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  • Older Macbook Pro Locking Up Every Few Minutes, Help Troubleshooting Please Updated:10-11

    Hi Folks, I've been having problems with the trackpad click-bar acting up, but now suddenly the computer is repeatedly freezing/locking up.  Each time I have to use the power button to turn it off, then reboot. How can I start figuring out what the h

  • My Macbook Pro locks up on the boot screen Updated:10-11

    I've had my Macbook pro since mid 2008 (15-inch model) and last time I used it, it froze while I was typing a paper and I had to force shut it down. When I turned it back on it gave me the start-up tone like normal, but after a few moments on a boot

  • 2006 Macbook Pro locks up Updated:11-30

    My 2006 15 in MAcbook pro has started acting up.  It will frequently lock up / freeze / or respond increasingly slowly to any commands or clicks.  In several instances no programs will launch after a reboot and when they do, they take up to a minute

  • MacBook Pro locking up after fresh install... Updated:11-30

    I was givin a MacBook Pro (A1276) at my old job because we had a customer that didn't want to pay for repairs and just was sick of looking at it. So I took it on as a project. Now I'm quite seasoned with PC's and Windows based software, but Mac and O

  • Macbook pro locked without icloud Updated:11-30

    Hi, it not fun and it happened on first of april. I worked in osx Yosemite and it freezed, after restart it requires pin lock. So it looks like it was locked, but: I never logged in icloud before and always used skip icloud setup on all devices lapto

  • MacBook Pro Locks Up (freezes) when trying to import from iPhone6 Updated:11-30

    I have a MacBook Pro (13-inch, Early 2011) with the latest OS on it. Recently (regrettably) I did the update for Photos. First of all Photos is terrible compared to iPhoto. The layout and everything is just terrible. The worst is that as soon as I pl

  • MacBook Pro locked after tracking. Updated:11-30

    My MacBook Pro was stolen earlier today. I put it in Lost mode, then shortly afterwards, I locked it. I keep reading that once it's in locked mode, it can no longer be tracked. Is this true?  Does this only work if the person is able to connect to th

  • Macbook pro locked impossible to reinstall the system Updated:11-30

    Hi guys. I have a big problem with my macbook pro bought in september 2009. Recently I have uninstalled the system in order to make it run better : big mistake. Now, when I insert the install dvdand push the option key to reinstall the system, the co

  • HELP - Macbook Pro Locked Down Updated:11-30

    Ok, to make a long story short, I bought a used Macbook Pro and the password I was given is not working. The person I bought the computer from seemed fishy, I should have realized something was wrong before agreeing to buy the computer. The computer

  • Macbook pro locks up programs not responding Updated:11-30

    lately my macbook pro has been locking up and freezing while using different programs like fire fox and safari , it sometimes happens to other programs as well. I don't want to format because it takes a lot of time and work. Is there anything I can d

  • My Macbook Pro locks up and i must manually restart it when using Itunes Updated:11-30

    My macbook pro has been locking up for the past month whenever i am using itunes and allow my computer to go "to sleep" on it's own. If i close the lid it doesn't lock up, if i change my setting so my mac doesn't go to sleep, it works fine. Has

  • MacBook Pro Locks up w/ unresponsive Black Screen, Stuttering sound. Updated:10-11

    Hello, Having searched high and low, I can't seem to find a solution to my predicament. I have a Mid-2010 15" i5 MacBook Pro, and when I run programs that kick my GPU onto the nVidia card, I will randomly get a completely black screen. This is not ap

  • MacBook pro terminal gets  -bash-3.2 MacBook pro locked out Updated:11-30

    get this when I go to try terminal on my MacBook pro. have tried just about every other way to getin to MacBook allhavefaileds, can I get in with terminal with proper command, and what is it, have tried some, but will not loginI ended up going with 2

  • Macbook pro locked Updated:11-30

    Hi im a new user of apple notebook my macbook just locked and i start it again and again but its asking me for password when its start to boot the screen is showing me a padlock. please help me out.You will have to contact Apple. Genius Bar reservati

  • MacBook Pro locks up - stuck processes Updated:11-30

    Sometimes when I disconnect the external monitor (Dell) from my MacBook Pro 2.4Ghz running Leopard, it will not wake up. On some occasions I have left the office and have taken laptop to a new location with another familiar network. In the present in

  • My MacBook Pro locks up when deleting apps on iTunes Updated:11-30

    I have a Macbook Pro i5 2011 on 10.7.5 Lion. When I try and tidy up apps on itunes and delete apps, the spinning ball appears and I can do nothing except shutting down Mac and starting again. I have usually over 1.2 gb free when itunes running. I had

  • MacBook Pro locks up when using finder Updated:11-30

    ok, I have ready the other threads on this, and it's not a RAM or heat issue. this is a 1 month old MBP with 4gig of ram factory installed. its been fine up until a few days. I thought it was an issue with my wireless, since it only seemed to happen

  • Macbook pro locks up after doing the simplest tasks! Updated:11-30

    I seriously don't understand this. I am editing HDV, the most consumer cost efficient format available. I am doing a somewhat easy task - optical flow retiming in motion....ok no CG or crazy graphics, and my computer has locked up twice already. How

  • Why does my macbook pro lock up during shutdown Updated:11-30

    I have a 17" MBP, mid 2010, 2.53 ghz Intel Core i5, 8gb ram, 500gb drive, running Mountain Lion.  It will lock up during shutdown on certain occasions, but not always.  All programs quit, the screen goes gray, and the gray "spinner" sits th

  • MacBook Pro locked at log in screen Updated:10-11

    I am unable to log back onto my computer after logging out.  The grey screen comes up with my user names, and my mouse seems to work, but I am unable to click on any icons on that screen.  I have tried a few things I have found on here, but so far no