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itunes download slow

  • Apple iTunes download slow Updated:10-11

    I have 2 Apple tv boxes each connected to separate tv's by a hdmi cable , the boxes are connected to the computer by wifi , the computer is connected to a Time Machine which is then connected to a modem. Box #1 is upstairs and is about 14 feet away f

  • ITunes downloads fast on old Mac mini but slow on brand new Macbook Pro on the same WiFi network? Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have an old Mac mini that's from around 2008 and runs on Snow Leopard. I also have a brand new Macbook Pro with retina display that's running Mountain Lion. Both running iTunes 10.6.3. I never noticed anything wrong with my MBP's connection

  • Why is the itunes download so slow Updated:10-11

    why is the itunes download so slow - I am trying to download itunes update to recognize my new ipod touch 5th generation and my pc will not even show it in itunes, in trying to download the update the speeds are so slow that it is estimating download

  • ITunes download extremely slow on a 300Mbps uVerse connection Updated:11-30

    Gigapower installed yesterday (W00t!!!) ... everything is flying except ... iTunes downloads I've tried the following with no improvement Different DNS servers from the local machine (,, OpenDNS, att standard DNS) Turning off the firew

  • Can't recover songs and itunes very slow Updated:11-30

    My computer crashed and had to be totally restored so I lost itunes and everything. I downloaded it again and proceeded to try to sync with my nano. First of all, itunes was running way slow that I thought the computer was freezing but its