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labview daqアシスタント 表示されない

  • Ask for help with LabView Daq and Tek VX4244 VX4101 Updated:11-30

    I use NI VIO-MXI-64XE-10, Tek VX4101 and Tek VX4244 to acquire data in one Tek 1410A VXI mainframe connected a PII 350/64M computer with MXI2 cable.these modules are used for three independent applications,the datum are acquired and through prelimina

  • PCI-6251 into LABVIEW DAQ Assist block interrupti​ons and resets Updated:11-30

    Signals being received from PCI-6251 into a LABVIEW DAQ Assist block interrupts and resets every 10 seconds after 1 minute of data acquisition. Would this be a memory buffer problem or is it something related to the hardware? I am using a BNC-2110 ha

  • 2.7 year experiance in labview, DAQ, PXI, PCI seeking job Updated:11-30

    chennai based 2.7 year experiance in labview, DAQ, PXI, PCI seeking job Attachments: sen 3.doc ‏81 KBThanks for your help, I've finally got rid of the errors, but when i run the VI while using the potentiometer, i'm not getting any readings on the gr

  • LabVIEW / DAQ / FPGA / Vision 基本練習題 Updated:11-30

    附件是 LabVIEW / DAQ / FPGA / Vision 實機操作的習題,歡迎大家下載多多練習! LabVIEW 習題 DAQ 習題 FPGA & CompactRIO 習題 Vision 習題Hi Gary, My suggestion is to first work from the Vision RIO examples in the example finder.  All of the examples are commented and should at least h

  • LabView DAQ running more stable under Linux? Updated:11-30

    Hello, We are doing LabView DAQ using a cDAQ9714 module (with AI card 9203 and AO card 9265) at a customer site. We are running an excutable on a Windows PC and had a couples of times (3 so far) that the PC just gone freeze for some reason and we los

  • Incorrect AMUX/PCI6025 readings using Labview/DAQ Updated:11-30

    I have an AMUX64/PCI6025. Using my DVM, I measure the voltage at the AMUX screw terminals on various channels with correct readings obtained. Performing measurements with Labview/DAQ are incorrect. What is causing this?Hello; The first thing to doubl

  • Can Labview DAQ work on a self-trigg​ering basis? Updated:10-11

    Currently I have the following setup: We shoot electrons through a diamond (which is attached to a electronics board via electrodes), then the electrons pass through a scintillator.  We use the scintillator/phototube as the trigger pulse right now, b

  • Newbie Question -- Simultaneous Execution for Labview/DAQ Updated:11-30

    Hey, I am an undergrad student who is fairly new to labview and control systems and I am working on a senior project. I am wanting to use labview to simultaneously control two separate machines. Both machines would send back data to be saved to a fil

  • Looking fo a Labview DAQ example Updated:11-30

    I want to measaure with DAQ board. Chart data in real time on a scalable chart. Adjust sampling frequency. save data to spread sheet file. Acces data for time series analysis.Have you looked at the examples that ship with LabVIEW? There is no single

  • Labview DAQ channel viewer doesn´t view to much Updated:11-30

    Hi, heeelp please I´m starting to bealive in goblins. I have a Pci-6013, and did a university proyect using also NiDAQ 6.9.3 and Labview 6.1 eval. I tried mi code in a modern amd 2600 pc and worked fine. Then i installed it in a Shuttle SKG1, for the

  • Application LabVIEW : DAQ Traditionnel et PCIE-6536B Updated:11-30

    Bonjour, J'ai une application LabVIEW 2014 qui fonctionne avec DAQ Traditionnel et une carte d'acquisition PCI-DIO-32HS. J'aimerai changer la carte d'acquisition pour une PCIE-6536B, qui ne fonctionne que sous DAQmx. Est-il possible de faire fonction

  • Filter pxi-6602 LabVIEW DAQ-mx Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a PXI-6602 card. The signal to measure is on the gate pin. On the source pin, it is the internal 20MHz. The counter uses the ND_BUFFERED_EVENT_CNT mode. I have a LabWindows code with NI driver DAQ for this card which uses filter with this

  • LabView DAQ card programmin​g Updated:11-30

    I have recently started using an NI USB-6211 DAQ card on my laptop. I have the driver software installed and the DAQ is working, but when in LabVIEW main package, I dont have any functions in measurement tab or express tab to use to control the DAQ .

  • Labview DAQ channel wizard Updated:11-30

    I followed instructions in the Labview manual to access the DAQ channel wizard. For some reason I am directed to the device & automation explorer instead. I have Labview 5.1 installed on windows 95 system.Hello; You are probably being pointed to Meas

  • Generating 0 and 1 signal using labview Daq card Updated:11-30

    Hello, I'm working on a Project on the On/Off control of a pneumatic cylinder via a 5/2 solenoid valve. On State: Valve  O/P  1 pushes cylinder  İ/P 1                  Value  O/P vents air. Off State: Valve O/P 2 pushes cylinder  İ/P 2               

  • How to power a motor using labview DAQ output signal Updated:11-30

    The power from labview is not enough to move a decent-sized motor (works with tiny one). Is there any electrical component/device that I can use to sort of increase it (something in between output from labview and the motor)? ThanksLabView is a softw

  • Can any NI/Labview DAQ hardware be used to input video? BNC, S-Video, RCA, etc? Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am trying to manipulate digital video captured from security-type cameras and other devices.  I am just beginning on this adventure and would like to know if the National Instruments Suite has some possible solution. Thanks! M. LoganSure!  N

  • LabVIEW DAQ Assistant Updated:11-30

    Como hago que el DAQ Assistan pare si no tengo ningún contador ni reloj, al cabo de los segundos deseados por el usuario?? Grácias. Isabela. Una ignorante.Hola  Isabela                    gracias por utilizar el foro de National Instruments. Contesta

  • LabVIEW DAQ Software??????? Updated:11-30

    I am using LabVIEW version 7.1 with a National Instruments PCI-6713 12bit. I am not at all familiar with the LabVIEW program. Can anybody please provide a (simple) voltage data acquisition software? It will be used to obtain data from some brand new

  • Do I need Daq s/w while running a Labview exe which contains the DAQ hardware cards on a pc which does not have Labview s/w Updated:10-11

    I am having a Labview 6i program which takes hardware status from the NI hardware I make its exe with Labview Run Time Engine & then I am unistalling complete Labview with "Remove all" option....then I am installing this exe.....