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  • Telepresence Licenses, Servers and Personal Multiparty Updated:11-30

    Dears, Our customer provide RFP with the following BOQ: LIC-AES-VTS-PMP-K9 AES and HTTPS option for VTS 2 LIC-VTS-PMP-INTOP Order L-VTS-UPG-PAK for e-Delivery Virtual TS Interop Lic 2 LIC-VTS-PMP-K9 Cisco VM TelePresence Server Release Key 2 LIC-VTS-

  • Itunes won't open after I agree to lic. Updated:10-11

    itunes won't open after I agree to lic.Refer this article to remove SC Info.sidb file If that does not work, Repair your Quicktime.  START/ CONTROL PANEL/PROGRAMS n FEATURES/highlight QUICKTIME and click REPAIRRead

  • I try to open docs off the web (ie: floorplans) and I get error message stating I need to accept End User Lic Agreement.How can I resolve this? Updated:10-11

    I try to open docs off the web (ie: floorplans) and I get error message stating I need to accept End User Lic Agreement.How can I resolve this?/Applications/Adobe Acrobat XI Pro/Adobe Acrobat *Note, the ".app" file extension for the appl

  • Acrobat 9.1 not accepting any of our LIC Keys Updated:10-11

    After running the AcroProStdUpd910_T1T2_incr.msp on the existing 9.0 AIP I find that the Lic key no longer allows the install to run. If I double click on my newly updated MSI file, the install for 9.1 will not accept my Volume lic Key or any others.


    Hello,           i'm new to SAP apps,and i'm trying to download SAP Basis trial version,and i'm trying install SAP License,i'm getting this error" THERE APEPARS TO BE AN OLD LICENSE KEY IN FILE “C:\SAP LIC KEY\NSP.TXT” (LONG TEXT)". Please help.

  • What is the Smartnet service for the 2504 license upgrade LIC-CT2504-UPG ? Updated:11-30

    Hi guys, Can some one explain me what is this service for ? I have the LIC-CT2504-UPG, with the LIC-CT2504-5A (5 AP licenses adder) and I don't understeand what are the SMARTNet services for this licenses ? Are they needed if I already have the SMART

  • I purchased a Lic.and disk from our University computer store for CS6 but do not have a disk drive to load photoshop on my computer.  How do I download CS6 and apply my Lic. key? Updated:11-30

    Where do i download Photoshop CS6 with my Lic. I already purchased?  I was sent a disk to load, but my laptop does not have a disk drive. Help!Hi Orazioslivano, Please use the below link to download CS6 Photoshop.

  • Standard User Lic upgrade to Professional Lic for CUMA Updated:11-30

    Hi NetPro. my company is going to purchase CUMA server , however my current user lic which all in Stand only. however, i am thinking to upgrade them to Professional in order to use the feature of CUMA . however, i am stucked in the Dynamic Tool gener

  • VSS Lic on 4500 with Sup7L-E ? Updated:11-30

    Hi, Does anyone know the correct way to lic VSS on a 4500 SUP7L-E ? At Under Table 5 - Support by Image Type; VSS is listed as available on IP Base (SUP7E only) a

  • Third party deduction for LIC premium from salary ? Updated:11-30

    for deduction of LIC from salary i assigned the standard wagetype MLIC  in v_t7inia . then i maintained the infotype 57 where i maintained  standard wagetype MLIC  with amount 2000 and payment frequecy 3 month start month as november. while i run the

  • I need to download All Hyperion v 7 software and a temp lic key for Essbase Updated:11-30

    I need to download All Hyperion v 7 software and a temp lic key for Essbase Where can I download All Hyperion v 7 software and a temp lic key for Essbase?e-deliveryRead other 2 answers

  • Infotype for LIC Policy Updated:11-30

    Dear All , I have a query tht if i want to put LIC policy of an employee but he has more than one LIC policy and i want to record all of  them individually and not  a consolidated amount  then is there any infotype to do so. Regards, NehaHi Neha, We 

  • I want downgrate the lic windows server 2008 SBS prem to server 2003 standard Updated:11-30

    Dear Sir, We have purchsed windows server 2008 SBS prem edition and i want downgrade that lic in to windows server 2003 standard edition past 4 days i m trying to complete the procedure but still i m done that now i have created one hotmail account p

  • A9K-ADV-VIDEO-LIC Per Chassis Advanced Video License Updated:11-30

    hi, Cisco ASR 9000 Series Per Chassis Advanced Video License. How to assign to chassis? Regards Muhammad Tahir Munirlicense A9K-ADV-VIDEO-LIC type permanent   location all Regards, /ARead other 2 answers

  • Lic.txt error on client installation Updated:11-30

    Hi there, I installed Tuxedo 9.1 .NET libraries option on Windows XP. During TPINIT I am getting a TPTERM error. The log file indicates a missing lic.txt file. As far as I know no licence file is required on client only installations? Any advice appr

  • Using an adobe acrobat professional lic for a standard version. Updated:11-30

    I have a question in regards to EULA. I have 10 machines and 5 acrobat std lic and 5 acrobat professional lic. Can i use the professional lic and install standard on those machine only. for example can i install acrobat standard on all ten machine ev

  • How to buy Cisco (ACE-UPG2-LIC=) 8Gbit to 16Gbit? Updated:11-30

    The Cisco (ACE-UPG2-LIC=) product is an upgrade from 8Gbit to 16Gbit throughput. How does a customer get this license? It is for the Cisco ACE 20 or ACE 30 Modules, which I believe are End of Sale, but still supported. Any help would be appreciated..

  • Error code:1015 invalid lic key Updated:11-30

    I bought a photo colagge app and after downloading it,it gave me an invalid lic key error. error code 1015. have the purchase reciept. it tells me to kindly delete the app and reinstall it to regenerate a new lic key,but its not working. what can I d

  • Student desktop perpetual lic. lightroom 6 Updated:11-30

    firstly i apologise for needing to rant but personally i just want to buy and own a perpetual desktop lic. for lightroom 6. I don't want CC. I know adobe would like to rip everyone off by hooking them into a long term CC membership. If i want it i'll

  • Expressway LIC-EXP-RMS Rich Media Session license requirements Updated:11-30

    I can't seem to find the answer documented anywhere on this. The docs state: Each concurrent call session terminating on a system not using Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Business Edition or Cisco HCS (for example, B2B calls and Jabber Guest)