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ME21N field update

  • Issue in Workflow- Field Update is not happening Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, I am facing an issue to update a check box field Released. I have created a task having Advance with Dialog opiton,Background processing to update the Checkbox field. The BOR Object type used is BUS1006 and method is CHANGE. Everything lo

  • Custom field updation in bapi_salesorder_createfromdat2 structures Updated:10-11

    hi friends, custom field updation in bapi_salesorder_createfromdat2 structures i having a problem while creating a salesorder in vao1 tcode i unable to find the WWDLC FIELD AND DATA ELEMENT IS RKEG_WWDLC (delivery to country) in item data-> account a

  • When does Date Modified field update in cmc  XI3.1 Updated:11-30

    In CMC > users and groups there is a Date Modified field, When does it update? Is there any document describe that? For example I have test that when I edit a user's properties the Date Modified fields update. When a user log onto CMC, some time the

  • In field updates of the sbRio9606 Updated:11-30

    I am looking at using an sbRio board in a deployable system however I'm not sure how I could provide updates to systems in the field. Is it possible to perform in field updates of the sbRio9606 without having the complete NI environment installed at

  • Use REST API to query contacts with a field updated since certain time? Updated:11-30

    Hello, Using the REST API and trying to figure out how I can query for contacts that have had a field updated since a specified time. I've tried using the "lastUpdatedAt" arg, but to me it seems like I'm getting back contacts that maybe haven't

  • Crm service order related fields updation Updated:10-11

    hi , i am creating a sales order using va01 transaction. service order is automatically created with the config settings . during this, some of the fields in service order in R/3 are not updated. i wnt to populate 6 fields in service order when creat

  • SQL Query for Date field updation Updated:10-11

    I want a query from u.. Hope u help me with a solution soon.. My Q: I want to update a date field in Oracle database. But the condition is that i shouldnt change the hours, minutes & seconds of the date field. generally , if we update the date field

  • Fields update in "Schedule Lines for FRC sched." in a scheduling agreement Updated:10-11

    May I know how the following fields in the "Schedule Lines for FRC sched." section in a scheduling agreement are being updated? We have already a new inbound delivery with goods receipt (last June 1, 2010) but the following fields still show the

  • How to make dynamic form fields update? Updated:10-11

    This is going to be an ugly post, fair warning! :) I have a form that gets it's labels and text input field names dynamically from a database. Rather than having the form hardcoded, we are able to add new columns to a table and the form automatically

  • OIM 11g r2  User  UDF fields  Updation based on AD ID Updated:10-11

    Hi, We have to update the UDF fields created for the users in OIM using the data from a table. This table contains the AD ID, and other fields. OIM User (already available) will be updated based on AD ID -.i;e AD ID column will be used to find the us

  • Purchase Order text field update in Material Mater Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, Is't possible that we can give authorization to update ONLY Purchase Order text field under the Purchase Order text view in MM? But while giving authorization, I could only see "Maintenance statuses of Material" I could only see stat

  • User exit or BAdi for field update in ECC system for SUS supplier Updated:10-11

    Dear Guru's, I am configuring MM-SUS scenario in our srm 7.01 scenario. Not all vendors of our client are going to be SUS vendors. For SUS vendors, the client will be using Purchase Order Acknowledgement and Advanced Shipping Notification key. I am t

  • BP new field update is not possible Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I work in CRM 4.0 which is connected to R/3. I have created a new BP field with EEWB. I would like to replicate this field into a standard R/3 field. Without any enhancement the new field is replicated in "Insert" mode but in "U

  • Z fields update in BAPI_PO_CREATE1 Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have to update z fields during PO creation from bapi "BAPI_PO_CREATE1". i am following all the steps required using the extension structure. Still the fields are not getting updated. Are there any configuration settings that need to be

  • Reg: Mandatory fields updation with BAPI Updated:10-11

    Hi.. We are working on BDC using BAPI. In this if flat files contians only 4 fields and the mandatory fields in the application are seven then system needs to through error message. But with BAPI the program is updating the database without throwing

  • How do we know what are all the fields  updated in a screen? Updated:10-11

    Hi all,          If i am making modifications in row details of sales order screen .for eg, <b>i am changing the quantity or price for a row</b>           I want to write log file for the updated fields for that particular sales order.        

  • Best Practice?  Fields Updated In Sub Controller? Updated:10-11

    Hi All, My application is working, but I'm interested in how others have approached this. I have a controller responsible for editing an object, and when the user selects components of that object (for example a text field) it calls a sub-controller

  • Ship to party PO number line item field updating in ORDERS IDOC Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts,          We are in the process of creating the Sales order by receiving EDI data from customer and converting in to IDOC format and trying to create the sales order. While executing the ORDERS IDOC message type sales order is getting crea

  • Text field update with Vendor Account using APP F110 Updated:10-11

    Hi, If we want to populate vendor code and vendor name in text field of each payment line item while executing Automatic Payment Program, is it possible? What configuration changes needs to be done? I have tried the Substitution at the Complete Docum

  • Issue with Custom Field updation through BAPI FM Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am going to update some custom filelds in BUt050. So for these custom fields, I want to fill buffer memory so that I can track the changes through buffer. So I was calling FM BAPI_BUPR_CONTP_CHANGE and passing following parameters.