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  • L_TO_CONFIRM, how to use it Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have to use Function module L_TO_CONFIRM but I don't know how to use it. In the specifications my consultant gave me says that i have to use the LTAK-TANUM and the delivery number VBELN, but I can't find where I have to put this field. And  I d

  • L_TO_CONFIRM not updating VBBE.  Are there alternatives? Updated:11-30

    We are using L_TO_CONFIRM to confirm TOs via RF in our warehouse.  We have also recently upgraded from 6.04/7.01sp5 to 6.17sp5/7.40sp7. Since the upgrade, L_TO_CONFIRM no longer updates VBBE for the source delivery when confirming a TO with differenc

  • TO 2-step confirmation using either L_TO_CONFIRM or L_TO_CONFIRM_SU Updated:11-30

    Hi, I've created a TO using the L_TO_CREATE_MOVE_SU function module. I then need to confirm the TO but through a 2-step confirmation. I've both the L_TO_CONFIRM_SU and L_TO_CONFIRM function modules but have only got errors. Parameters used for these

  • How to use L_TO_CONFIRM to confirm transport order Updated:11-30

    Hello friends, I am using function L_TO_CONFIRM to confirm transport order in my program. But it is not working. I have copied the main fields from table ltak and ltap. However it is still not working. May be some other parameters need to be filled.

  • Running L_TO_CONFIRM getting Error Message L3 025 Updated:11-30

    All; I am running L_TO_CONFIRM for confirming a TO.    CALL FUNCTION 'L_TO_CONFIRM'     EXPORTING       i_lgnum                              = gv_lgnum       i_tanum                              = gv_tanum     TABLES       t_ltap_conf                

  • Confirm Transfer order using FM L_TO_CONFIRM Updated:11-30

    Dear All, I need to confirm a transfer order. I am using this FM 'L_TO_CONFIRM' to do that, but i think there is some issue in populating the tables parameter (T_LTAP_CONF & T_LTAP_CONF_HU) of this FM, so i am not getting the sy-subrc to 0. Can anyon

  • Confirm TO Query (ref:L_TO_CONFIRM) Updated:11-30

    HI Everyone, I have a query regarding TO confirmation that I'd appreciate some advice on. I implemented a custom RF transaction to confirm TO for putaway using the function module L_TO_CONFIRM. To my mind it's working as it should but my client has r

  • TO confirmation : L_TO_CONFIRM Updated:11-30

    Hi , I am using function module -L_TO_CONFIRM , to confirm the TO in custom code . but not able to handle the the partial quantity confirmations. i mean if there is a actual quantity of 45 and I need to confirm only 12 units , it confirms the complet

  • L_TO_CONFIRM - TO for Confirm an HU into another HU Updated:11-30

    Hello, I would try to replicate through  FM the following situation that I can create (do) withstandard transactions LT01 - LT12: Confirm a WM HU within another HU. I have 2 source HU WM within the same bin block location , the same batch, same qty,

  • L_TO_CONFIRM Updated:11-30

    Hi Guyz, what are all the parameters needs to pass to confirm TO into the function module(L_TO_CONFIRM) passing warehouse number and transfer order number ..Iam getting the exception 'NOTHING TO DO' (NO ITEM FOR CONFIRMATION(CHECK YOUR ENTRY)..