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  • JSP bug or JSP container bug? Updated:11-30

    This the following a JSP bug or JSP container bug? When I put: <jsp:declaration>      void method() { </jsp:declaration>in a JSP page it runs fine, but when I put: <jsp:declaration>      void method() {           for(int idx=0; idx<5;

  • Big jsp Bug in Weblogic! UnNoticed by weblogic! Updated:11-30

              <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html" %> <%! public void jspInit() { System.out.println("Hello"); } %> <% out.println("jsp executed"); %>           The above code displays &quo

  • JSF JSP Bug Updated:11-30

    The JSF JSP Wizard has a bug. 1. Select File>New>Web Tier>JSF>JSF JSP. 2. Click on Next. Specify file anme. Click on Next. 3. Automatically Expose UI Compoenents in a Existing Managed Bean radio button does not get selected.A managed bean is t

  • JSP bug? url.openStream() = server redirected too many times Updated:11-30

    I tried something the other day that works in Java, so it should work as a JSP scriptlet, but I received an error message that others have posted elsewhere without a compete resolution. Specifically, given a URL, say u, one ought to be able to do u.o

  • UIX/JSP: bug of the tag uix:tabBar Updated:11-30

    Please, can someone comment on the following behavior of the tag <uix:tabBar>: The UIX/JSP tag <uix:tabBar> is commonly used together with the <uix:link>. I cannot make the last one work in a more complex way but just using its attribute

  • JSP Bug Updated:11-30

    Please c the below two bean class. package com.bean; public abstract class Person{ private String gf;      public String getGf(){           return gf;      public void setGf(String newGf){  = newGf; package com.bean; public class Emp

  • OutOfMemoryError:Java Heap Space on JSP with %@page buffer % directive Updated:10-11

    Hi guys, I am developing a large report requires a lot of memory using JSP, therefore I allocated about 4096kb in the JSP as follow: ================================================================== <%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncodi

  • Schema Design for Worklist Application - best practice? Updated:11-30

    Hello, we are designing the Schema for a workflow application now. I'm wondering what kind of XML Schema would be best suited for the JSP generation of the Workflow Wizard. So far I've found out with some tests (please correct me if I'm wrong): - Onl

  • Bc4j: Application Error Updated:11-30

    Thanks for your great effort in bc4j and the samples in JDeveloper When I run the ?Business Components for Java Auctions Sample Web Application? sample and try to bid with low value I got the message: Application Error JBO Error:JBO-27011: At


    I've developed a "batch process" which uses three different databases(two sql servers and one oracle). The application uses two different connection pools ; one for sql server and another one for oracle. The remaining sql server I've to connect

  • Struts getting real path Updated:11-30

    I'm using struts framework how can I access the webcontents path the folder containing the jsp, web-infI'm using struts framework how can I access the webcontents path the folder containing the jsp, web-inf The same way as with Servlets/JSPs String c

  • JSP request.getParameter bug Updated:10-11

    i try the following code for receive Parameters from jsp. <% String name=request.getParameter("Name"); %> but when Name TextField(in HTML) is empty and i want to check for none empty field with (if) instruction with following code.. if(nam

  • Bug in the Oracle JSP parser..? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I seem to have run into a problem with double quotes inside attributes of a custom tag. For example, on Tomcat the following line is valid in a JSP: <mylib:person label="<%="Mr " + surname%>" /> Tomcat treats the "

  • Interesting!!! But, who's bug is this? JSP? Updated:11-30

    copy the following code and save it as jsp. then run this jsp page on either weblogic or tomcat servers, you can see the 'count' incremented twice. and I think this is not a browser problem, since this occurs on both netscape or IE. So, this may be a

  • Bug in work flow jsps Updated:11-30

    Hi, i have a element in xsd which has maxoccurs = unbounded. When i use this as a parameter for one of the human tasks ,auto generate the form and deploy it on PM, i dont see any text box appearing for the unbounded element, The jsp has a method to g

  • [Tomcat bug?] Calling response.sendError(404) from JSP Updated:11-30

    Calling "response.sendError(404);" from JSP context causes Tomcat to mangle all non-latin characters. Any ideas why? How to recreate bug: There are 3 files in index..jsp: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "

  • JSP TagLib Bug Updated:11-30

    I took my taglib's and tried to move them           over to get them working on 6.0.           I now get an error:           Parsing of JSP File '/showdate.jsp' failed:           /showdate.jsp(1): Error in using tag library uri='date' prefix='/date.t

  • JSP Reformat bug Updated:11-30

    Hi, I found the following bug in JDeveloper, that considerably hardens my work. Here is how to reproduce it. 1. Create a JSP page and inside 'body' tags enter the following text (in a single line), inside the 'div' tag:<br>----------------&

  • JSP Textarea bug Updated:11-30

    I have a form a user has to complete, once submitted, i store the userinput values in a fava bean using get and set methods. It all works fine, except fot the HTML textarea, it dont want to store it in the javabean? <textarea name="comments"

  • Bug in viewCDZDocument.jsp? Updated:11-30

    When the 'refresh on open' option is clicked on, viewCDZDocument.jsp calls getPrompts.jsp. We modified getPrompts.jsp to access the document's data providers. This puts the system in some weird state where it doesn't think there is any data returned