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  • Lenovo G580 Blue Screen With Dropbox Updated:10-11

    Dear Lenovo community,  I bought a new Lenovo G580 last week, but dropbox causes the system to crash (Blue Screen). Windows gives the following error codes: ffff8a00b9ffa0a 000000000000 ffff80003092be1 000000000000 I found a previous post on this for

  • LENOVO B480 Blue Screen of Death Updated:11-30

    Hello I just want to ask, whenever I plug in my USB 3.0 External Hard Drive into the USB 3.0 port of the B480 Notebook, after a few minutes the unit crashes down and the Blue Screen of Death Appears, I tried updating my driver to the latest driver fo

  • Lenovo S820 blue screen after KITKAT upgrade Updated:11-30

    After the KITKAT upgrade for ROW (in europe) my phone is in mess. 1. I frequently get a blue screen when using the phone. I have to short press the on/off button to get the screen back. I do not have any exchange account set up on phone, I am not usi

  • Lenovo 1051 blue-screened during windows 10 update Updated:11-30

    Hello, I downloaded the Windows 10 update and in the middle of the update, the tablet crashed. I'm receiving a start up message saying my tablet needs to restart. It restarts then give error code 0x0000225. It says press windows key to access UEFI to

  • My New Lenovo G580 - Blue Screen Error Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have bought a new lenovo G580 (Intel B950/2GB/500GB) with DOS (on Friday - 21 Spetember, 2012). I have installed another 2GB RAM in the extra slot. So, I have a total of 2+2 GB RAM now. I installed Windows7 in it. It has worked fine for 1 day,

  • Lenovo N 500 Blue Screen Error Updated:10-11

    I just purchased this laptop in February and shortly thereafter I started to get the blue screen error message.  It only happens after the screen tries to wake up from hibernation.  I have not been able to turn hibernation off. The system has Windows

  • Blue screen error while trying to install windows server 2003 in Lenovo G500s essentials Notebook Updated:10-11

    Hi, I bought a new lenovo G500s essentials note book. It's a freedos system.  I am trying to install windows server 2003 in it. But I am getting blue screen error . error message like ths, Technical Information: STOP: 0*0000007B (0*FFFFFADF2CE323C0,

  • Blue screen when try to update bios on lenovo w520 Updated:10-11

    Hello everyone  I'm pretty new here and I bought a new  laptop two days ago  my model  of my leptop is lenovo  W520 (4276-37U) / i7-2720QM / Quadro 1000M and my os is win 7 pro 64 and i want to share with  you the problem that i have  experienced as

  • Lenovo thinkpad L412 blue screen when i move my laptop Updated:11-30

    i am using lenovo thinkpad L412 laptop my screen gets blue screen when i move my laptop. if i dont move it it just works fine. i tried to update my stytem for latest driver and software but still problem doesnt go away. i also run the diagnostic test

  • N100 3000; Does not boot up; Lenovo blue screen Updated:11-30

    I bought my N100 few years back (Running Vista home edition).  Battery has been dead for a while.  It has been working fine by directly using the power source. Couple of weeks ago, it restarted itself.  But, it never got beyond initial "Lenovo"

  • Auto Reboot and blue screen on Lenovo vibe z2 pro (k920) Updated:11-30

    Hi!I created a theme en Russian forum, but the problem is not solved. Repair and replacement of the motherboard authorized service center does not solve the problem.The phone automatically restarts randomly about once a day. Some people frequently. S

  • Lenovo g510 AMD drivers BLUE SCREEN Updated:11-30

    Hi there, I recently bought a Lenovo g510 with AMD Radeon graphics card. When I try to install the driver for the graphics card, i got a blue screen. I then cannot even enter Windows in safe mode. Only thing I can do is startup repair which takes for

  • Blue Screen, lenovo T500 type 2082BSG Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have many blue screen when booting Windows Seven I have noticed the following code: f05143f0 00000000 833acfbd 00000002 I tried reinstalling the system as it leaves the factory, but the crashes occur after a few hours of use I'm at my fourth

  • Lenovo Ideapad Y510p Blue Screened - Won't even reset?? Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I have had my Lenovo for a little over a year. It suddenly decided to direct me to a troubleshooting blue screen (with options such as refresh and reset) if I try turning it on (It's labeled by the computer as automatic system repair.). All t

  • Blue Screen on shutdown/restart with Lenovo T60 Updated:11-30

    I have a Lenovo T60 and for the past 6 weeks on shut down/restart I get the blue screen message with a Stop 0x0000008E, update Bios.  On defragmentation, there is a snap-in error. Here's what I've done so far: all drivers have been checked and update

  • Lenovo G530 bios update now blue screen!!! Updated:11-30

    Ok i have a lenovo G530 with service code 4446-23u. I downgraded to windows XP and it was running fine. I was on and saw that there were newer bios then what i was using(i think i had 1.06, and there is now 1.09 ) so i decided to flash my

  • Lenovo b590 20206 Blue Screen A5 Updated:11-30

    Help solve the following problem: lenovo b590 20206. after updating bios (h9et63ww) site lenovo, ceased to boot and install win XP (Need this OS). a blue screen A5(

  • Lenovo 3000 N200 - Blue Screen during Startup Updated:11-30

    I have a 3000 N200 laptop running Windows XP which has begun showing a blue screen error then restarting during startup. When turned on, it shows the Lenovo logo page then a page saying Windows did not start successfully last time. When I choose to s

  • Blue Screen when play i am play game DotA with Lenovo 3000 V410 Updated:10-11

    How can i slove this problem sir ? I used V410 ram 2 Gbyte and installed XP. The problem about blue screen become everytime after 1 hour when play game namely DotA.    How can i slove ?what graphic card are you using integrated or discrete??? It is p

  • Help ! Blue Screen Lenovo T61 (6457) Updated:11-30

    hi, I receive a blue screen with the next error: UMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME and: *** STOP: 0X000000ED (0x8A73D4B8,0xC0000006,0x00000000, 0x00000000) The operating system is XP. Please advice what to do ? Thanks, Doron Solved! Go to Solution.There's a HDD