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lenovo a369i not charging

  • Lenovo a369i phone not charging Updated:11-30

    I got a new lenovo a369i phone and everything seems to be working fine except when I charge it. I have to monitor it to make sure it charges properly. The phone says its charging but when i leave it for a few minutes the battery percentage is not inc

  • Lenovo y510p Replacement Charger - Please HELP Updated:11-30

    I have a problem, a big one. 4 months ago, my Lenovo y510p's charger conked off. I have been looking for the 120W replacement charger for 4 months. I called Lenovo, visited service centers, it has been a torture. My Rs. 80,000 worth laptop lies gathe

  • Lenovo a369i no setting for chinese input. CAN IT POSSIBLE ? SURELY DEFECTS ! Updated:11-30

    so amazing,  i received a369i from lazada, paid the man,  play with it, i use default english for phone, for language input,  i cannot find chinese, so unbelievable, the giant of china, i didn't think it is DEFECTS, so keep playing,  until i give up,

  • Lenovo G500 first charge Updated:11-30

    Hello, i just bought a  LENOVO ESSENTIAL G500 59-390090 and the manual is not in english. Do i need to charge the battery for the 1st time or its charged?Hi Badarias, Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums! I'm glad to hear that you have purchased New G5

  • Lenovo A536 Slow charging Updated:11-30

    I recently Buy Lenovo A536. at first it was good because of the specs and good touch screen. But when the battery becomes low (because I play games), I charged my phone using 2.1A adapter (it is a fast charger) after a while, I was shocked. My phone

  • Hi New user....Lenovo A10 A7600h charging problems. Updated:11-30

    Hi lenovo community... I just bougth a lenovo A10 A7600h tablet... I have it 5 days... In the start seems to be ok with logical chargings... Now i have very slow charging ... to fully charge from 10%  needs about 4 hours... and a little bit more... S

  • Lenovo g500 not charging Updated:11-30

    My lenovo G500 is not charging, When the charger is plugged in it shows as charging but the percentage just decreses and now the laptop has run flat. The power supply has been checked out at my local pc shop. Will this problem be the charging circuit

  • Lenovo M5400 constantly charging Updated:11-30

    Hi I have Lenovo M5400 and it says that it is "plugged in, charging" even though its 100 percent charged. Battery bar shows 10,1 charging rate. Is there a way how to fix it? ThanksHi Pixo, Welcome to Lenovo Community! I'm sorry to hear that your

  • Lenovo A6000 Plus charging issue Updated:11-30

    issue is that when i connect the wall charger to my lenovo a6000 plus it shows "usb computer connected" and then the phone won't charge.. not sure what is the problem.  i connected the ac adapter wall charger then how come the phone shows "

  • Lenovo Z580 battery & charging Updated:11-30

    Hi I am looking to save a bit by not charging my battery cuz I am using my laptop constantly plugged. Is there some option that would allow me to not charge the battery till it drops below 10%. Is removing the battery the only solution? if I remove m

  • What is your phone charger specs of lenovo k900 ? Updated:11-30

    HI,  i lost my lenovo k900 phone charger, need to buy a replacemnet, are there any lenovo owners here who can just check the charger and tell me its output . how  much Mah amp is it ? cant find the original amywhere thus need the specifications for a

  • Lenovo W510 Charger. Updated:11-30

    Hi,       Lenovo W510 comes with a charger ( AC Adapter ) which gives out 135W  and 20V [ Output : 20V  and 6.75A ]  and this charger is bigger in size and it is heavy to carry around. I have a  lenovo T61P's Charger which gives out 65W and 20V [ Out

  • Yoga 13 - Lot's of problems and no answers from Lenovo Updated:10-11

    Hi everyone Just wanted to post my experiences with the Yoga 13 issues and explain the problems and what Lenovo is doing (or mostly not doing) in relation to these. I have been dealing with this for 9 weeks now already, for the first 7 weeks I remain

  • Recovery dvd from Lenovo Updated:10-11

    How much does a recovery dvd from Lenovo cost and is it different from dvds made thru One Key Recovery? Alos, How do I reinstall windows on a laptop with RapidDrive? thanksHi, Here is a partial answer to your questions, and it is based upon my experi

  • Lenovo S430 - disable built-in battery permanently? Updated:10-11

    Hi! just got my S430 this week. i love it except the built in battery. i use it at home mostly so its plugged into the ac all the time.  I wonder if I could disable the battery so it won't be charging 24/7. dont really want that as it'll kill the bat

  • Can I use 65W Yoga charger for my X1 Carbon? Updated:11-30

    Hiya, I've bought this charger on eBay : The label on the charger says: MODEL 45N0261 FRU P/N 45N0262 Lenovo P/N 36200253   It was advertised as X1 charger, but when

  • Lenovo U460 Customer Service Issues Updated:11-30

    Today I received my second U460, and for the second time the order was made incorrectly. Here is my story: On December 24th I placed an order for a U460 in black/purple hairline color. This was to be my college graduation gift. On January 4th the pac

  • G500 battery dont charge upto 100 % Updated:11-30

    my lenovo g500 stops charging at 60 % ...  help... how to remove such a battery protection.. however instead of protecting it make me demage the battery by using until the battery diesHi Vivek, Welcome to Lenovo Community! If you have installed the L

  • Lenovo G570 has no audio after Windows 10 upgrade Updated:11-30

    I don't have any audio now that I've upgraded to Windows 10. I've tried various sources including Netflix and music apps. Headphones don't work either. I went through all the steps on this site to no avail. (

  • Won't go past the lenovo logo Updated:11-30

    hi, I was wondering why my Lenovo a369i does'nt go past the Lenovo For those who do logo... can someone please tell me what happened to my phone... please help... When you are at the Lenovo logo, try pressing all three buttons (power, volume up and d