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  • Windows 2012 network teaming broken "host unmanageable" Updated:11-30

    Hello, we are in the process of migrating servers to new hardware using the Platespin Migrate tool. That process has been tested in controlled Proof Of Concepts now for Windows 2003, 2008 and 2008R2, but now we come to Windows 2012 and we run into an

  • Exchange 2010 is suddenly unmanageable Updated:10-11

    Hi -- On a SBS 2011 box running Exchange 2010 SP2, Exchange has suddenly become unmanageable. I have no idea what happened overnight to cause this. But I've been trying to get this fixed for two hours already, with no luck. Nobody can open OWA. From

  • Spam has become unmanageable Updated:11-30

    Hi, My spam has become somewhat unmanageable. Although I have spamguard on, I seem to get as much spam in my spam folder as my inbox. I know it's a losing batle, but I've kept adding spam addresses to my blocked addresses list, but it's now approachi

  • Hyper-V core 2012 R2 - Unmanageable Updated:11-30

    Hi everybody, Got a fun one, kinda. So started to upgrade from hyper-v 2012 core 2012 to R2. Migrated the VMs. Formatted the system drive. Reinstalled from scratch. Added to the domain. Rebooted. I could remote desktop, connect with Hyper-V manager.

  • Syslog filled with unmanageable messages Updated:11-30

    Hi, Whatever is being logged to my syslog is being written without newline characters and I can't really tell what these messages mean, so I don't know which config file to consult to turn off the logging. Can someone possibly suggest a program which

  • This bug makes the router unmanageable with SNMP Updated:11-30

    Hello, I'm working for Orange Business Services and filed this bug.  Orange Business Services is shipping this 881 router on large scale and we are hitting this bug more and more.  This is really anoying as we can no longer monitor them with SNMPSorr

  • Need to find a calendar to schedule multiple assignments with multiple tasks set on specific days for multiple people Updated:10-11

    There may be no such animal as what I am searching for, but I thought I'd give it a try. What I need to do is find a calendar app that allows me to have individual calendars for staff members that I can place a several-days-long assignment and have t

  • Keywords in Adobe Bridge CC and Lightroom 5 not working Updated:10-11

    I recently upgraded to Adobe CC. We use Bridge and Lightroom regularly to tether while shooting, batch process and search for images. I have noticed that files I have keyworded in Bridge will randomly lose the keywords attributed with them. When we s


    neither thru an ODBC connection in Access or thru TOAD can I see all of the tables available to me in my instance. In TOAD I can query them, if i know their names and call them in the SQL but when i go to the table view they are not there.... HELP!!!

  • Transfer music from one user account to another on the SAME mac? Updated:10-11

    My family (wife, son, daughter, and me) share an imac but we all have our own user accounts. Our entire itunes music library is in one user account and is getting to the point of being unmanageable. Can I move some of my itunes library (e.g., my son'

  • Some of the music in my itunes isn't syncing to my new IPhone? Updated:10-11

    My parents went and bought me a used pre-paid IPhone because the bill for my old contract one was growing unmanageable for them apparently. This IPhone is driving me insane because it will not sync all of my music onto. I have exactly 1,147 songs in

  • Web Template Tech Comparison (including fastm) Updated:10-11

    1. Preface In the Java Web Application, the Page Generation Part may be the most tedious and painful part. All other layers can be well structured. Only the Page Generation Part is mixed and bad structured. This article first introduces and compares

  • ITunes crashes when I play certain songs and the problem is spreading. Updated:10-11

    Ever since I downloaded iTunes (for windows 7), the program has been crashing whenever I play certain songs and at this point the problem is spreading, more and more songs that weren't problems before. I have been through just about every tr

  • 1. How to copy a page monthly?  2. How to print a report page? Updated:10-11

    Hi Forum, Thanks for the various contributions that are helping my experience with oracle.These are my two current problems: 1. Assuming I have built a page of payroll for 40 workers that repeats monthly. Is there a way of copying the previous page f

  • How/can I change the "from" address in Mail? Updated:10-11

    I just upgraded to Mountain Lion, and have come across a problem. I use iCloud for my mail account, but I want to change the "from" address - so the return address on my messages is NOT icloud. I could do this in Lion. In the mail account settin

  • How do I output a large Ai file as multiple PDFs (via views, pages, whatever) Updated:10-11

    I am working in FreeHand 10 and Illustrator CS3 on a large street map. The client wants to do his own edits to the map in Illustrator (version unknown) then output it so he can show a section per page, in an atlas he plans to publish. And maintain th

  • Can I use the same media clips for multiple movies? Updated:10-11

    What I'd like to do is import about 15 - 20 hours of camcorder footage, and use that to cut several different iMovies. These are home movies that cover about 5 years, so I'd like to make a Halloween movie using just the halloween clips, and then make

  • One iMac - Multiple user accounts - Can iTunes music be moved b/t accts? Updated:10-11

    My family (wife, son, daughter, and me) share an imac but we all have our own user accounts. Our entire itunes music library is in one user account and is getting to the point of being unmanageable. Can I move some of my itunes library (e.g., my son'

  • Data usage scam?  Really upset customer seeking help! Updated:10-11

    I have been a long time customer with Verizon. Our data usage has become unmanageable!. We have 5 iphones on our family share plan.  We began with 10 GB after upgrading one of our phones & being talked into the family share plan by the in-store sales

  • How do I get around the email Apple ID problem on iCloud? Updated:10-11

    My Primary Apple ID is not an email address. After following Apple's prompts on my iPhone after installing IOS5 I (and I regret this emmensely), created a new ID with my primary email, the same one that is the email linked to my other Apple ID. It al