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  • Error Message BK168 while posting in KB61 Updated:10-11

    We want to post Cost Center transfer entries for Secondary Cost elements simillar to KB61 (for Primary Cost elements). Which transaction should be used for this? Also when we try to post agaist same CO Document with 2 line Items using KB61 following


    Dear Friends We are on ECC 5.0, we have activated document splitting on BUSINESS AREA basis.. As for new requirement for consolidated financial reports, we have also added TRADING PARTNER(vbund) field for document splitting .. We have define companie

  • How to update trading partner (BSEG-VBUND) in tr.code FB01/FB02? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I need, under some circumstances, to update value of trading partner code (field BSEG-VBUND) to all items in the FI document, created/changed with transaction FB01/FB02. I checked available user exits and bussiness events, but didn't found one, w

  • BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST for field trading partner (bseg-VBUND) Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am uploading journal entries in SAP by using this BAPI "BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST". Here program works fine now i want to give trading partner (bseg-VBUND) in line item but i cant find appropriate field in this BAPI for trading partner so tha

  • Field VBUND does not allow changes to the document ? Updated:10-11

    If you post the trading partner, the trading partner(Field VBUND)does not allow changes to the document. I can't change trading partner. Thanks!! Message was edited by: Rico WangRico, Using trn code SM30, modify table V_TBAER and insert the entry BSE

  • GLPCA table not getting updated correctly for VBUND Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have come across one issue that the value of trading partner field (VBUND) in table GLPCA are not getting updated correctly for document type KP. In vendor master this field has different value versus it is showing in GLPCA-VBUND. Does any

  • BAPI for KB61 Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, Is there a way of doing mass reposting of CO line items using KB61? LSMW by recording or BAPI? Could not find a BAPI. Was trying recording method, but then the number of line items per document is not the same. Regards, SangeetaHi, You ca

  • Editing BSEG-VBUND on a posted document. Updated:11-30

    Does anybody know if it is possible to edit the VBUND field on a posted document? Thanks for your help!Please refer to the below message, which explain this query well. Change field bseg-vbund Unfortunately the content of some fields cannot be change

  • Table for change in cost center in Kb61 Updated:11-30

    Dear friends, I changed the cost center using t code KB61, From which table i can get the details of change in cost center Rgds MadhavanHi, KB61 will post the document with the change from old cost object to new cost object in CO documents, so you ca

  • Vbund in general data selection ( report writer) Updated:11-30

    Hi I wanted to add to general data selection in report field Trading Partner. I did following actions: 1. Created copy of library 1VK 2. Added to this copied library ( let's call it ZVJ) characteristic VBUND 3. In grr2 I inserted into ZVJ report 1SIP

  • BSEG-VBUND Updation using Call up point 3 while posting from VF01 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a requirement to update BSEG-UPDATE during the Invoice posting VF01. I tried to use Substitution at CALL UP POINT 3. but it is not updating the value. Please help. Thanks, Leela KrishnaHi, Create the substitution at call up point 2 (Line I

  • Update the VBUND in BSEG from FB50 Updated:11-30

    Hi , Thanks for the reply.... Is there any substitution programs or exists to update the VBUND in BSEG from FB50??? We  need to update the VBUND from T880-RCOMP. where we need write this peace of code? Thanks, SridharHi You can use BTE : Business Tra

  • How to use BAPI_ACC_PRIMARY_COSTS_POST for KB61 reposting? Updated:11-30

    Hello, in another thread here and other "googled" hits, I've found that BAPI_ACC_PRIMARY_COSTS_POST should be able to be used for reposting costs with reference to the original document (like reposting with transaction KB61). Unfortunately I can

  • VBUND information in table COSS Updated:11-30

    Hi Everyone, is there any possibility of bringing the Partner information (VBUND) in the table COSS? thanksThis is a Total table, it would be total per cost object....You might need to pull it from COEP do what is required to meet yr requirements.Rea

  • Modify bseg-vbund in FI document Updated:11-30

    Hi developers, I have a problem because for an error in customizing setting, the field VBUND in the position of the document is blank. The field is only in dispay and with some modifies in the dynpro I don't have resolved the problel Have you some id

  • Add VBUND to IDOC type ACC_GL_POSTING01 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need to add the field VBUND to the IDOC type ACC_GL_POSTING01. In which of the following segments should I include the VBUND field: E1BPACHE08 E1BPACGL08 E1BPACCR08 How do I do this?Taj, Notice, that this idoc type has been generated based on B

  • KB61 BDC load Updated:11-30

    I've created a program which utilises BDC to perform a data load using transaction KB61. The question is - How do I perform a page down within the BDC ?? I've used transaction SM35 to record the KB61 transaction, and I get a BDC_OKCODE of /00 stored

  • BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE different VBUND error, MIGO works Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am getting the following error trying to receipt goods via BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE. F5080 "Consolidated companies & and & are different". This is due to having 2 entries having vendors with different VBUNDs. I went through SAP notes 4

  • MIRO and VBUND field on G/L account tab Updated:11-30

    Hi When using MIRO, additional posting via the G/L account tab should be with trading partner field. Setting up a new screen variant with OLMRLIST should make it possible to have the trading partner field (ACGL_ITEM-VBUND) included in the screen vari

  • EC-CS Consolidation of Investments: GL account without VBUND data Updated:11-30

    The Gl account that represents a loan to another company in the group does not have an entry in the business partner field (as this field VBUND is in the COA and not on the company code level). For Consolidation of Investments I need the GL account o