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  • LSMW update vendor account just if the actual (old) is in the txt file Updated:11-30

    I want to update the vendor account but just if it is the same I have in the txt file. My txt file is the fllowing for example: Vendor - Old Account - New Account A2 A123 A321 A1 A133 B321 A3 A144 C321 So, for each vendor if the actual bank account n

  • LSMW Update Process with IDoc Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts,   We have an LSMW project to upload to create new activity in the CRM server and it has been working fine. Now we want to modify the project so that the existing data gets "updated" instead of creating a new activity. My question is.

  • LSMW Update BUS2000125 closed Updated:11-30

    Hello, we have an LSMW project which update object BUS2000125 (Tasks) via FB CRMXIF_ORDER_SAVE. Update only on the following fields: description activity reason code Everything woks fine when the status of the activity is open. When the status is clo

  • LSMW updated other fields too Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I am trying to update NAME3 field in the customer master using LSMW but out of 100 records of customers, for the 2 customers it modified other fields too on the address tab. Any comment? Thank you, NehaIt might have updated these fields i

  • LSMW updating problem with direct input method Updated:10-11

    Hi! Using version 4.0.0 of the LSM Workbench from 2001-07-01 on SAP R/3 4.7, I need to update the purchase order text and wanted to use the direct input method.  I found a tutorial on SAPTechnical which I followed.  All went well, the input data was

  • LSMW - Update  Material master Updated:11-30

    Hi ,      WHILE UPDATING THE EXISTING VIEW WITH NEW FIELDS IN MM02,i am passing the values only for the updated fields, at that time it is updating the existing values as blank values.     And while adding the new views in the MM01 it is updating the

  • LSMW updation Issue Updated:11-30

    Hi All, The LSMW that loads the material master in ECC 6.0  is no longer loading the profit center field for the Material that is extended completely,but  for New materials the profit center field is successfully uploaded .Pls help me resolve this is

  • BAPI to create vendor bank details and IBAN Updated:10-11

    Hi, here i am developing a program for IBAN creation for Vendors. BAPI_CREATE_IBAN is the BAPI which can create IBAN to update TIBAN table but there is no link with vendor. i.e we cannt view the details in XK02/XK03. So at the moment if we can create

  • SUMIT PARKASH - WARNING!! Updated:11-30

    Dear moderators and users, I can see that this Sumit is trying to misuse this Forum. I guess he's preparing for an interview and is trying to gather information for all his questions. 1) All the questions he's asking are already answered in some thre

  • Plz help me with this requirement Updated:11-30

    hi to all, i have designed a module pool program in first screen i have 2 pushbutton (screen no 100) when i click on first button i will goto screen 1001 i.e vendor details when i click on second button i will goto screen 2001 where i get vendor bank

  • Updating multiple bank details for each vendor, through LSMW Updated:11-30

    Hi, We need to do a massive update on our vendors bank details, and I'm trying to do it via LSMW. I have two problems. Each vendor may have several bank accounts. In XK02 they appear in a list, and in LSMW the bank detail fields are inside arrays (fo

  • Need SAP Segment Change or Update for LSMW Updated:10-11

    Our LSMW person is using a segment E1BPCHARACTDETAIL, in his LSMW Field Mapping. This segment is in an hierarchy that falls under E1CHARACTERISTIC_CREATE. Our LSMW person uses E1BPCHARACTDETAIL because he according to him it is the equivalent of BAPI

  • LSMW BAPI Open Sales Order Load - How to update conditions? Updated:10-11

    Hello gurus, I was using the BAPI SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 to upload open sales orders. Wanted to overwrite the default PR00 pricing condition that gets pulled from the customer-material info record, with the price that was existing in the original

  • Unable to Update infotype 586 and 585 through BDC or LSMW Updated:10-11

    Dear Sir/ Madam, I am in process of updating actual investment by employee in info type 0586 and 585. I have already inputed the projected investments in 586 & 585 and as per tax tax is computed. Also I have written a LSMW to update in the actual Tic

  • Creation of lsmw for updation of position and pers area Updated:10-11

    Hi friends, I am tried many time to update position and personnel area through lsmw for all employees ,at time of recording its coming.But once compltion of lsmw preparation i am uploaded my inputs through tabfile that time its updating only personne


    Hi SAP gurus I have used LSMW for mass updates of vendor bank details by recording the Tcode FK02 But the problem is .. after I load the data, its replacing the old bank details with the new one which Im updating with. I want to keep the old bank det

  • Updating Material master purchase order text -LSMW Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts How can update Purchase order Text  through LSMW, while am doing recording system is not recording this field from material master Regards Ajeesh.sDear Expert Please throw some light on this issue Regards Ajeesh.sRead other 2 answers

  • Vendor Email update via LSMW Updated:10-11

    Hi Folks, Have a query regarding mass update for Vendor master email address. LSMW does not seem to work for a.) Batch Input recording b.) Standard batch/Direct input. Since Vendor email is not stored in LFA1 (rather in ADR6) Also, the email id is ma

  • Vendor Address is not updating in ADRC table by LSMW IDOC method Updated:10-11

    Hi, I'm updating Vendor address data by LSMW IDoc method for this i'm using ADRMAS as msg type and ADRMAS02 as Idoc type. In partner profiles Process code given as BAPI for this. i maintained entry in TSADOBJ table LFA1 as OBJTYPE,1 as ADDR TYPE,0001

  • LSMW RFBIBL00 withholding tax base amount in local currency cannot be updated by manual Updated:10-11

    Hi SAP Guru, When I try to upload FI docs by program RFBIBL00 in LSMW, the field BWITH-WT_QSSHH(withholding tax base amount in local currency) cannot be updated. (1) The LSMW structure is defined as bellow:      BGR00<--------DOC_HEAD           BBKPF