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  • Sales orders with expired dates should not consider in MRP Updated:10-11

    Hi, My requirement is that when i m running MRP for sales order for which expiry date has already been lapsed or over.sysyem should not create any mrp elements(Planned order) for such Sales orders. We have maintained one Z table which gives the valid

  • Creation of Purchase Requisition with MRP - MD02 Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have created a sales order using one material with MRP. When I run MRP-transaction MD02 for this material, a purchase requisition is created. What we want is to block the creation of the purchase requisition when the sales order has delivery

  • USer Exit/BADI  for Purchase requisition creation in MDBT or WC27 /MRP Run Updated:10-11

    I am looking for an enhancement where a purchase req is created during MRP Run in the background ( MDBT or WC27 or program - RMMRP000 . Any suggestions would be welcome.Hi, try the exits: LMDR2001  User exits restr. profiles of opt. pur.ord. LMDZU001

  • Adding check on the conversion of planned order to purchase order Updated:10-11

    Hi all, i have the next requirement: during the conversion of flanned orders to purchase orders with the transaction MD04, i have to add a control that stops the conversion if the value of the storage location is missed. There are user exit or BadIs

  • Conversion of Planned Order to Purchase Requisition thro MD04 for Quota Arr Updated:10-11

    While converting Planned Order to Purchase Requisition  thro' MD04 for a Quota Arrangement  material, on the screen in the Reference section Purchase org automatically does not default  while for a non Quota Arrangement material it defaults. Need P.O

  • Purchase requisition User Exit/BADI Updated:10-11

    I am creating a Purchase Requisition using MRP. (Transaction MD50). I am looking for an user exit or BADI which allows me to change Purchase Requisition line item before the Purchase requisition is saved. Thanks in Advance.Hi, Here there are 2 User E

  • Customer exit for changing order quantiy and scrap quantiy in MD11? Updated:10-11

    Hi gurus, My objective is to update the order quantity and scrap quantiy field as per some logic and overwrite the existing values in MD11 (create planned order). Can you suggest the correct exit for incorporating these changes ThanksHi, Try LMDR2001

  • Function module exits for Tcode MD11. Updated:10-11

    Please tell me, Function module exits for Tcode MD11. Reg . PrajuHi LMDR2001 LMDZU001 Try out these exits. Check the folloing BADI's MD_PLDORD_SCHEDULING MD_PIR_FLEX_CONS MD_PLDORD_SCHEDULING Regards DivyaRead other 2 answers