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lenovo a6000 plus charging issue

  • Lenovo A6000 Plus charging issue Updated:11-30

    issue is that when i connect the wall charger to my lenovo a6000 plus it shows "usb computer connected" and then the phone won't charge.. not sure what is the problem.  i connected the ac adapter wall charger then how come the phone shows "

  • Lenovo a6000 3g speed issue Updated:11-30

    Hi, I recently puchase Lenovo a6000 in India from Flipkart. Inserted 3G enabled SIM Card in 4G/3G/2G slot. I enabled the data and tried to use it for some time but the speed was very less. Installed to check the speed and noticed that t

  • Heating issue lenovo a6000 plus Updated:11-30

    What is the normal temperature of A6000 Plus ??Hi,i have observed the same issue with my Lenovo A6000 Plus.I inserted memory card (7GB was full out of 8GB) loaded with images, songs, videos etc.Phone started heating up badly just like heater when i l

  • Wifi issue in lenovo A6000 Updated:11-30

    I am having problem in getting wifi signals on my lenovo A6000. The device is not able to show the available signals.But using my laptop wifi some signals are visible. but the device is not showing any signals. The message what i get is "Searching fo

  • Lenovo U460 Customer Service Issues Updated:11-30

    Today I received my second U460, and for the second time the order was made incorrectly. Here is my story: On December 24th I placed an order for a U460 in black/purple hairline color. This was to be my college graduation gift. On January 4th the pac

  • Lenovo A6000 very low ram Updated:11-30

    I am facing very low ram issues. even after clearing ram by default ram cleaner I only get 110-115 mb ram.  I also donot recieve real time whatsapp notifications but i am receiving gmail notifications even after clearing ram.when i first time boot my

  • Lenovo A6000 displaying all contats as unknown(Not even displaying Caller's Phone Number in details) Updated:11-30

    Hi guys, I recently bought a lenovo A6000 smartphone. Whenever i receive a call it is not showing any Caller ID details(not even Caller's Phone number). It is showing as Unknown caller and in details there is no information regarding phone number. Ca

  • Inquire about Lenovo A6000 Updated:11-30

    Is Lenovo ِA6000 supports fast charge property?Thanks in advance.Rest assured that there will be Lollipop for the A6000. The team will be updating the website to reflect this information accordingly. Thanks.Read other 2 answers

  • Lenovo A6000- Failure of Contact Manager on Update Updated:11-30

    After updating my Lenovo A6000 to Craft-A6000-m_S021_150616, Am receiving tect messages on failure of the contact manager. Please AdviceHi,  I found there are other issue apart from contact manager crash issue after upgrade from Jelly bean to KitKat 

  • Lenovo A6000 update Kraft-A6000_S035_150507 Updated:11-30

    I have bought Lenovo A6000 about 20days back. Now it shows an update is required for Vibe UI. My version is Kraft-A6000_S031_150301. And the new update version is  Kraft-A6000_S035_150507 . Anybody updated to this version? What is the benefits or Iss

  • When will be the lollipop upgrade for Lenovo A6000+ ?? Updated:11-30

    Hi ,Am using lenovo A6000+ mobile,i want to know exactly when there will be lollipop update for lenovo a6000+ ?? As you mentioned in OS upgrade matrix (On July) ,you supposed to give to lollipop by last month itsetlf but you didnt. See after there up

  • Lenovo A6000 crackling sound Updated:11-30

    I have recently bought a lenovo A6000 and I am facing crackling sound issue whenever I am playing music or watching videos on both headset and loudspeakers. Please tell me whether it is a software issue or I have a defect in my unit. There is one mor

  • Lenovo A6000 decryption process Updated:11-30

    Team can some one help he in decryption process of my Lenovo A6000 mobile.. Unfortunately i did encrypt to check what is happening and end up with several issues..Can lenovo support help at the earliest? I'm not able to install apps on SD card after

  • Lenovo A6000 RAM management observations Updated:11-30

    Hi lenovo, I have made few observations which i believe are issues and need to fixed by lenovo. I have been using Lenovo A6000 since a week and noticed the following. 1. Initially the RAM on first boot was around 460 MB. 2. After using it for 2 days,

  • Lenovo A6000 Plus touch screen not responding Updated:11-30

    I own a Lenovo A6000 Plus mobile. Some parts of my screen do not respond at times but after a few hours it again starts responding. This cycle has been repeating for a month. Kindly suggest me a solution and whether this is a software or hardware iss

  • IPhone 4 - Charging issues including "This accessory may not be supported." Updated:10-11

    So for the past couple of weeks, on and off, my iPhone 4 (2 years old) has been having intermittent charging issues. I have gone through four charging cords, all from Apple, and two charging blocks, both from Apple - none of these change/resolve the

  • Disappoint​ing camera of lenovo a6000 Updated:10-11

    Same picture clicked multiple times and result is a piece of crap, each n everytime same picture most of time blurred .it seems the camera app having some kind of focussing problem. Since i am also using sony Ericsson phone with 5 mp at back is super

  • Lenovo A6000 keeps rebooting after upgrading to Kraft-A6000_S029_150212 Updated:10-11

    I just updated my new Lenovo A6000 smartphone to Kraft-A6000_S029_150212 version. Since then, it is continuously rebooting. It comes up, stays for 5 seconds, UI hangs and then reboots.Need urgent help on how to recover.With great difficulty, was able

  • IPAD 3 battery charging issues Updated:11-30

    iPAD 3 battery charging issues. Read most of the discussions. My question is: If I take my iPAD to Apple Genius bar - what's the test they do to qualify for a replacement (do they place it on a charge and see the charge for Y% for X minutes or do the

  • IPad 3 charging issues Updated:11-30

    I have had my shiny new iPad plugged in overnight with it's included iPad charger  (it was displaying some context for some of that). I have just woken up and it's only at 39%!!!! Now I know that it's meant to take longer to charge but that is unbeli