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  • Changed from windows 8 to 7 on a g7 2269 Updated:10-11

    I succedded in installing windows seven onto my HP g7 2269 notebook. The only drivers available on the HP drivers download page are for Windows 8 and 8.1. Can you tell me where I can find Windows 7 drivers that work on the HP g72269. Ethernet Control

  • Error while executing a simple script.... Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am trying to run the following simple script in Oracle 8i: UPDATE vcad_ocorrencias set tipo_situa_solic = 'E', desc_obs_atendente = 'ACERTO DE BASE - 18/10/2004' where cod_solicitacao = 7 and tipo_situa_solic in ('N', 'P') and cod_contrato_Inte

  • HELP - CS5 - Site works in IE7 but not IE8 or Firefox? Updated:10-11

    Hope some one can help or pint me in the right direction as i am a complete beginner. My webpage desplays perfectly in IE7 but not quite correctly in other browsers. Is there a bit of code i can add that will rectify this problem? My html code is: <!

  • IPhoto will not open since upgrading to OSX 10.8 Updated:10-11

    Hi, has anyone come across this since upgrading to Mountain Lion. iPhoto will not open and I get the below error message. I was previously on OSX 10.6 with all updates applied to the OS. I upgrade the iPhoto app under iLife 11 on OSX 10.6 and it work

  • Safari will not open on new Macbook Updated:10-11

    Just purchased new MacBook Pro. Used Time Machine to from old machine. Transfered went great, but Safari will not open. Crashes right away. Here is the report. Process:     Safari [258] Path:        /Applications/ Iden

  • Safari stopped working after completed MAcosxupdcombo 10.7.4 Updated:10-11

    Hello all, Sorry to bother and I want to thank you in advance for any help you can offer. After completing an update and the computer restarted, I tried to open safari and received the report info below. Please help me to get safari up and running. S

  • Since upgrading to Mountain Lion my computer crashes almost every night Updated:10-11

    In the morning I have to push the power button even though the sleep is set to never. It turns out that sometimes during the night and actually usually very close to the morning after there was a kernel panic. panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff801bc88aac):

  • SMTP chewing up bandwidth like crazy! Please help! Updated:10-11

    I've got a crazy problem with a client's server. First, it's an xServe running 10.4.11 with all software updates. It's been in service as a WWW, Mail, FileMaker, FTP, AFP & Windows file server for several years now. Up until the other day, the machin

  • How to unSelect checkBoxes inside a buttonBar Updated:10-11

    Hello! I've been a Flex developer for several months now and have made some great strides.  However, I've ran across a problem that requires some help from the Pros. I'm using Flash Builder 4.5 Premium. Scenerio: I have a buttonBar whose dataProvider

  • [Solved] (WW) fglrx(0): Kernel Module version does *not* match driver. Updated:10-11

    fglrx has just recently stopped working, and I can't quite pinpoint when that was because I honestly hadn't noticed until checking.  I've tried a few reinstalls and different xorg options so far, but had no luck. glxinfo: name of display: :0.0 displa

  • Check box is not working in table Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I'm using adf 11g. I have created a transient variable(boolean ) in exsiting view object . In search page , i'm showing records in table.I have drag as boolean select one check box to search page table . when i ran the application , in search

  • Running standard page in OAF .please help urgent !!!!!!!!!!!!! Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I downloaded all the files from Server.I am able to run the page in Jdev. The page which I currently run has a Drop down list which has a PPR event.So, on selecting values in the drop down am able to get the respective attributes below. But w

  • AC-50480 error while generating listener.ora while running autoconfig Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am trying my first clone on R1213. We have a split tier configuration. I am able clone the database server successfully. Now when I run 'perl adcfgclone appsTier', during the autoconfig part, it fails with the error message AC-50480 : Error whi

  • Some problems with jackdmp and rosegarden Updated:10-11

    Hello , I try to build a sound work station with archaudio, here is my configuration: kernel= 3.2.16-rt27-1-rt jack = 1.9.8 My /etc/security/limits.d/99-audio.conf @audio - rtprio 99 @audio - memlock unlimited I have sound with applications like Qsyn

  • Some User Tips (January 2012) Updated:10-11

    This assumes iTunes 10.5.2, as this is the current version as of this writing.  Doing a brain-dump of some of the more common questions that have come up, and the ones I've personally tested. 1) I'm stuck at StepX / it's taking a long time to complet

  • Windows 8.1 not booting : "Boot manager failed to find OS loader" Updated:10-11

    Hello all, I know this question came up before, but I have being trying to fix this for many days now, without luck and I feel I need some new ideas... The short story: My Windows 8.1 is not booting, and gets trapped in cycle of Boot Manager until I

  • , Chrome and windows 8.1, not possible to pre-buffer Updated:10-11

    I recently started experiencing issues with watching streams online. I have a wireless connection for my laptop, and i normally have to pause the stream for a couple of minutes to let it buffer a little of the video before i start watching anything.