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mdt dhcp lease error

  • MDT 2010 update 1 - Wizard error: DHCP Lease was not obtained for any network device! Updated:11-30

    Hello, My problem is when I being deploying to a set of 12 computers. 2 of them start the deployment processes, but the other 10 get the error below or just reboot without warning. After the first 2 get further in the deployment process I can get one

  • MDT 2013 - A Connection to the deployment share could not be made - DHCP Lease was not obtained Updated:10-11

    First, let me give you some context: Framework: MDT 2013 with MS SDK 7.1 Task Sequence: Standard Client TS with sysprep and capture. Target workstation (build workstation): VM Guest on ESX 5.5 host, 8 vCPU, 8GB RAM, LSI Logic SAS Controller, E1000 NI

  • MDT user credentials error: Invalid credentials: The network path was not found Updated:10-11

    I have DELL E5400 and DELL Optiplex 760 pc. In the before, DELL630 is working with my MDT service, but now, DELL E5400 and DELL Optiplex 760 not working with my MDT. When PE loaded and go to User Credentials interface, I input the user name and passw

  • N82 does not correctly process DHCP leases Updated:11-30

    I have no problem attaching my new N82 to my, and friends, home wireless networks. However, it fails to connect to the Univeristy Campus network giving the error: "Web: No gateway reply!" This is because the phone doesn't correctly process DHCP

  • Need to renew dhcp lease often Updated:11-30

    to use the internet (wireless network) i must renew the dhcp lease every time i click a link or open a window. ive reset internet preferences and removed filesharing software. any ideas?I also have the same problem and it started off small and it too

  • TS1388 After one or two websites the search "freezes". To rectify this I need to go into "Network" and press "Renew DHCP Lease" on my imac 10.6.8 Updated:10-11

    After one or two websites the search "freezes". To rectify this I need to go into "Network" and press "Renew DHCP Lease" on my imac 10.6.8TS1317 - Mac OS X: Troubleshooting a cable modem, DSL, or LAN Internet connectionAny he

  • [SOLVED] Hostname not showing in DHCP lease list Updated:10-11

    This is a brand new installation using the new systemd base. Installed openbox as window manager and Network Manager. What did I miss that the hostname of this computer (opus) is not showing up in the DHCP Leases list? When I connect to the network u

  • RV180W firmware DHCP lease problem Updated:10-11

    Yesterday I upgraded my RV180W to firmware Today the only machine that we have with XP can't get a DHCP lease (we have some 20 machines that can that all have W7 o W8.1). Also none of the iPhones nor Androids that connect via wifi get leases

  • My internet keeps going down and when I try to renew the DHCP lease it stops working altogether Updated:11-30

    Every couple of weeks my internet would go down, I would be surfing the web and suddenly my connection would fail. I would try renewing my DHCP lease and every time I did I would get an IPv4 address of Originally, restarting the router

  • How do I revoke a DHCP lease in the 10.8.4 server app? Updated:11-30

    Hello Everyone, I have some devices (security cameras) that have successfully requested a DHCP lease.  Since then I went ahead and manually created a static reservation for them with a MAC hardware address in the DHCP.  For whatever reason they are n

  • WLC2504 clients not receiving DHCP leases Updated:11-30

    I'm stock with a 2504 using version that won't lease out DHCP adresses Wifi clients are unable to get a DHCP lease from an external DHCP server. The WLC are handling 3 WLAN, 2 using internal DHCP server, 1 (that wont work) using external DH

  • Continually have to renew DHCP lease Updated:11-30

    Occasionally my MBP will loose wireless connection. It often happens when my phone accesses the wireless Linksys router. Every time it happens, I open network preferences, go to Advanced and "Renew DHCP Lease" and it fixes it. Almost looks like

  • Needing to Renew DHCP Lease every five minutes to stay online Updated:11-30

    I experienced ALL the networking and DNS problems since my Leopard install, but adding OpenDNS servers to my router cured the problem. For two months, anyway. Now, in the last week, I've got problems again, and now the only thing that cures the sudde

  • DHCP lease for Guest Wireless network Updated:11-30

    Is there a "rule-of-thumb" for the lease of DHCP on a guest or general use wireless network. The standard user is expected to be relatively transient. Thanks in advance for the comments / help.I think ther no such rule of thumbs in a wireless ne

  • DHCP cofiguration error while installing SOA suit 10.1.3 Updated:11-30

    Hi can any one suggest how to resolve DHCP cofiguration error while installing SOA suit 10.1.3. I have win7 but getting this error . Please sort out................platGroup = WINDOWS Query Returned: true Calling Query soaNetQueries1.0 isDhcp Query R

  • DHCP Service errors in Publisher Updated:11-30

    We have thousand of the same DHCP Service errors below on the Publisher, but the DHCP service is disbled. Don't know if that is a bug in Window 2000. It is running on OS 2000.2.7sr8. Thanks. Event ID: 1008 Source: Perflib The Open Procedure for servi

  • DHCP Server is not passing out DHCP Leases Updated:11-30

    I can't seem to figure out why DHCP server is not passing out DHCP lease a client? Also I can't seem to figure out why NVI0 interface is UP? I have setup another box similarly and NVI0 is down on that and the DHCP server is working fine on that too.

  • Wake on Demand and DHCP Lease Updated:11-30

    I have a Mac Pro running Snow Leopard and an Airport Extreme. Wake on Demand works as advertised and I am able to access any sharing service running on the Mac Pro, even if the computer is asleep . . . but only for about 24 hours. My only problem is

  • Self-assigned IP after trying to renew DHCP lease for former network Updated:11-30

    Hi all, MacBook Pro 15" purchased in Februrary 2008, currently running 10.5.5, up-to-date with patches as of yesterday, 10/20/2008. For a few weeks now, I've been consistently unable to connect to wireless networks (secured or unsecured, public or pr

  • Monitoring DHCP leases with SNMP Updated:11-30

    Hi, is there a way to monitor the number of DHCP leases (show ip dhcp binding) of a DHCP pool created on a 2960 switch? Regards, LeonardoOnce I got my SNMP host to accept the correct attribute and configure the event trap all I had to do was add the