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lsmw customer master SAPMF02D 0310

  • In LSMW Customer master standard program..... Updated:10-11

    I have problem in LSMW customer master data creation.I have used LSMW standard program object : 0050 method : 0000 : RFBIDE00 PROGTYPE : B but upto Dispaly converted data all the steps are wrking fine.. but In the step13: Create batch input

  • Creation of partner functions for customer master with LSMW Updated:10-11

    Hello, I try to create partner functions together with a customer via Batch Input in LSMW. Object: 0050, method: 0000, program name: RFBIDE00, program type: B. I use the structure BKNVP (Customer master partner functions) to create a new partner and

  • While doing LSMW standard method for Customer master creation.. Updated:10-11

    while doing LSMW standard method for Customer master creation..... In 13th step I am getting this king of error FB012                    Session 1 : Special character for 'empty field' is / FB007                    Session 1 session name ZPROJ was op

  • LSMW for Customer master text upload Updated:10-11

    Hi I would want to upload the customer master text using LSMW. I see a message type /DSD/HH_CUSTMASTEXT (Customer master additions) being available. has anybody used this for text upload?? I am not sure how it works, i dont see the provision to enter

  • Upload Customer Master with LSMW Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I have created an LSMW for uploading Customer Master in Development System and moved it to Quality System. Now can I upload the Customer Master in Production System from the LSMW in Quality System or it is the only option that I will have

  • LSMW problem with Partner functions in Customer Master Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Requirement is to load the Customer Master Data using LSMW. Loading General data is ok, But when I am planning to load the partner function using the recording method in LSMW, How do I upload more than '1' Ship to party partners and more than

  • Upload partner functions to customer master using LSMW Updated:10-11

    Dear Friends, I'm trying to uplaod customer partner functions data through LSMW. I have tried to upload the data using recording method in LSMW(Tr. code: XD02). As per the business requirement, I need to upload multiple number(For example: 10 records