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  • Generic Object Services for MB21 Updated:10-11

    Dear friends,   I would like to have GOS toolbar for Material Reservation - Tcode - MB21/22/23. Since this is not available in standard I have used implicit enhancement for creating instance of the class CL_GOS_MANAGER when the reservation is created

  • Cost Center Text in MB21/MB22/MB23 for movement Type '201' ? Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts, I have on issue in T-code MB21/MB22/MB23 . There is Cost center in these t-code, in standard setting cost center text appears but here only cost center text doesn't appears against that cost center . Please review that attached image t

  • Need User exits for MB21 Updated:10-11

    Hi Folks, I have designed custom screen for MB21 transaction which calls the standard screen. I want to pass some data from the custom screen to the standard screen but for that i need a user exit to do the same I tried get/set parameters but they wo

  • Issue on mb21 transaction Updated:11-30

    Hi sap fans, I got one issue on mb21 ( material reservation) my client saying that while doing purchase order for every material backend one reservation number generates automatically this reservation number automatically updates to eket, rseb table