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M7 021: Deficit

  • Need  Solution for BAPI return error: E M7 021 Deficit of PU GR quantity Updated:10-11

    Hi SAP Gurus, Our client got error while executing <b>BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE</b>. can you please guide me under <b>which scenario</b> this BAPI will throw this kind error ...your help appreciated..... regards dinesh.ahi reich, actual

  • Deficit of stock even though there is stock Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I have one proble during PGI, system shows me message M7 021 'Deficit of & & & & stock'  even though there is a stock according to transaction MMBE, MB5B on posting date. I transport this batch thru 101 movement against Productio

  • Negative stock  for storage location M7 021 Updated:11-30

    Hello I use negative stock for some materials When I want to post document in MIGO - 551 scrapping, I have error message M7 021: Deficit of BA Unrestricted-use 1.100 EA:   24000641 XXXX 9999 YYYYYYY This is ERROR. When I change storage location from

  • Error in STO Updated:10-11

    Hi all, While doing Goods Receipt against an STO, the system shows the message: "MSSA-SATRA exceeded by 500 SET" I have done 351 movement to post the stock in stock in transit.The qty which is to be sent is correct. Please give some solution. Re

  • Deficit in Storage Location quantity Updated:10-11

    Dear All,   I did the delivery on 31.11.2010. The delivery is reversed on 5.01.2011. The stock is updated in the plant (verified with MMBE). When i try to do delivery with the current available quantity of the plant with delivery date as 04/12/2010,

  • Error message SWF_UTL_000 number 021 Updated:10-11

    Hi Team, When I try to process an Output Type for an Outbound Delivery, I am getting the error message "Object reference expected: 'IDOCMSG' is not a valid object type" (Message Class: SWF_UTL_000 Message Number: 021). I think this is related to

  • Error while doing GR : Deficit of PU GR quantity 5 EA Updated:10-11

    I am getting the below error while doing the reversal of GR: Deficit of PU GR quantity 5 EA : <material><plant><pur grp> Please let me know the solution to rectify it. Thanks in advance.Hi, Check the latest goods issue docs for this quan

  • While Posting 122 getting error M7021 "Deficit of PU GR quantity 2 EA : 1100000000 1000 G102" Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, While Posting 122 getting error M7021 "Deficit of PU GR quantity 2 EA : 1100000000 1000 G102". Scenerio : Have received 4 peices of this material with Goods receipt using 105 document and want to return 2 pcs back to Vendor using 122

  • Deficit of EKLA-LWSBB Updated:10-11

    Dear Gurus; I have the next issue when I tried to make a material document cancellation with movement type 108, I used inbound and outbound deliveries scenarios. The system show me the next messages: Error: Deficit of EKLA-LWSBB 22.750 TS : 202031 XK

  • Deficit of stock in Posto Goods Receipt of inbound delivery Updated:10-11

    Hi folks. I´m trying to post goods receipt of an inbound delivery (return order), but for one material we get this message: Deficit of BA Unrestricted-use 21 CRT : 697-0 0001 3002 DEVOLUÇÕES I don´t get it, since it seems to me that its calling a def

  • Deficit of VC Unrestricted-use 100 EA : in combination of material plant sloc K Message no. M7021 Updated:10-11

    Hi SAP Gurus, I was doing Goods Issue to a cost center from the Vendor Consignment stock having maintained MRP Views in Material Master created Purchase Order through T-Code MD04. I did goods receipt w.r.t Purchase Order and in MMBE Vendor Consignmen

  • Stock deficit when line item changes in sales order Updated:10-11

    Hi expert i am using 4.7,i am getting deficit when i am pgi for sales order Scenario i have assigned serial number for material i have sales order of 5 lines item with total QTY 5, with sales order, i make PR,purchase order and migo, now some reason