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  • How many thousands of Apple TV users have to scream their complaints before Apple will respond to the fury over the impossibly slow download speeds of movies bought through iTunes?????? Updated:10-11

    How many thousands of Apple TV users have to scream their complaints before Apple will respond to the fury over the impossibly slow download speeds of movies bought through iTunes?As jules says, your rate (currently at least) may be slow. If it used

  • Extremely slow download from Itunes store when on NAS Updated:11-30

    Hi All,      Since the latest Itunes update 10.6 I've been experiencing extremely slow download from the store. Set up is as follows (with all the latest firmware and software upgrades done on everything)      ITunes DB and XML locally stored on HDD

  • Extremely slow downloads via Itunes 8.2 Updated:11-30

    I've used Itunes on my macs for years, currently Itunes 8.2 on a MacBook Pro. But for the last two months downloads via itunes have become extremely slow, e.g. many hours for a 20mb podcast. Downloading the same podcast directly form a website takes

  • Slow download on iTunes (3 hours for 2 Go) whereas my internet download is fast ? Updated:11-30

    I have a slow download on iTunes (around 3 hours for a HD 2 Go game of thrones episode) whereas my internet download is fast (average 15Mbps)?Bumping this topic again as it's still sort of bugging me, but the problem has been isolated to a few certai

  • Slow download speeds from the iTunes store? these last few days? Updated:11-30

    Anyone experiencing slow download speeds from itunes store these last couple of days? According to I have a 12 Mbps link but downloads from itunes are taking hours and hours...i experience same problem..even using my computer to downloa

  • Slow download when updating or downloading new apps on iTunes Updated:11-30

    Hi I am residing in Singapore. Lately, I seem to be experiencing extremely slow downloads from iTunes Store whenever there are updates. Usually, a 200mb + file would take less than 5 minutes to complete the download. Now, it takes more than an hour.

  • ITunes 7.0 very slow download speed Updated:11-30

    I just updated to iTunes 7.0 and I have noticed a huge drop in my download speed. I have a cable modem and connect at average speeds for my area. I don't have any issues with the internet or any other program. I bought the first episode of Grey's Ana

  • ITunes Match downloads very slow over LTE Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have an iPhone 5 on iOS 6.1.4. When downloading iTunes Match songs to my phone it is very slow over LTE taking roughly 1 minute per megabyte. Over wifi it is a lot faster taking perhaps less than 20 seconds per track on average. All other data

  • Itunes app download very slow Updated:11-30

    itunes app download very slow&iphoneClose and relaunch iTunes. Reboot the computer. Power cycle the router/cable modem.Read other 2 answers

  • Slow download on iTunes  for 1D's new album tonight Updated:11-30

    Really slow downloading one album on iTunes tonight. Are there any issues??Apple does not report any problems in that area here: other 5 answers

  • Slow iTunes Store downloads - again Updated:11-30

    Few days ago it took me over 3 hours to download album just 180 MB in size - I though that it was bad. An hour ago I got notification that new episode of Grey's Anatomy is ready for download - so I fired up iTunes and started download. It is crawling

  • ITunes movies downloads (rent and buy) incredibly slow Updated:11-30

    Hi, trying to rent (and download) a movie from us itunes store: downloading speed is near 0, impossible to download anything, but the connection for other stuff is working normally...what is happening ? Anyone else with this problem ? DanieleHow did

  • Itunes 10.4 very slow downloads Updated:11-30

    I am running OS X 10.6.8 and iTunes 10.4 . My problem is that iTunes is downloading very slowly at around 200 kb. I have tested my download speed and it has came to 11mb download speed, all my other programs are working well apart from iTunes. Can so

  • Slow downloading from the store Updated:10-11

    I am experiencing very slow download speeds and movie trailer streaming from the itunes store.  any ideas?You probably have a slow Internet connection because many people are using it. They restarting your Mac and hopefully it should clear up.Read ot

  • Extremely slow download speeds and internet browsing on Macbook pro Updated:11-30

    I recently got a 13"" macbook pro. System config - Maverick OS/i7 dual core/8GB RAM/750 GB HDD, Almost 690GB of free space available. I am expriencing extremely slow download and internet browsing speed. I have to wait for almost 10-12 seconds f

  • Very Slow Downloads & Timeouts.......Interesting Info! Updated:11-30

    Hi, Like many other users have posted I have been having problems with very slow downloads in the last few days and connection problems to the itunes store where the rest of the internet was fine. After trying disabling firewalls, upgrading to IE7 et

  • Ridiculously slow downloads Updated:11-30

    Been reading other posts about slow downloads. I cannot download a single TV episode in less than 36 hours even though I have a cable connection that is kicking along at 54MBps. I read about the McAfee Fix, but I have Norton, is there a similiar fix?

  • Is anyone with an iPhone 6plus experiencing slow downloads and problems streaming videos online? Updated:11-30

    is anyone with an iPhone 6+ experiencing slow download and slow video streaming online? I have had the iPhone 6 Plus and I've been experiencing my app is downloading a lot slower and being unable to stream videos onlineI hope someone from Apple is mo

  • SLOW download/UNABLE to start hd movie Updated:11-30

    Yipes ... sorry we pushed the download and install new software button. Extremely slow download on an HD movie from itunes and then we were absolutely unable to start the movie at all unlike the previous version of software where you could start watc

  • Slow download of video Updated:11-30

    I notice that videos download much slower with my new iPad3.  Much slower, is that because of the higher resolution?  Is there a way to crank back the resolution so that it downloads faster.  I see this problem acoross the board, Utube, iTunes, etc.