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  • Pass Parameters from JSP to PL/SQL Updated:10-11

    I have a JSP portlet which consists of a few pages. Meaning, I move from one page to the next by using the "next_page" param from the JPDK. In one of my JSP pages, in its <form> tag, I have the action set to call a PL/SQL procedure (in the

  • Code to connect jsp with MS SQL SERVER 2000 Updated:10-11

    i have my SQL Server in my local machine and i need to conne ct my jsp page with that instance. please provide a sample code to accomplish the same. along with that can you please send me procedure to establish a DSN for SQL SERVER 2000. thank you wi

  • JSP with PL/SQL Cartridge Updated:10-11

    I have installed OAS 4 and JavaServer Web Development Kit Version 1.0 in one PC and with o8i in another PC. I've got problem in linking a PL/SQL cartridge, which will return a small page, with my jsp. I've got no problem if I run the jsp under the OA

  • WL vs. WL-express and JSP vs. javascript/SQL Updated:10-11

    folks- i am trying to convince a certain party to disband a web-based job tracking system being written in ASP, javascript, html, css and SQL. it will be hosted on MS webserver running NT. i am trying to convince them to use JSP and WL express. i hav

  • JSP with Microsoft sql Server 2005 Studio Express Updated:10-11

    I have a database named CS352 in MSSQL 2005 Express version, I am using Tomcat 5.5, I am trying to connect to this database with jdbc driver jtds-1.2, but I can't connect, here is the code for the connection Class.forName("net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.D

  • PL/SQL and Java Swing interface Updated:10-11

    Everybody in this forum knows that Oracle is the best database around with many functionalities, stability, performance, etc. We also know that PL/SQL is a great language to manipulate information directly in the database with many built in functions

  • SQL query with Java Server Pages Updated:10-11

    Hey, I'm trying to read some information from database with SQL Query. How I can put the parameter that I get from previous *.jsp page to SQL query? Technologies that I use are WML, JSP and MySQL. I can get the parameter by method getParameter() and

  • SQL query with parameter returns empty result set, please help !!! Updated:10-11

    Hi there, When I use the following query : <sql:query var="beroepsthemas" > select * from beroepsthemas where beroepsthemaid = ? <sql:param value="12"/> </sql:query> When I want to browse the result set with : <c:f

  • Sql query not execute Updated:10-11

    Hi Forum i made an application which run on JRun server. In many of my jsps i used sql query like this: " select id, name, rollno from student where add = 'jj';" and retrieve the record from resultset like this: rs.getString("id"); rs.

  • Create pie chart in jsp Updated:10-11

    how to create pie chart in jsp based on sql server 2000 database please give example or code with explanation - SaishRead other 2 answers