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mac wont boot after onyx

  • Old mac wont boot xcpt via firewire, want to move iphoto files from old to new, where are the pics stored? Updated:10-11

    old mac wont boot xcpt via firewire, want to move iphoto files from old to new, where are the pics stored?Photos are stored in your home folder (~pictures). BarryRead other 2 answers

  • G5 mac wont boot up past white apple screen Updated:10-11

    My kids mac wont boot up past the white apple screen. I can here everything running but the monitor starts to get all static and scan lines with a reddish tint to it. I tried the commandoption+pr but it still wouldn't boot-up past the white apple scr

  • Help! my mac wont boot Updated:11-30

    help! my mac wont bootHave you tried Safe Boot? You also might reset PRAM and reset SMC. Have you tried booting with the Recovery System? See its possibilities here. From there you can make repairs to your primary startup partition. Do you have a bac

  • Mac wont boot directly into Mac OS X, instead it goes straight to Windows. Updated:11-30

    After installation of Windows Vista Ultimate, my MacBook wont boot into Mac OS X, instead, I have to hold down the option key to select it from the menu. It goes straight to Vista. Is there a solution for this? I found one solution which said to go t

  • Mac wont boot, stuck on white screen Updated:11-30

    Hi After doing a software update and restart, my iMac wont boot. It will chime on, Grey screen w/ apple logo, then flashes to a white screen with a larger loading dial. It will keep doing this over and over, never actually getting to the login screen

  • My i mac wont boot up past the start screen Updated:11-30

    My imac wont boot up past the grey screen with the apple logo, the progress bar gets to about midway and stalls at this point. I even left the system on in this state for the remainder of the day to no avail. The original problem which resulted in th

  • My mac wont boot up it stays on the white screen with the apple logo Updated:10-11

    Can someone tell me why my computer will stay on the screen with the circle going around meaning its loading but i left it for over an hour and it still was on that screen. any help??????connect to another mac (if you have), from the Disk Utilities,

  • G5 Power Mac Wont Boot Updated:10-11

    Hello, all. I'm trying to fix a G5 tower, power pc with issues booting. The owner was browsing a large folder of images when, suddenly, the pinwheel of death began spinning without end. He had to reboot the system. When he now boots the system, there

  • Mac wont boot, auto restarts after about 10 seconds Updated:11-30

    Hello, My friend's mac has broken and it starts to boot for about 10 seconds, then auto reboots. He has tried booting in safe mode (holding down shift) but it doesnt change. Does anyone know how to fix it? He thinks it may be a virus, so is there a w

  • MAC WONT BOOT Updated:11-30

    HI my Mac suddenly stopped booting and I tried the recovery boot but I cannot find Macintosh HD In Disk utility not Evan my computer Hardrive is on the listReset the SMC and NVRAM.

  • Mac wont Boot but BootCamp still works Updated:11-30

    upon restarting from windows to mac, my mac won't boot up to the login screen (it showed the Apple Logo stuck with a blue screen). I was told to reinstall my os which i did. I restored my mac using back up (time machine). Which took me 7 hours. And a

  • Mac wont boot up Updated:11-30

    When i turn the mac on it freezes and the boot loading is continous, but it isnt the boot load at the bottom of  the screen its like the one that cirles, i don tk oiw what too do, im writing from the reboot help link but other than this i cannot acce

  • Power Mac wont boot Updated:11-30

    ok I just bought my very 1st first mac last month its a power Mac G4 When I put it into sleep mode i had a black out about an hour later when i tried to start it up I got a gray screen with the apple symbol and the and the scroll symbol hanging I was

  • Mac wont boot, hangs at apple logo screen Updated:11-30

    Hello everyone, I have a 2006 Imac. This morning I tried to boot and it hung at the silver/white screen with the Apple logo and the spinning circle of lines below it. The computer will just hang at this screen. Every time I tried to boot I can eventu

  • Mac wont boot. troubles reinstalling lion, want to reset my mac already. Updated:11-30

    ugh mbp 2008, never had problems till now. So i went into utility, and because i have nothing of real interest on my mac i reset the HD. it was partitioned i guess because i had my normal hd and bootcamp, which i never used anyways. also repairing th

  • Mac wont boot after update Updated:11-30

    I ran the latest combo update for OX X Lion.  After it restart the mac no longer boots.  What gives?  What kind of update hoses my machine?  Is there a fix?  How do I roll back the update? This is very fustrating.  Please produce better software. Tha

  • Mac wont boot after installing yosemite, stuck with a ring with a slash in.. Updated:11-30

    I installed Yosemite on my macbook Pro. It worked fine, I set up iCloud, and everythind you should in the installing. So when I wanted to start the mac the next time, it wouldnt boot up. I got halfway trough the starting bar. And then it jump tp a wh

  • HT4848 mac wont boot Updated:11-30

    the partition became corrupted, how,do i create a recovery usb?OscarCalvo wrote: the partition became corrupted I'll assume that you mean the recovery partition. how,do i create a recovery usb? If your recovery partition is not working, then try boot

  • Installed Messages Beta - now my Mac wont boot!, Installed Messages Beta - now my Mac wont boot! Updated:11-30

    Hi, I just installed the Messages beta tonight, restarted as requested and then found the boot took ages... many minutes. In the end i restarted it, only to find the same result. I then boot in verbose mode and see that the mac stops very early with

  • G4 Tower Mac wont boot up Updated:11-30

    Good evening I have just been given a G4 Tower Mac (quicksilver, I think), when I go to start it up it gets to a blue/grey screen with a small folder that keeps swapping from the icon to ?, and does not go any further. Any advise please.It means ther