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lenovo s90 not charging

  • Yoga 13 - Lot's of problems and no answers from Lenovo Updated:10-11

    Hi everyone Just wanted to post my experiences with the Yoga 13 issues and explain the problems and what Lenovo is doing (or mostly not doing) in relation to these. I have been dealing with this for 9 weeks now already, for the first 7 weeks I remain

  • Recovery dvd from Lenovo Updated:10-11

    How much does a recovery dvd from Lenovo cost and is it different from dvds made thru One Key Recovery? Alos, How do I reinstall windows on a laptop with RapidDrive? thanksHi, Here is a partial answer to your questions, and it is based upon my experi

  • Lenovo S430 - disable built-in battery permanently? Updated:10-11

    Hi! just got my S430 this week. i love it except the built in battery. i use it at home mostly so its plugged into the ac all the time.  I wonder if I could disable the battery so it won't be charging 24/7. dont really want that as it'll kill the bat

  • Can I use 65W Yoga charger for my X1 Carbon? Updated:11-30

    Hiya, I've bought this charger on eBay : The label on the charger says: MODEL 45N0261 FRU P/N 45N0262 Lenovo P/N 36200253   It was advertised as X1 charger, but when