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labview datasocket error 42

  • Datasocket error when network cable unplugged Updated:10-11

    Hi, I'm having problems with my datasockets.  I have applications running on multiple computers, which publish data to a datasocket on the localhost.  Whenever we unplug a network cable, or the network goes down, the datasocket write function reports

  • What can I do about "LabVIEW load error code 38: Failed to uncompress part of the VI." Updated:10-11

    While attempting to load an executable LabVIEW application for LabVIEW 2009 SP1 on a Windows-XP machine when the following pop-up message occurs. "LabVIEW: Memory or data structure corrupt. An error occurs in loading VI 'NI_Gmath.lblib: Backward Brac

  • LabVIEW Lode Error code 3 Updated:10-11

    I have installed the LabVIEW runtime engine on a machine that does not have LabVIEW installed.  I then exported my program to a .exe using the project manager.  When I went to run the .exe, I get an error message that says "Application failed to star

  • How To Handle Labview Runtime Error in Teststand Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am working NI-CAN device to transfer CAN frames through the VI's using TestStand. Before transmission took place, we need to choose for the port, in case if the port is selected wrong, Labview take it as a runtime error and handles accordingly

  • LabVIEW load error 21 Updated:11-30

    I get a LabVIEW load error 21 when running an exe built with LV6.1 on Win2000 The full message is "A dynamic link library initialization routine failed. An error loading DIO". The lvdaq.dll has been installed by the installer in the ex

  • LabVIEW Application Error: The instruction at address x referenced memory at address y. The memory could not be written. Updated:11-30

    When trying to open LabVIEW, I get the following message, "LabVIEW Application Error: The instruction at address x referenced memory at address y. The memory could not be written."  I've disabled the startup services, clean boot or diagnostics s

  • Labview Application Error Updated:11-30

    Hi, A while ago, I tried to change the build-in AI read from NIDAQ6.9.1. On way or the other, the build in AI read was replaced by My AI read, which in fact was exactly the same as AI read. Because of problems when transporting the file to other PC's

  • Labview Datasocket momentarily locks up Updated:11-30

    Labview Datasocket Ver 4.1(36) for LV 7 momentarily freezes when another socket connects. Simple example publish a dynamic tag to DS Server then subscribe to that tag from another network PC. I've tried this on multiple machines and the results are s

  • Writing to a profibus network using labview datasocket Updated:11-30

    Hello Can anybody help me? I'm trying to control a moeller inverter using labview datasocket on a profibus network. the problems i am having is how to structure my Vi to write the message. so far i have used loops to write the first message to notify

  • Labview TCP error 42? Updated:11-30

    I occasionally get an error 42 in TCP read vi. This error is not listed in the Labview 5.1 help or on this site. Does anybody have an idea of what is happening?LabVIEW uses error 42 to mean "Generic Error." You can actually find what errors mean

  • Labview update error Updated:11-30

    Whenever I receive notice of a critical update to labview and I try to update I get the error as per attached. I have got an intenet connection so what is wrong? Attachments: Labview update error.jpg ‏54 KBThis happened to me.  I called NI, worked wi

  • Labview load error code 10:VI version (8.2b23) is too old to convert to the current Updated:11-30

    trabajo en la version de LabVIEW 8.2, 20th aniversary edition, Professional y cuando intentaba abrir la parte de examples en la primera ventana me aparecia el siguiente error: LABVIEW:VI version is too early to convert to the current labview version.

  • LabVIEW load error code 10? Updated:11-30

    Hello.. I have received an .llb file from support at Anritsu, for a Wiltron 56100a Scalar network analyzer. It contains numerous priceless VI's. Unfortunately, when I try to open it, I get an error.. "An error occurred loading VI ''. LabView load err

  • An error occurred loading VI. LabView load error code 1: LabView load error code %ld: %p" Updated:11-30

    I have been developing a VI file that has been working fine, until now. I am using 8.6. Every time I attempt to open this file I keep getting: How do I fix the error code: Labview: Memory is full. An error occurred loading VI. LabView load error code

  • LabVIEW load error cod %ld: %p Updated:11-30

    All of the sudden, when I tried to open a VI, I got an error message that said, "LabVIEW: Resource not found.  An error occured loading VI 'VI".  LabVIEW load error code 1: LabVIEW load error code %ld: %p".  I tried to revert that p

  • Why I get Labview load error code 16? Updated:11-30

    "Labview load error code 16 preventing me from opening the VI" "I'm having some problems opening a particular VI. I get an error called: "Resource not found"; "Labview Load Error Code 16; Could not load data space link inform

  • LabVIEW load error code 1: LabVIEW load error code %Id: %p Updated:11-30

    One of my VI crashed while trying to save some data to file, I then tried to save the VI afterwards, but message with Out of Memory popped up again and the IV closed down. So now I can´t open my VI, then I try I get the "LabVIEW load error code 1: La

  • Labview load error code 21 Updated:11-30

    I have a VI which includes subvi for vision utilities like IMAQ winddraw, wind close etc. I build the exe file for the main VI. What extra files should I include in the exe generation? since when I build the exe file normally and it generates the err

  • Labview load error code 15 preventing me from opening the VI Updated:11-30

    I'm having some problems opening a particular VI. I get an error called: "Labview Load Error Code 15; cannot load default data." This VI cannot be opened, but I would like to somehow get into it (some important codes are in it). The Labview vers

  • OPC client using DataSocket - Error 0x80040154 Updated:10-11

    hi everyone, i am setting up OPC comm between LabVIEW 2010 and SMA OPC Server. they are in the same machine. i have followed all DCOM settings there, and i can view and write data of SMA OPC through MatrikonOPC.  then i start using DataSocket Select