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lost signal 3g but edge can

  • Two edge separation only on first 2 channels? Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have encountered a strange behaviour of the NI6602 Counter/Timer. When I use the C# Meas2EdgeSeparation example as provided by NI, I am only able to have correct time measurement on channels 1 and 2. For the other remaining 6 channels the ti

  • Weird: Can't Make or Receive Calls with Full Signals Updated:11-30

    Got an unusual one for you. For the most part, my iPhone has been excellent. Just about anywhere I go (in NY Metro area) I have had no problem making and receiving calls. The one major problem I have is that it does not seem to work at my desk at wor

  • Verizon iPhone 5 in Brazil - Terrible Signal Updated:11-30

    I have a Verizon iPhone 5 and I'm in Brazil for my second time with this phone.  The signal is TERRIBLE.  I don't know if it's a Verizon problem or an iPhone problem, but it's driving me insane.  I have a very tough time getting any signal, and even

  • Iphone 4 signal is rubbish , i think its the phone Updated:11-30

    my iphone signal is rubbish in my house but fine outside why is this??? its not my network because my mum has o2 as well and her phone is fineThere are all kinds of things that can interfere with cellular signals. Unless your mum has an iPhone 4 as w

  • Input analog signal with trig signal on DAQPad6020​E Updated:11-30

    I would like to record an input analog signal in continous with trig signal on falling edge. The frequency trig is 3.87hz (258ms)with 5V level. In fact I want to record the input analog signal every 258ms. I use a DAQPad6020E and the VIs "AI-Config&q

  • Wi-fi blocks Edge? Updated:11-30

    I was in a doctor's office with locked wi-fi networks that I couldn't join. I had a perfectly adequate three bars of AT&T signal. Email kept asking to join the wi-fi networks and refused to connect via Edge. As soon as I left the office and got on th

  • Signal quality question Updated:11-30

    So, this morning when I came into work, the flourescent lights were off (I always like that), and my iPhone had 4 bars of signal quality sitting in a spot on my desk and was on the edge network... An hour later, I came back, and my phone had 1 bar of

  • Edge icon no longer displaying the "E" Updated:11-30

    After updating to 1.1.2, the Edge icon ceases to display the white, embedded "E". FYIElegantMac, Not exactly. The icon is documented in the updated User's Guide (Manual) which can be downloaded from: The ico

  • EDGE indicator shows I have it, but it doesn't work Updated:11-30

    I was just out not too far from my house and tried to get online. The E on the interface shows up, but I try to get mail and I'm told that EDGE isn't working or not able to connect or something like that. I just checked the coverage map and I'm in th

  • Can a bad service/signal effect battery life? Updated:11-30

    The last few weeks I have been getting bad service from Sprint. It varies from low signal on the edge (o) network, romaining (Extended) , and sometimes nothing. Will this effect the life of the battery of my phone? It seems to have drained it very qu

  • Problem in edge separation measurement by using NI PCI 6251 card Updated:11-30

    I am trying to measure time delay between two TTL pulses (rising edge of the first signal and falling edge of 2nd signal) generated by two Photo detectors (APD) . These pulses are random pulses. Pulse width is 20ns and height is 2.5 volt at 50 ohm te

  • Issue with iPhone 5 (AT&T) when reconnecting to LTE. Updated:10-11

    I recieved my iPhone 5 (on AT&T) a few days ago and have noted an issue with the LTE connection when you try to reconnect after loosing my signal. In the morning, for example, I will have a good LTE connection, then I go to work where the cell signal

  • Blue screen of death with LV7.0 Eval version Updated:10-11

    I had been programming for a couple weeks with no problems, trying to see whether or not Labview could handle the data acquisition requirements that we need for our software. Specifically, I was a little concerned that LV maybe be too "high level&quo

  • My iPhone Experience :) Updated:10-11

    The Purchase Tonight, i walked into the Glendale Galleria (in CA) and purchased an 8gig iPhone. I would have bet my first born that they would have been sold out by 8pm or 10pm. So i gave them a call and the very nice gentlemen who answered told me t

  • Lync 2010 client does not offer any NON-direct UDP Candidates in its SIP Invite' SDP - why? Updated:10-11

    Hello. We have a customer, experiencing the following issue. They have big multi-continental Lync Server 2010 Enterprise Edition deployment, with non-NAT'ted Edge Pool. The call scenario is simple: peer-to-peer video (A/V) call between external Lync

  • How can I test IRIG-B'a accuracy using Labview Updated:11-30

    We have a GPS source as reference, how can we test second GPS clock with IRIG-B output ?  Can we by using Labview ?Most timecode generators work by taking an external input (GPS, IRIG, PPS, or any of a number of other timecodes such as MILA, NASA36,

  • Wiring hardware for pulse width measurement Updated:11-30

    I am in difficulty.even with so simple pulse width measurement. I am using labview 7.1, DAQmx, MAX, PCI - 6220. I cannot find help document as to how to measure PW measurement and I find no connection diagram in MAX for using pulse width measurement.

  • BBM not working after download Updated:11-30

    i downloaded the newest version of BBM and after i turn off the power and rebooted, i get an error - "Cannot set uo BBM - a temporary BBM server error has occur" - i retried, uninstalled - reinstalled - turn power off - back on again, etc.Do you

  • Routing counter inputs. Updated:11-30

    Hopefully someone can help me! My setup is: 3 of 6602 PCI counter cards Labview 7.1 1 RTSI cable 4 External TTL signals, variable upto 4Khz (2 on 'Dev1', 2 on 'Dev2') All on gate connections 1 External TTL 'base' signal, variable upto 450Khz on gate0

  • RPM measurement using NI ELVIS? help me out Updated:11-30

    i want to measure RPM from two different sources simultaneously using NI ELVIS and i am using an hall effect sensor, how to do it? info: my hall effect sensor has 3 pins Vcc, GND, out i connected the Vcc, GND to ELVIS board itself and the OUT pin to