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  • AFS material-/mrp-status not active for plant. Updated:11-30

    Hello Everyone I am facing an issue while executing the sales order Issue  :AFS material-/mrp-status not active for plant.. CAN ANY ONE RESOLVE THIS... Regards,RajneeshHi Rajneesh, Tht prb might be the material master. Goto Material master, select AF

  • How to restrict the Material (MRP relevant )from manual creation of Pur Req Updated:10-11

    Hi, If we have a material "ABC"  which has MRP type as "PD" (MRP relevant) in Material Master. If we don't want to give user the option of creating manual Purchase requisition for Materail "ABC", Whether this is possible in S

  • Same Material MRP planning  in 2 plant Updated:11-30

    Hi , 1 Common material which is used in two different plant ( Plant A & Plant B) , In Plant A there is requirement of 10 qty but the stock is 0 , but the quantity is available in the B plant . So how we can consider those stock of  material in MRP ru

  • Material MRP error Updated:11-30

    Hi Guru: When I finished extending the material to the specific plant and sales organization,and go into look at via mm03,I am encountering that error message,MRP 1 not active for the organizational level,it seemed that it had not been extended to MP

  • Subcontracting Material MRP. Updated:11-30

    Hi friends, Here is my issue, We have a material 'A' which is a subcontracting material and its subrequired material is 'B'. when we run MRP (MD04) for the material 'A', here it generating the PR's as required. but when we run the same for material '

  • Inactivate material MRP views Updated:11-30

    Hello, the MRP views for a service material (DIEN) was mistakenly extended and now is causing problems, specifically, SAP is throwing a "no checking group" error for the service material when it tries to run ATP.  There is no checking group fiel

  • Need table name for currency of material - Accounting veiw 1 Updated:11-30

    Hi, Could anyone tell that the currency field that is displayed in MM02 Accounting 1 is taken from which table? Regards, SankaranHi, thanks Regards, Sankaran Edited by: Sankaran M on Jul 1, 2009 3:53 PMRead other 4 answers

  • Change a Material A from Planning at APO( XO ) to MRP (PD) Updated:11-30

    Hi, if i change a material from planning at APO to R3, what is the impact that i need to prepare ? do i need to delete the planned order at APO for the material and set the deletion flag for the material at APO or delete the material. Do i need to se

  • Provide - Steps To generate schedule lines from MRP Updated:10-11

    Dear All Please provide me with the steps (in details) involved to create the schedule lines automatically from MRP. Early help would be appreciated. Regards Rahul BhardwajHi Rahul, 1) MM02 OR MM01- Maintain MRP data in material master- Purchasing an

  • Special Procurement MRP View VS. Costing View Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, What's the difference between the 2 Special Procurement Key in the MRP veiw and the Costing View?  Should they always be the same? Thanks, KumarHi, MRP: You use special procurement when you want to be able to override the procurement type

  • How to create a material for company code ?? Updated:11-30

    hii Is it possible to create material company code wise .??? If not , explain me the reason ?? Only plant wise is possible in standard SAP?? ThanksHello, Their is no such Company code level data for material master. So material master can be maintain

  • Material Master Field Restriction Updated:11-30

    Hi Team! is it  possible to restrict the setup of some specific field for an specific view in Material master, and let the rest of the field to be updated for the normal users that used to? the views that I'm talking about are the MRP1 & MRP2 at the

  • Report for Units of measurement for Material Updated:10-11

    Hi Is there any report to extract the alterante unit of measurements for materials in a plant. ThanksHi, Please use the below table, Related to Materials: MARA - Material Master: General data MAKT - Material Master: Description *MARM - Material Maste

  • Planned order creation with sale order assingment at the run time of MRP Updated:10-11

    some material item not planed with sale order stock in MRP run time. all setting in material master are corrected as i knowing.having some mistake in setting other configuration.Planning strategy is Make to order individual collective as individual b

  • Follow-Up material items in MRP4 View Updated:10-11

    Hi All, In MRP4 view, in discontinued part, if we set follow-up material, MRP will trigger requests for the follow –up material if the stock of existing material is zero. Now there is a requirement, so that even though follow-up material is updated,

  • Issue of  Schedule Lines in MRP List Updated:10-11

    Hi, We ran MRP for one material, we observed MRP generated 3 schedules lines with respect to single Schedule Agreement with exception message as 30(Plan Process according to schedule). Schedule line 1 --- Delivery Date is 10/06/2011 in MD05, Delivery

  • Schedule Lines are not getting generated after MRP run. Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have an issue where a SA exists for the parent material with item category L (subcontracting). The parent material has a valid BOM and some sub components as well. I see in CS03 that BOM is fine with validity dates for the parent material. A va

  • MRP Problem Updated:10-11

    Hi Expert, I got problem in my MD01, in my plant parameter is set up like this CREAT PURCHASE REQ. 2 and SCHEDULE LINES 2, and my material is a RAW, with MRP type set up as PD, and PROCUREMENT is F, why does when i check in mD04 there are planned ord

  • Batch management activation- mrp run Updated:10-11

    Hi, activated batch management for raw materials and stock of 10 qty uploaded with mb1c 561 mvt type, during this it generated batch number. craeted sales order for fert material for which these raw materials maintained as components. note that ici f

  • Creation Indicator in PR: B Material Requirement planning Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am facing an unusal scenario. User is claming that PR is getting generated for a material after running the MRP, even there is enough stock. I checked material &  I found that MRP type is ND, there is no entry in the planning file for this