rs. 47.00 Per PC Value 752,000.00 INR Material : M.CD : 201305   Price Control : S  Moving Price :  35.90   STD Price : 45.80    Previous Price