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lenovo B50-30 blinking power led orange

  • PORTEGE T3600CT: Blinking power LED Updated:10-11

    Hi everyone (forgive me by my english). I have a trouble whit my PORTEGE T3600CT (yes, a little bit oldie... but I love her) when its connected to the AC power supply. It looks like an overheat of the microprocessor or something else: after a few min

  • Kt3 Ultra Blinking Power LED Updated:11-30

    Anyone know why my power led started blinking?? It just started blinking, it was solid before. Any help would be appreciated. MichealI noticed the other day, that mine blinks too! It hasnt done that before...and i havent changed anything. And everyth

  • WRT54GS wireless drop and Blinking Power-LED (V6, 1.52.5) Updated:11-30

    Hi all, Trawling several pages with people mentioning dropping wireless connectivity, I didn't notice a symptom I've noticed on mine: since the troubles started I've got the router located very close by (as in less than 3 feet/ 1 meter). One thing I

  • Slow Blinking Power LED Updated:11-30

    My system is pretty stable, it can run memtest and prime95 for days without a problem.  but very randomly it will sometimes just completely power off but the power LED will blink very slowly.   sometimes it will go months without this happening, and

  • E3000 blinking power LED Updated:11-30

    Hello, Today my e3000 router just stopped working, its power LED is blinking and I cant access its setup page.  Is this fixable or is it dead?Hi agjurich. You can try doing another reset. This time, please press and hold the reset button for 30 secon

  • MSI K8N Neo blinking power led? Updated:11-30

    Okay.. so.. I just upgraded my system with the mobo mentioned above and an AMD Athlon 64 3200+. I wanted to test some different some different linux systems that do 64 bits.. so, first i try gentoo and then debian-amd64 (both are text based/curses ba

  • T420s No power, blinking power Led - won't boot Updated:11-30

    My 2 months old T420s declines to boot since this morning. After pressing the Power-Button it starts to alternatingly flash the Power-Button light and the fingerprint reader LED. Nothing else happens, no fan starting to run or anything else. I haven'

  • Axis 945GM + Blinking power led - Bad PSU? Updated:11-30

    Hello there... Around one month ago we put together an Axis 945GM - based (mini-itx) system, and it has been used in an office environment since then. Last week this PC refused to start after being off overnight, and apparently -I didn't see it- the

  • [SIS Series] 66FM2 Mainboard - Blinking Power LED? Why?? Updated:11-30

    I searched and found a vagiue reference to an underpowered power supply.   I have a new Ultra 500 Watt ATX supply!  How can this be? Information Please!Quote from: blazing storm on 26-October-05, 00:29:50 What is the exact spec of that power supply?

  • Blinking power led on WRT54G2 v1 Updated:10-11

    I'm having a lot of problems with my new wireless router, and I could use some help. I'm on a Macbook Pro, OS 10.6.1. I bought the router two weeks ago, and it worked well for several days, until I noticed that the power light was flashing, and I cou

  • Blinking power led WRT54GS Updated:11-30

    I am finding out I have problems with my firmware, however when I go to reload the firmware I get the message "Unable to find the server".  I have downloaded the correct version (v4) of firmware updates for my router.  I have reset the router fo

  • HP DV8000 blinked power led and button. Help please Updated:11-30

    hello. i have notebook HP DV8000 and i dont know why but notebook is not running. in video is a problem. (Batery is out) please help. Hello @Radudu999 , Welcome to the HP Forums! I hope you enjoy your expe

  • Power LED off, all others on - WRT54G Updated:11-30

    Hello everyone. My WRT54G was in the middle of working correctly when it dropped all connections.  The power LED is now off and all of the link lights are permanently illuminated, even with nothing plugged into those ports.  The ethernet LED is also

  • WRT54G - Blinking Power Light Updated:11-30

    i have a bricked wrt54g v6after a failed flash, tried everything with no luck; blinking power led with nothing working (even ping with a static ip address). any ideas or tutorials? how to short pin it as a last resort ?You need to hard reset the rout

  • Power LED Blinking Orange/White..Hardware problem? Updated:11-30

    Power LED Blinking Orange/White. i am using a compaq cg56-102tu laptop. i wont turn on and nothing happens when i press the power button and theres a blinking orange and white light at the power indicator LED when the battery or ac adapter is connect

  • Satellite Pro A120-151 - Won't turn on and power LED is blinking Updated:11-30

    My A120-151 shut down when I was using it. The power LED on the laptop is blinking: short-long-long-short-short-short-long-short Does anyone know what this error code is?There's a whole range of error codes associated with the power lights (including

  • WRT54G v6 power LED endless blink Updated:10-11

    I just bought a used WRT54G v6, and when I power it on, the power LED blinks green, WLAN and DMZ are off, and the rest are solid green. Plugging right into it shows in XP as unplugged, no different than if the ethernet cord was just floating. I've tr

  • WRT54GP2 not working - Power LED blinking fast. Updated:11-10

    My WRT54gp2 has been working without issues for 2 years. All of a sudden from yesterday, the power LED is blinking fast. I am not able to connect to the web interface. My computer says limited or no connectivity. The internet and WAN LED are steadily

  • G62-454ca won't turn on.power led and wireless network led keeps blinking every 3-4 seconds Updated:11-30

    Please help.when I try to turn on nothing happens.Only power LED and wireless network led keeps blinking every 4 secondsAccording to the message you have recently posted I would like to confirm that this is a hardware issue and I strongly recommend y

  • E2500 Power LED Blinking Updated:11-30

    I'm using an E2500 and the Power LED started blinking this week. From the manual, this means   "Flashes slowly during bootup, during firmware upgrades, and druing a Wi-Fi-Protected Setup Connection." We have a wireless printer (wireless disabled