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  • Unable to open sdk extension google map in design studio 1.3 Updated:10-11

    Hi, i registered all sdk components into design studio client tool after i try to use google map and drag into my application however nothing happened just keep loading for a long time, even i used google api key within jsiclude: http://maps.googleap

  • Adding google map to final cut pro Updated:11-30

    I want to use Google Maps (or something similar) to zoom into a small Caribbean island and add it to FCP.  Any suggestions?See this episode of MacBreak Studio for some great ideas on how to do this.Read other 2 answers

  • Questions about BLOG feature and about Google Maps Widget Updated:10-11

    Hi, just started using iweb & mobileme to take a break from dreamweaver & ISP host (I am so bored with both of them). iWeb 09 seems very VERY cool, but I chose a theme with a blog feature for a blog I am starting for our studio, and it works stran

  • Google Map markers text not formated properly in FireFox Updated:11-30

    I'm using the Blueprints Ajax Map Viewer component to add a Google Map to one of my pages. This is too cool! It really makes using Google Maps easy. However I have a display problem in FireFox. The map has MapMarkers with markup. When you click on a

  • Numbers/Address Book and Google Maps Updated:10-11

    I would love to integrate my spreadsheet of addresses or my Address Book with Google Maps. Is this possible? Somehow? I take a lot of trips across the country and don't always know when I will be driving by my friends. But if I had a map I could glan

  • Flash crashes IE8 on Google Maps / street view Updated:10-11

    Since the Flash update to I have had repeated crashes of my 32 bit Windows XP SP3 system.  They typically have happened in Internet Explorer 8, 32 bit version (updated with latest MS patches). Sometimes the IE8 lock ups can be cleared by

  • Google Map Issue in OBIEE - Subject area not getting associated Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, We are trying to integrate Google map and OBIEE via mapviewer. We have done the following already -  1. Loaded World Sample data from Navteq. 2. Configured mapviewer source and added Google map as a tile layer with the API KEY. 3. Imported

  • How do I use the "What's Here" function in Google Maps on my Mac? Updated:10-11

    Being a new convert to Mac I was used to using right-click to access the "What's Here?" function in Google Maps on my old Windows PC. How do I use it on the Mac?Click on the Up Next icon (ringed in my screenshot): then on the Clear button: and H

  • How do I undo software update of v.6 on my iPad. The map ap is useless. I want google maps as I use it more than anything else. Apple map is terrible. Updated:10-11

    Spent 10 mms trying to say t he new map app is useless. As its the main thing I use on iPad I want my google maps back. Ho can I get this?Spent 10 mms trying to say t he new map app is useless. As its the main thing I use on iPad I want my google map

  • Safari 8 hover does not work over google map location pins Updated:10-11

    OS X 10.10.1,   Safari 8,  Java 8-25 I have always had little odd things not work when using safari on a large % of websites I visit,  the latest issues are no response when hovering over google map location pins, travel site calendars not opening or

  • Google maps does not work Updated:10-11

    I have Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on my Macbook Pro. No matter which browser I use, Google maps will not render the map detail - instead it just shows the target location with a letter 'A' or whatever, but the background map is just grey with no features. I

  • Using Google Maps Street View on My MacBook Pro Updated:10-11

    Recently, I have been getting "Plug-In Missing" in the place of a video in a blog post. Also, when I try to use Street View in Google Maps I get a box that tells me I need to install Adobe Flash Player 10 or later to be able to use Street View.

  • Phone numbers are not showing up on craigslist and google maps is not working. Updated:10-11

    I uploaded the 3.6 version of firefox and although learning a new look and figuring out what changes had been made were doing ok then the other night the power went out it shut the comp down and when my husband started it back up it had him update it

  • Access af:table values from JavaScript array (for google maps task) Updated:10-11

    Hi! I have JSP page with af:table where latitude and longitude for google maps are stored. I am using these tutorial [] and I know how to access latitude and longitude from out

  • Apple maps has received a poor performance rating just after introduction of the iPhone 5. I am running google maps app on the phone. Siri cannot seem to get me to a specific address. Where does the problem lie? Thanks. Updated:10-11

    Apple maps has received a poor performance rating just after introduction of the iPhone 5. I am running Google Maps app on the phone. SIRI cannot seem to get me to a specific address. Where does the problem lie? Also can anyone tell me the hierarchy

  • Google map inside the spry collapsible panel Updated:10-11

    So this time I've bumped into interesting 'bug'. I've placed the google map inside the spry collapsible panel. Panel is set to the closed mode on load of page. When I open the tab, map appears, but address marker is hidden behind the top left corner.

  • Street View (google maps) not working on Firefox with SNA Updated:10-11

    I have a problem with Firefox when trying to use Street View in Google Maps. It basically kills the browser by being extremely slow. Now, this happens only when using SNA acceleration (default), but not with UXA or GLAMOR (just removed on latest upda

  • Google Map Integration with Map Viewer is not working Updated:10-11

    Hi Team, My MapViewer Version: Ver11_1_1_7_B130111 I have created a Google Map (with Type of Map Source as "Google Maps") in Oracle Map Viewer and i could see google map in Oracle Map Viewer(using "show Map"). I wanted to show a villag

  • C3 - Google Maps don't work whith gprs Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am from Portugal and I am a vodafone client. I want to use google maps whith gprs connection but, as others apps that I download from ovi store, anyone works. It say internet connection fail alltimes...  I think is a configuration issue, but i

  • Safari crashes 'unexpectedly' on google maps Updated:10-11

    Help! Safari crashes eveytime I click google map page on my iBook (still running Panther well). I did repair permission and updated software, just quicktime, still no joy!! I was wondering, anyone has any bright ideas. cheers!! Just to add the error