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  • No need label printout for 103 movement Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts I have experinced some error while using 103 movement.Please below I have furnished details fo error. User gets error when ever using 103 (Material post to block stock) movement, which is also queuing in the label print out without printin

  • Exit or Badi to prevent MIGO Goods Receipt on PO with Inbound Delivery Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am hoping that someone can provide me with some direction on how to prevent the use of MIGO for GR when the PO being received is (or should be) linked to an inbound delivery. For purchase orders with a confirmation control key an inbound delive

  • User-Exit or BADI for MB51 Updated:10-11

    Dear all, In MB51 report, sale order value is not showing values even though it actually has. What could be the reason? If the answer is User-exits or BADI, can u suggest me the correct user-exit or BADI. I have already tried the following user-exits

  • How to Make ERFMG field zero initially in MIGO Transaction? Updated:10-11

    Dear Friends,     In MIGO, ERFMG(Qty in Unit of Entry) field to be zero initially once we enter Purchase Order number for the movement type=103 .      The Reason for this, one of our user has posted a GRN for the whole Open PO Quantity. If the ERFMG



  • To BADI or not to BADI? That is the question. Updated:10-11

    Hello friends, A question regarding BADIs. I've looked through the list of existing BADIs for transaction MB25 but could not find one that suited my purpose. So, does this mean I would have to create an insertion point myself? If so, do I have to edi

  • Control the goods issue(migo) on the basis of reservation number Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I want to restrict the goods issue against the manual reservations. Logic:At the time of goods issue against the reservation system should check stock in hand(unrestricted stock)-all previous reservations. Eg:suppose unrestricted stock is 5

  • Inserting/ deleting a line item in MIGO Transaction ( Goods Issue )? Updated:10-11

    Hi, Can anyone help me with the logic for Inserting / deleting a line item in MIGO Transaction? Thanks, csHi The following user exits and badis for migo: Check the mb_migo_badi and check the method 'LINE_MODIFY' for u r purpose. For undestanding see

  • User exit / BADI for updating STO when change in subcontracting PO Updated:10-11

    Hi The requirement is to update the STO (stock transfer order ) when their any change in subcontracting PO at item level. Is there any exit or BADI available where STO quantity and delivery date will be updated after any change in PO at item level ?

  • User exit/BADI for updating custom table in MB1B transaction- Updated:10-11

    Dear All, When performing a material to material conversion in MB1B transaction for  batch managed materials,system is creating a new batch by copying the characteristics of issuing material/batch.The details of the new batch created are updated in s

  • USER EXIT or BADI for Vendor field in MIRO Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, In MIRO transaction vendor field gets defaulted from Purchase Order. So my requirement is to changes that vendor with alternate payee. To <u>replace the vendor with alternate payee</u> I need the <b>USER EXIT or BADI</b>

  • User exit/BADI for MIGO Batch numbers Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I want to find a user exit which will give the oldest batch number (MCHA-LWDET) of semi-finished product during the goods receipts of the finished prodocut in MIGO. Could you please give me any hints to find out the user exit for this. Regard

  • Badi or Exit for Update in MIGO Updated:10-11

    Hi , The requirement is whenever i am doing GRN in MIGO , the Bill of lading field in header stored in table MKPF & field FRBNR , should be automatically filled with a system genarated internal number. That is while we are posting MIGO. I will be abl

  • USER-EXIT / ENHANCEMENT / BADI -- Material Valuation Class (MBEW-BKLAS) Updated:10-11

    Hi, I m looking for any user-exit, enhancement or BADI  which is triggered while executing MIGO!!!! . For example, for good movement 101related to a purchase order. If  MIGO item (material) have batch management we have to inform the batch number (ma

  • Badi for changing Stock type in MIGO transaction Updated:10-11

    Hello ALL, IS there any BADI or EXIT for changing stock type in MIGO when we are doing GR against PO then we need to change the Stock type  to Unrestricted stock. Please let me know.Awarded if useful. Regardshi, Look into the BADI     MB_MIGO_BADI. o

  • Restricting cost center selection during creation of reservation Updated:10-11

    Hi, We had a requirement to restrict the selection of cost center during creating a reservation. An user should be restricted in selecting any other cost center which does not belongs to his department. Since the restriction was not possible in stand

  • MB1A Missing cost center in Accounting Document. Updated:10-11

    Hi All, WHile I run MB1A transaction & input the movement type & select the order number & save i get a Material Document generated (MSEG ) & an Accounting Document as well ( BSEG ). My requirement is to fill up the corresponding cost cent

  • User  exit  needed (Problem related to duplicate batch entry in Migo(GR)) Updated:10-11

    Dear all,               I need a help from you.we facing problem in Goods receipt in MIGO. where we want to apply a check on batch which has already been assigned to a raw material in MIGO  .we are using manual batch entry .we don't want to make dupl

  • User exit for transaction code MIGO (Goods Receipt) Updated:10-11

    Hi Team, Please let me know the <b>name of the user exit</b> for adding a new field in transaction code <b>MIGO</b> (The field is Freight charges ) at header level. Would be suitably rewarded. Regards Badarihi, Transaction Code - M

  • User Exit for MIGO (goods receipt and goods issue) Updated:10-11

    Hi all , When i create a cross company goods receipt or goods issue through MIGO,I need to add another line item to the accounting documents posted with the sales tax calculated.For this i need to use a user exit which adds another line item. Can som