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lumia 925 notification light

  • Notification light on lumia 925 Updated:11-30

    Really need some kind of notification light on the 925, instead of having to wake up the phone to see what I've missed. The flashing windows light when charging would be an ideal notification light. Is there any hope of Nokia making this happen with

  • Nokia Lumia 925 with Black update - When low light... Updated:10-11

    The ambient light sensor doesn't seem to be correctly used in low light conditions. In low light, with the phone "locked", just push the middle unlock button. The screen show the usual unlock screen, but at high brightness, for what seems to be


    I have tried Facebook, Instance, Viber. Nothing pops out in the lock screen. It seems only txt and phone calls only register to Lumia 925. I am on 3G/4G LTE connection and even on the wifi it doesnt pop out. Why is it like this? Any social thing does

  • Lumia 925: missing notifications when receiving te... Updated:11-30

    On my new Lumia 925 I am missing almost all notifications when receiving regular text messages. When I say 'almost' it is because I have once seen the icon on the lock screen and the screen with the floating clock. I have configured messages to be sh

  • Lumia 925 capacitive buttons light on/off scheme Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone, I have just bought a Lumia 925 and have been using it for 2 weeks. It operates on Lumia Cyan firnware with WP 8.1. The point that I do not understand is the capacitive buttons light on/off scheme. Buttons lights turns on and off arbitrar

  • Lumia Denim update now rolling our for Lumia 925/L... Updated:11-30

    Hey guys, Great news! Today we have started rolling out the first batches of Lumia Denim updates for Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 in Europe. You can find the update instructions & follow the availability details from here:

  • Notification Light: Missed Calls / Received SMS Updated:11-30

    Hi I'm really, really wanting to upgrade to a Nokia Lumia 925, however wondering when / if a notification light function is going to be incorporated into the Windows Phone range (or specifically 925). Simple, but handy feature - would like to know if

  • Lumia 925 rebooted after cyan update (everything i... Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I installed Cyan update less than a week ago (Finland). Everything worked fine, but today my Lumia 925 started to install by itself software updates after which it erased ALL information (pictures, personal software. addressbook  etc) from th

  • E51 notification light keeps blinking Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a E51 phone. The problem is that the notification  light will not stop blinking as long as the phone is on, even if there is no sim inside and the notification light blinking is disabled. It blinks at iregular but very short intervals. Has

  • Nokia Lumia 925 No Display After Switch On Updated:11-30

    When I switch my Nokia Lumia 925 off and then turn it back on again I get no display. I know its on because I can press the on/off/ button and the soft keys will vibrate when touched. I can even take a picture using the camera key, confirmed with a f

  • Lumia 925 camera Updated:11-30

    Hi. I bought a new phone. When I start taking pictures, I quickly find out that something is wrong. All pictures look like they are out of focus on top left side. When I send phone to service, they say nothing is wrong. They said that all Lumia 925 a

  • Nokia lumia 925 display problem Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone, I have owned Lumia 925 and having trouble with its display as it gets low in din light. It gets lie even greater than the phone's default low level.It's the same on my 920 and 1020. When brightness is set to automatic the screen does dim

  • Factory reset problem lumia 925 HELP NEEDED!!! Updated:11-30

    I factory reset my lumia 925 last night and the home screen will now only display 2 cogs turning and wont switch on, iv tried using the power and volume keys to reset but the problem persists, the handset was charging normally until i factory reset i

  • Lumia 925 Display Problem ! ! Updated:11-30

    I have lumia 925 , while playing mid-range game like (Subway Surfers or Traffic Racer) the 925 become heater within 5 minutes , then the Display starts brightness errors ( like Light Flashes on it at loading times ).  I have the 925 from just 30 days

  • Lumia 925, earpiece audio trouble (voice calls) Updated:11-30

    Background: I am a T-Mobile USA subscriber. Previously owned a Lumia 710, then switched to 810 when it became available. Great products; I've been very happy with both. Two weeks ago gave the 810 to another family member and got the Lumia 925. I love

  • Notification light keeps flashing Updated:11-30

    I've a Nokia N8 and recently the notification light keeps flashing even though i have no messages or missed calls. It only flashes when i lock it and it's not the same flash as a message notification it's more softer. Anyone know how i can stop it or

  • Notification light on 2720 missed calls / texts Updated:11-30

    Hi Does the 2720 have an external notification light when a call or text is missed? I need to set the phone to silent when at work, and can't keep picking the phone up to see if I have missed a call when I return to my desk. If the 2720 doesn't have

  • No updates coming for my lumia 925 Updated:11-30

    i have bought a new lumia 925 about a week ago. but still i am not getting any updates from nokia and microsoft for my apps and window. what should i do now????Remove the Store app from your home screen and pin it again after restarting your phone. I

  • Lumia 625 Blinking Light - Msg/Calls Missed Updated:11-30

    Does the Lumia 625 have a light that flashes to show you have  missed a call or msg ?Hi netball, Thank you for posting and Welcome to Nokia Forum! Just like what farby has answered on your phone, this feature is not supported by the phone. However, y

  • Lumia 925 freeze on messages Updated:11-30

    My Lumia 925 has always suffered with freezing when I receive text messages or Facebook chat messages through my inbox. When a message comes through, depending on what I have going on, one of the following happens: 1) Message will display as notifica