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jtable checkbox focus problem

  • JTable Cell Focus Problem Updated:11-30

    I am using the setValueAt method in the TableModel of a JTable in order to do validation of the value the user has entered into a cell of a table (the validation involves looking at the values of other components on the same JFrame). Everything works

  • JTable checkboxes doesn't retain their selection when a new row is added!! Updated:10-11

    HI, My gui has the JTable component which has 5 columns. out of which 4 columns are checkboxes. whenever i select an item from the Jlist and click on the add button it will add a new row in JTable. but the problem is whenever a new row is added to th

  • Checkbox focus Updated:11-30

    Hi i am using Jdev i am working on skins where i faced a problem for checkbox focus when"keyborad Tab" is used. i want to change the colour of the checkbox on focus when the user uses keyboard to move to the checkbox. i tried several th

  • Focus Problem on Solaris with jdk 1.3.1 Updated:10-11

    Hi all, We are having a focus problem on Solaris. The same code works fine on Windows without any problem. I am sending the test code and run steps below which you can compile and repeat the problem. NOTE: When we put a comment on the line "f1.reques

  • Cell request focus problem Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have jtable with two column. Column A and column B. I type string "stupid" in column A. Then when I change the cell by pressing Enter or right arror or other arrow, it suddenly check the value in column A with the string "clever"

  • Calling1.4.1 signed applet from Javascript causes keyboard/focus problems Updated:10-11

    Pretty sure there's a JRE bug here, but I'm posting to forums before I open one in case I'm missing something obvious :-) This issue may be specific to IE, I haven't tested elsewhere yet. Our web application is centered around a signed applet that is

  • Focus problem since jre 1.4.2_11 Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a awkward focus problem with my java applet. Everything is working fine for jre 1.4.2_10 and all older jre. The applet is embedded in a large DHTML application running in a shell which uses the internet explorer for rendering. The applet c

  • Significant Computer Window Focus Problem With Verizon Access Manager (2707e) Updated:10-11

    With the newly released Verizon Access Manager (2707e) there is a significant computer focus problem with it. What I mean by this is that if I am using ANY application on my computer with the Verizon Access Manager minimized to the Windows Sy

  • Focus Problem on the t3i Updated:11-30

    My t3i is having focusing problems. What can be the cause?  Can I fine to the focus like on the fullframe cameras? Solved! Go to Solution.Kolourl3lind wrote: OK I will but I just relized maybe it's because I am zooming after focusing and recomposing?

  • Focus problems Updated:11-30

    for some reason my canon is having focus problems even on auto focus..what is going on??Yes, a lot of your problem focusing could simply be that you are trying to use the camera in too low light, if shooting indoors. It will vary depending upon the c

  • Reader X - Firefox focus problem Updated:11-30

    Since I first started using Adobe Reader X, I have had an intermittent keyboard focus problem with Firefox (mostly recently 3.6.14, on Windows 7). If I open a PDF document in a browser tab, sometimes keyboard focus is not returned to Firefox iteself.

  • Weird focus problems (& 1 workaround) Updated:11-30

    I am building a wizard with an extension of JDialog. Based on earlier input, I create the JDialog with a bunch of JPanels each with a combobox and a textfield. I have a next, cancel, and back button at the bottom on its own panel. I also have a "Fini

  • Camera (focus) problem - help? Updated:11-30

    Duplicate post, please see: Camera (focus) problem - help? Message was edited by: Admin ModeratorWarranty is valid only in country of original purchase. You have to return the iPhone to the US for evaluation. Either you return it personally or send i

  • JBuilder .exe focus problem Updated:11-30

    I have a swing application of a JFrame with a JMenuBar and JTextfields, JButtons, etc... It works great as a standalone application, or when run as an executable .jar. The problem is when I use JBuilder 7 Native Executable Builder and make a .exe out

  • Focus problem on a Powershot SD870 IS Updated:11-30

    Hi den253! Thank you for your post! So that the Community can better help, we'll need a little more information. What kind of focusing problem are you having with your PowerShot SD870 IS? Does this happen in all shooting modes, or just one? Are you s

  • Browser focus problem Updated:11-30

    Hello. We have a problem with focus on our web forms. In our form we have one button. When the user clicks on the button, cursor appears in one item. But when the user clicks outside the form (but still inside browser) and then back on the form, curs

  • JavaFX focus problem Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have focus problem in JavaFX application. When I start the application main component has focus. But if I switch between application by Ctrl + TAB and back to JavaFX application the component never gets focus again. I tried to get focus on that

  • Very Strange Focus problem Updated:11-30

    I've encountered a very strange focus problem that I hope someone can help me with. In my frame, I have a toolbar and some JTextFields. When I press one of the toolbar buttons, I do whatever and at the very end I use requestFocusInWindow() to set the

  • Problem with JTable checkbox Updated:10-11

    In my table I have a column of checkboxes. If user clicks any checkbox, the program will first check for some condition and pop out a warning dialog saying that "the action will change the current mode. are you sure you want to continue?". If us

  • JTable custom cell editor focus problem Updated:11-30

    Hi I have created a JTable (using Java 1.4.2) and have three cell Editors, one is a JFormattedTextField, one is a JComboBox and one is a custom cell editor. When I press tab I can select the cell with the JFormattedTextField and when I start typing t