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jsp how to invisible label

  • Label component doesn't show required icon Updated:11-30

    I have some JSP like this: <ui:label for="uiMiddleInitial" text="Middle Initial"/> <ui:textField binding="#{SomeForm.uiMiddleInitial}" columns="2" id="uiMiddleInitial" tabIndex="2" requi

  • Repeater fails using {container.item} context within included JSP pages Updated:11-30

    Greetings, I'm using Bea Workshop 8.1.2 and netui's based framework. I'm experiencing a problem relating to the use of jsp:insert tags as a way of templating the code as to make it more maintainable and cost effective. The problem arises when using r

  • PDK iview - launch JSP in the background? Updated:11-30

    Is there a way to launch the JSP <i>behind</i> the portal browser? I have an iview which calls a jsp page. The jsp page simply holds javascript which calls a to a url. (I am not just calling the URL directly through a url iview o

  • Issues in making label selectable when used with text area Updated:11-30

    I have used the following code (which was given in the thread : Re: Making Labels and other controls with text selectable for copy&paste ] which shows how to make label selectable with text field. ) public class TrialArea extends Application { >>

  • JDev 10.1.3. EA1 - new version = new bugs Updated:11-30

    I was very surprised to read about the new EA1 version. Download - unzip - run - convert from 10.1.3 preview - disapointment... *.hta are now accepted as html files - fine! <tr> after <table> is not expected = error - hmmm ??? attribute styleC

  • Application is creating duplicate rowkeys Updated:10-11

    I have a BC4J/Struts/JSP application where I am displaying a view of records for edit with a hidden form field using rowkey. Not all the time, but sometimes when I view the html source, the rowkey for 2 of the records are the same. What would cause t

  • BUG: apex_item.textarea default values Updated:10-11

    ApEx Team.... I doubt this was intentional, but perhaps it was. I certainly won't discredit the idea. In, I describe the APEX_ITEM package spec and find that the TEXTAREA function has two parameters, p_rows and p_cols, which have defaults

  • Problem with branching on dependant list submit Updated:10-11

    I am a new APEX user using version 3.1. I've successfully set up a dependent LOV on a form but the logic I've applied is preventing me creating any records. (I've branched back to the page and I think this is conflicting with my primary key trigger.)

  • Multiple row column-sharing with GridBadLayout does not work as expected Updated:10-11

    I was trying to figure out why I could not initially accomplish the following with a GridBagLayout: Row0: 0000011111 Row1:      1111122222 Row2:           2222233333The above is supposed to be 3 JLabels on three different rows: The 1st row has a sing

  • Initializing an ADF Faces selectManyListbox Component Updated:10-11

    I am trying to show a selectManyListbox with some values already selected for an edit page, but all i get is a selectManyListbox with no values selected? I build the <af:selectManyListbox> using a <af:forEach> which iterates through a List of

  • Uploading zip file to server Updated:10-11

    Hi, I want to upload a zip file in some server location,till now i have below code,but not able to get any clue how to upload zip file to server when user press Begin button. Can someone please help me? > JSP code: <af:inputFile label="Upload:&

  • Pass parameters that contain spaces between web pages Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a .jsp . Inside it, I only need to call a link with a parameter. The problem is that the parameter contains spaces: name="ALARM LEVELS" If I write: <a href=modif_list.jsp?name=<%=paramName%>>See list</a></p>The

  • How to show VI frontpanels within another VI frontpanel Updated:10-11

    Following problem: I want to display and operate the frontpanel of within a defined area of the frontpanel of, without having to show two seperate and independent VI panels. Two possible ways: 1. Is there something like a frontpanel con

  • Code for replacing 'get' and 'set' method Updated:11-30

    Hi, I was a struts programmer but now i am a jsf programmer :-) I was able to do the following with struts but no with jsf... The following code in struts allowed me to have no 'get' and 'set' method in the javabean for a property (for example, the p

  • Set data in page flow begin action? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I want to set some data in my page flow's begin action, and then access this data in a JSP. In my begin method, I have: * @jpf:action * @jpf:forward name="index" path="index.jsp" protected Forward begin() getRequest().setAttribute(

  • Importing self created classes Updated:11-30

    Hi I'm making a simple .jsp page which queries a database and then returns results in another html page. I am using a few of my own self defined classes to make the page but I don't know how to import them... there aren't any problems with my classes

  • HTMLDB_ITEM.TEXTAREA Updated:11-30

    Hi! Is there "textarea" item in "htmldb_item" package? I want to create it dynamically with PL/SQL and then process? How can I do it? Thanks.sure...there's an htmldb_item.textarea function that you can use. for some reason it's not sho

  • WAD BI commands on an Image Updated:11-30

    Hello everyone, I have a WAD template with a report including several queries. These queries take an initial value for calendar year/month, so that when you try to access the report, you are taken first to a screen where you give the year/month value

  • Zooming the selected rectangle on an image Updated:11-30

    hi, my problem is that once i'm able to zoom my image ,if i want to zoom it further either on mouse click or selecting a rectangle again on mousedrag,it throws an exception coz i'm not able to get either size or bofferedimage from the once zoomed ima

  • Coinciding columns on multiple rows with GridBadLayout Updated:11-30

    I was trying to figure out why I could not initially accomplish the following with a GridBagLayout: Row0: 0000011111 Row1:      1111122222 Row2:           2222233333 The above is supposed to be 3 JLabels on three different rows: The 1st row has a sin