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  • JTable + add column Updated:11-30

    hey all!! i have posted this post previously and as you can read there everything worked out ok. well now i have another, similar problem. now i know how to dispaly boolean values, in a table, as

  • JTable Header & column Headers Updated:11-30

    i want to add a table Header(Level 1 Students) and a columns Headers(Name ID Section#) How can i do that ? Thanks a lot This is my code: import java.awt.*; import java.applet.*; import java.applet.Applet; import java.awt.image.*; import javax.swing.*

  • JTable (dynamic columns) Updated:11-30

    Well guys, voil� my problem... I've a Person class, who has some methods to get the person information, like getName(), getAge(), getAdresse(), etc... I would display the information of all the persons in the diary in a JTable... Ok, it's all right,

  • To add column in an alv of FITV_POWL_TRIPS component Updated:10-11

    Hi all I have a requirement to add column to an alv which is in FITV_POWL_TRIPS.Now the prob is that in that component we r using another  compent SALV_WD_TABLE from which alv is taken.This what I understood fitv_powl_trip powl_ui_comp- <-getting tab

  • How to add column dynamically based on user input in oracle? Updated:10-11

    **how to add column dynamically based on user input in oracle?** I am generating monthly report based on from_date to to_date below is my requirement sample table EMPLOYEE_CODE| Name | CL_TAKEN_DATE | CL_BALANCE | 01-OCT-12 | 02-OCT-12 | 03-OCT-12 10

  • How to add columns in field-symbol Updated:10-11

    Dear All,               Have made a report for HR - ZHR_CTC by using logical database and field-symbol. Report is working fine, but now have to add columns e.g business area text, positions text etc. Have added columns in field-symbol.But not able to

  • How do i change the color of a JTable's column names Updated:10-11

    hai, i'm very new to java and trying to customize the look of a JTable. how do i change the color of a JTable's Column names. i know its very simple, i just couldn't figure out how to do it!! thanx in advancetable.getTableHeader().setForeground(Color

  • How to add column access BADI to appraisal template. Updated:10-11

    I am not able to see option to add column access BADI in template at Processing  tab--> Further template behaviour. Kinldy let me know how to add it. I am able to see only following options BC         Business Check D1         Default Appraiser D2   

  • Add columns in system matrix Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, I need help urgently. I want to add columns in the matrix of A/R invoice system form. Can someone give me a solution? Regards. OlivierOlivier You can add user defined fields into Marketing document rows, these will be new  columns and wil

  • Add Column name conditionally in a query Updated:10-11

    Hi i have an stored procedure where one parameter is passing @Type UserTable (columns) => username, canAdminDelete,canCustomerDelete,CanMerchantDelete i wants to add column conditionally like when usertype =1 then query should be like Select * from u

  • How to Add column with default value in compress table. Updated:10-11

    Hi , while trying to add column to compressed table with default value i am getting error. Even i tried no compress command on table still its giivg error that add/drop not allowed on compressed table. Can anyone help me in this . Thanks.Aman wrote:

  • AdvancedDataGrid - Add columns with ActionScript Updated:11-30

    I'm trying to add columns to an AdvancedDataGrid via ActionScript. I can't get it to work. I've tried two approaches -- One with an intermediary array to store the columns then set the adg's columns to the array; One where I assign the columns direct

  • Add columns to RCOPOC_WKLT Updated:11-30

    Hi. Does anyone know how can I add columns (from my structure) at the above report? It's the CO60 transaction (Worklist for PI Sheets). I think it's somthing about an enhancement for this report but how can I do it?? Thanks, RebekaRobeka There is no

  • Operations in querie or add columns Updated:11-30

    hi!. How can do operations in querie or add columns with operations. greetings.hi good go through this link hope this will give you idea of the query operation.

  • Add Columns to Updatable Report Updated:11-30

    Hello, i need some help regarding an "Updatable Report". My goal is to have some SelectLists in comluns named "2008_05", "2008_08", ....."2010_01", "2010_04". The user must have the option to add more clou

  • How to add column to report from the same table? Gives error now Updated:11-30

    Steps to reproduce: Build a report on a table with easy report, select all columns Add column to the table Edit report and add column (one has to click Show Related Tables Only: No to view the same table!) Report will give error as it will be build a

  • How to delete or add columns in a DataTable. Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need to delete/add columns for a DataTable programaticaly... Can anyone help me in this ??. In source code I added a datatable and lets take 3 columsn I added. While running application, I need to delete and add columns whenever I want. Please

  • Cannot add column to flexible table when ddl autocommit is off using Procedure Updated:11-30

    Hello All, Through procedure I am trying to insert data into the target(EX_92) table(with schema flexibility) Source table data ID PRODUCT_CODE PRODUCT_NAME PRICE COLOR TYPE 1 1 rugg 101.22 2 1 rugg 101.22 3 2 book 200.32 BLUE Y Target table QUERY dr

  • Add column with preq number to ALV grid in me53n Updated:11-30

    hi all, i am trying to add column with preq number (BANFN) to ALV with preq items in ME53N. it is not available in column set, when trying to add by "change layout" button - i dont understand why, when the strcucture MEREQ3211GRID contains it :-

  • How to dynamically add column Updated:11-30

    Hi folks, Plz tell me if u know how can i add column dynamically in oracle content management SDK webstarterapp.I am stucked here for quite sometimes.plz tell me ASAP. Regards PrasenjitTake a look at: