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link EQUNR and ARBPL

  • Link between ARBPL and EQUNR Updated:11-30

    Dear All , I have got ARBPL from table S022(Order Operation Data for Work Center). Now my requirement is to find EQUNR by ARBPL. kindly tell me link for the same or suggest me how to do this... Thanks & Regards Alok VishnoiI think u get it in table H

  • Table Link for EQUNR (Eqpt Number) and GEWRK (Main Work Center) Updated:11-30

    Hello, I need to fetch the main work center from equipment master. I need a direct table link between the equipment number and mainwork center. We are getting a link of equipment number (EQUNR) to work center (ARBPL) and a link of work center (ARBPL)

  • Link with Work Centre and Order Number? Updated:11-30

    Can anybody give me a link between the Work center(CRHD-ARBPL) and Order Number(AUFK-AUFNR)? Regards, Subhasishaufk-aufnr = afko-aufnr. afko-aufpl = afvc-aufpl. afvc-arbid = crhd-objid. now take arbpl from crhd. regards shiba duttaRead other 2 answer

  • Link for Plant MAintenance Updated:11-30

    I am not able to get the link between field TPLNR( Functinal Location) which is the primary key of IFLOT and AUFNR (Order No.) which is in AFIH. I tried using ILOAN field as the link, but not able to get records. The selection screen has fields : SEL

  • LInk Between Equipment & calss type Updated:11-30

    hi! All      is there any Link between Equipment no. and Class type of it. Bz i need to fetch the class type for a Equipment No. to fetch its class attributes details. Thanks and Regards, KvHi Kv, AUSP - Character values KSML - Character of a class K

  • Link between EQUI + EQUIZ with IMRG Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus i want to develop a report where on selection screen user enters euipment number and date of measurement. now my problem is that how can I link EQUI with IMRG table so that I can enter euipment no and specifies only reading date then i m not

  • Table which link functional location with equipment number Updated:11-30

    Hi, Can you please tell me the name of the table which link functional location with equipment number. I want to get the list of equipment installed at given functional location. Regadrs Anil KumarOoops, yes Vinay is correct: EQUI -> EQUZ -> ILOA He

  • How to link Billig no to equipment no.??? Updated:11-30

    Hi Expets, I am developing a report on pending installation. Can anyone tell me how to link Billig no to equipment no.??? or may be a function module to get equnr from vbeln???See IE03 and IH08.Read other 2 answers

  • What is the link between LIKP or LIPS and EQUI? Updated:11-30

    Hi Masters,        Based on the Delivery Number (LIKP or LIPS), how we can fetch the data from EQUI table, EQUI-EQUNR (Equipment Number) and other fields?       LIKP or LIPS to EQUI, What is the link? Thanks In advance.Have a look at below link, it m

  • ARBPL & RUECK field table names Updated:11-30

    hi,      i have to link the confirmation number (RUECK) and workcentre(ARBPL) .pls suggest me the respectieve table so that i can link this two fields. Thanks in advance.AFRU- RUECK (Order confirmation table) From AFRU take AUFPL You should connect t

  • Getting ARBPL from CRHD Updated:11-30

    Hi ABAP Experts, to get ARBPL from CRHD I followed [ this|Link between MAPL and PLPO to derive work center from CRHD;(last post), but because I use FM CP_EX_PLAN_READ to access PLPO, I don't need MAPL. METHOD zif_wiz_dataselect~ca03_process. "Get plp

  • Download error in (osx) adobe desktop app (corrupted download link). Updated:10-11

    Here is a discription of the problem. Please consider that some of the wording might not be correct, as I do have to translate the error message from German into English. Using OSX 10.9.2, when clicking inside the adobe desktop app (top of the screen

  • Barra de Navegação cinza e preta encobrindo o link, como resolver? Updated:10-11

    Instalei o Kubuntu 14.04 e, após a atualização do sistema, na barra de navegação do Firefox os links ficam encobertos pelas cores cina e preto, impedindo a leitura e atrapalhando a navegação. Mudei o esquema de cores padrão do sistema, e alterei o te

  • Links not getting displayed in the contextual panel Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have created a contextual panel inside a transparent container. And created a method in the same view supply_values of type supply function to supply the values to the panel.Inside the method I have coded like: DATA TAB  TYPE WD_THIS->ELEMENTS_

  • Links default to wrong folder Updated:10-11

    Why is it when I go to relink a placed image in the Links pallette it always directs me to the wrong folder (not the one the image lives in but elsewhere). I believe that it is taken me to the last folder I navigated to. thoughts?You now have a prefe

  • How do I add URI web link with custom tooltip like "CLICK HERE TO UPDATE" instead of URI web link in tooltip. Updated:10-11

    How do I add URI web link with custom tooltip like "CLICK HERE TO UPDATE" instead of URI web link in tooltip.You've probably found an answer to this by now, but I think this has been addressed in another forum -- The link below suggested using a

  • Auto-generated links exported from InDesign do not work in tablet apps Updated:10-11

    Hyperlinks automatically detected and exported from InDesign CS6 8.0.1 as a PDF work fine on the desktop version of Acrobat Reader. However, on the iPad version of Adobe Reader as well as iBooks and GoodReader, these links are completely ignored, mea

  • How to link excel workbooks in Sharepoint? Updated:10-11

    I have a master Excel spreadsheet and other sub excel spreadsheets (all on Sharepoint) that are linked to each other (copied data from one and pasted link to other) so that the Master spreadsheet auto-updates every time a sub document is modified. Th

  • Creating a Link to a Folder on a Server with Sharepoint Foundation 2013 Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am looking to create a link from a page on my Sharepoint site to a folder on one of the companies servers. I have had a lot of trouble with this. Is there a piece of code I can use to do this? Thanks in advance.Ahh. You are using SharePoint

  • After delete file from documents the direct link still alive. Updated:10-11

    Hello. I upload a image to the style libary folder, then i publish the file and delete him BUT the direct link to the image still work. I try to upload anther image with the some name but when i try to browse the direct link i get to deleted file. If