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lync 2013 server roles and components

  • Lync 2013 Server / Roles & Components Updated:10-11

    Lync 2013 Server / Roles & Components  Front End User authentication and registration Presence information and contact card exchange Address book services and distribution list expansion IM functionality, including multiparty IM conferences Web confe

  • Iphone and ipad Lync Client Randomly cannot sign in to Lync 2013 Server Updated:10-11

    I have a Lync 2013 environment that will allow all clients to connect from inside and outside of the network except for ios devices. iOS devices are sometimes able to connect and sometimes not. When they are not able to sign in they receive a message

  • Lync 2013 client is deployed but user accounts are not migrated from OCS to Lync 2013 Server - how to open Lync meetings automatically in the Lync Web Plug-in Updated:10-11

    We have in our enterprise the following scenario: 1 - Lync 2013 client is installed 2 - User accounts are not migrated to Lync 2013 Server, users are using Office Communicator as their main tool 3 - Users receive Lync 2013 meeting requests but when t

  • What are the ports required for the Audio, Video and A/V conferencing when the following end points are enabled for QoS in Lync 2013 server? Updated:10-11

    Hi All, What are the ports required for the Audio, Video and A/V conferencing when the following clients are enabled for QoS in Lync 2013 server? Client Type Port range  and Protocol required for Audio Port range and Protocol required for Video Port

  • Lync 2011 for MAC and Lync 2013 Server Std Updated:10-11

    Hello, We are using a Lync 2013 Std (single-server) as a POC.  It works fine for Windows-clients but I cannot connect using Lync 2011 for MAC from any MAC machine. Using automatic configuration, I cannot connect to the Lync server. Using manual confi

  • Cannot share desktop - Lync 2013 server and Windows 8 (64-bit) client Updated:10-11

    Currently my new Lync server cannot share a desktop through a Lync 2013 client installed on a Windows 8 workstation. The client is patched up with the latest MS patches (much beyond the patch issues noted about a year ago, the patches in question do

  • Lync 2013 Edge server compatibility with Lyn 2010 Front end Pool Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Technet article ( says the following: If your legacy Lync Server 2010 Edge Server is configured to use the same FQDN for the Access Edge service, Web Conferencing Edge service, and the

  • Exchange Server 2013 Multi Role Server Hardware Setup Updated:11-30

    Is below a good ok setup for a multi role exchange server?? Any suggestions? 1.8TB of data (databases split to 18 databases at 100GB each), nightly archive runs so databases will not grow past 100GB each 25 GB of logs daily, logs cleared nightly by b

  • Lync 2013 Clients in Child Domain Log "The server returned HTTP status code '403 (0x193)' with text 'Forbidden'." Updated:11-30

    Hey All, I am really stumped on this one.  Environment - Is using split DNS Forest Root Domain - Contains new Lync 2013 Server Standard, ADDS, DNS, Enterprise CA, Workstations Clients in this domain connect and work beautifully. No errors.  Child Dom

  • Lync 2013 Edge & Web proxy Updated:10-11

    Hi Everyone I'm having a little trouble getting my head around the setup for Lync external access. I have setup an ADFS server, Lync 2013 server(works internally), 2012 web proxy server(doing nothing) and an edge server(currently doing nothing). My u

  • Lync 2013 mobile sign in error Updated:11-30

    I try sign in to Lync in my Windows Phone, and get error - Check my password. My password correct. For diagnose I enable "Failed Request Tracing Rules" on IIS on Lync 2013 Server and view only one warning from DirectoryListingModule - HttpStatus

  • Lync 2013 client installation using SCCM Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone, I have been performed Office 2013 installation in my domain. For this puprpose, I used SCCM 2007 R3. At the beginning I customized this installation using OCT. I have excluded Lync from my Office 2013 distribution package, because we use

  • Deploy Lync Edge Server. Updated:11-30

    Hi,  We have a Lync 2013 Server. We're plan to deploy a Lync Edge Server. I just read some articles about the depoyment. I'm wondering why Lync Edge Server cannot be installed on a server with one NIC. We've 1 firewall, configured with a interface  i

  • Lync 2013 Hosting Updated:11-30

    Hi,  I want to host a lync 2013 server for my external clients and users. What would be the considerations, and requirements and server roles to host a server? My requirement is Web scheduling, meetings. Sharing, Text chats only for external users. N

  • Lync 2013 Front End SIP/2.0 500 Compression algorithm refused Updated:10-11

    I've deployed a brand new Lync 2013 environment hosted on Windows Server 2012 R2 that is currently in co-existence mode with my Lync 2010 environment.  I have SCOM 2012 monitoring the environment and it recently started reporting that one or more of

  • Lync 2013 - Skype for business User Interface Updated:10-11

    Hello, We are using Lync 2013 with Lync 2013 server with CU from August 2014 (so not ready for Skype for Business). I have installed latest Desktop Updates for Windows and Office, and now everytime we log on we get the Skype for Business UI with the

  • Lync 2013 Mobility Client - Video Call Issue (Everything Else works). Updated:10-11

    Hey Technet’ies, I have been struggling for a couple of weeks now to resolve one of the final issues with a Migration/Upgrade Project on Lync Server 2013. I have nearly every Lync Client Scenario working well except the Mobility Client (outside of th

  • Audio and video not synchronized in recording made with Lync 2013 Updated:10-11

    There appears to be no forum for the Lync 2013 client yet, so I am posting this in the Lync 2013 server forum. Environment: Lync 2013 Server and Lync 2013 32-bit client. Only one Lync pool. Conference call was scheduled using "Lync Meeting" in O

  • Lync 2013 On Premises integration with Exchange Online Unified Messaging Updated:10-11

    I am working on deploying Lync 2013 Server on premises and integrating it with Exchange Online. We do not use Exchange on premises. My question is how to integrate with Unified Messaging specifically. Other functions like Calendar, call logs seem to

  • Lync 2013 Logon Failing (HTTP status code 500) No valid security token Updated:10-11

    Hello there, I'm in the process of deploying Lync 2013.  I have the pool deployed and everything is at least running.  I can access the control panel and provision users.  However when I try to logon to the Lync Client I get a DNS error.  The DNS err