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  • Need an USEREXIT before ME21N / ME22N Save happens 46C Updated:11-30

    I am on version 46c, and the BADI ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST is not there. Tried enhancement MM06E005 and MM06E004 , but not helpful. If there are some other Userexits which can be used, please let me know. Req: need to modify some data on the line items as

  • IDoc output type not getting configured in IDoc-File scenario Updated:10-11

    Hello I am having IDoc to file scenario where I want to post Delivery Document to legacy system. For this I have configured following EDI configuration for Delivery through NACE transaction 1] Created output type 2] Created partner function as EDI LS

  • Purchase Order and GR document Output Determination and creating own logo o Updated:10-11

    Can anyone let me know the process of output determination of PO and GR documents. Also let me know the way to incorporate my own logo on the documentsHi sudip For the logo on documents, you have to take help of ABAP ppl. Output of Purchase Order 1.

  • Not getting print out of PO Updated:10-11

    Dear all,              I am not getting print out of PO. In the message out put, the config ( NACE , MN04 ) and as well as all setting are correct. in FURTHER DATA tab, the despatch option id 4 : Send immediately ( when saving the application) ; but

  • Print out of PO Updated:10-11

    user has created a po and then service entry sheet and GR is generated and once she take the print out. in the print out vendor name contract cell off aganist contract doc no item 10 " Item completely delivered" i can see this note in the print

  • Output type not getting defaulted in PO Updated:10-11

    Hi..... I have configured output type as printout for purchase order, i have set the default value for message type NEU, even than when i create a PO system is not picking the message type NEU.. i have also mainatined condition record in MN04 for the

  • MM Purchase Order IDOC NEU output type configuration Updated:10-11

    Hi All, after creation of Purchase Order in ME21N in ECC 6.0 server, i want an IDOC for Purchase order to be created........... i saw there is a standard output type NEU and it has EDI and Distribution Model as medium.......... when i went to ME21N a

  • Stock Transfer from one plant to another Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, We have this scenario My client is doing Make to Order business. All materials planned under MRP and low value items are planned under CBP. My question is if one plant require materials from MRP planned materials then how we make the stock

  • Sto process find vendor and customer Updated:10-11

    we are Creating STO with ME27 tcode from one plant to another plant ie from A120 to S122. Already the configurations are done by someone. Now i took the purchase order xxxxx and open in me23n. As per the process we need to Assign  vendor to Deliverin

  • Output Message Determination for Purchase Order Updated:10-11

    Hi all ! Can anybody please explain in brief, the procedure for Ouyput message determination for Purchase order. (including printer settings) I have tried it throgh the Standard Configuration guide. but i am not able to do. Please explain step by ste

  • Output determination for PO Updated:10-11

    Hi, I don't have much knowledge,waht are the steps and settings  required to maintain output determination for purchase order and material document. Thank you.Hi, PO Output Output of Purchase Order 1. Condition Table SPRO > Material Management> Purc

  • Purchase order output determination thru User exit Updated:10-11

    Hi, We are trying to find a way to determine the output for PO while creation (me21n) or modification (me22n). We do not want to maintain output condition records for each fax/print/email etc..cases. Can we do below thru a user exit or any other meth

  • Reg.Output type for purchase order Updated:10-11

    Dear Sir I followed your steps but not come to "List of allowed output" when I select the message for Purchase order(ME21N). There are listing NEU,SPO,MAHN  and AUFB. I just copy the NEU and all,I did not change anything. Maintain Output of Purc

  • Urgent - Automatic output determination for PO doc type Updated:10-11

    Hello all, I have created an output type along the lines of NEU and maintained all the necessary setting. new outpout type is ZNEU. I want this to be triggered when i save my PO with new PO order type ZS. However, when i save my PO type ZS no output

  • Regarding STO Updated:10-11

    Hello, In the STO cycle, when i was trying to do PO: ME 27, iam getting an error " Material not subjected to inventory management in plant 7504". Can you resolve my errror and tell the whole STO cycle in detailed.Hi, check the steps...... 1.Crea

  • Sto  purchase order ! Updated:11-30

    i have maintained all the settings for  sto  but when i am trying to pick that material its giving a error message saying that the PO does not contain anyitems  for stock transferdear prem STO Following are the steps: 1.Create a vendor for the compan

  • Hold button on ME22N Updated:11-30

    Hello Everyone, I know on ME21N we can hold a purchase order, but when i go on ME22N to change the same purchase order I only have the save option. Does anyone know if there's a way to hold the purchase order like on ME21N before save permanently?Hi,

  • ME9F - PO Output Report Updated:11-30

    Dear MM Gurus, When I execute the transaction ME9F with the necessary inputs (like PO, Output Type etc.), in the output it does not show any condition type values in the form. Is there any alternative way to bring in the condition type values in the

  • Regarding MM CIN Updated:11-30

    Recently i posted few questions on the subcontracting cycle and answers. A list of transaction codes are given and useful answers. I have to try them out. In the mean while i would liike to get some menu paths to go the J  transactions. In J1ILN I ca

  • How is Output determination done for a PO ?? Updated:11-30

    Hi How is Output determination done for a PO ?? I need the O/P to the vendor sent in the form of a PDF file. is it possible !! cheers MaruthiHi, 1. Condition Table SPRO > Material Management> Purchasing -> Message -> Output Control->Conditi