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iterface between multisim and labview

  • How to make a multimeter in multisim using LabVIEW Updated:11-30

    Hello there, I want to make a multimeter in Multisim using LabVIEW. And I have read this article before. And now I have these questions: 1. How to measure a resistor? The Impedometer.llb in lvinstrume

  • Can we connect Multisim and LabVIEW? Updated:11-30

    Hi frndz  I want some info.  please tell me is there any such facility in LabVIEW2011 that i can use circuit from Multisim as a simple camponant in LabVIEW??? take 1 example :     suppose i m doing HOME AUTOMATION  project. in that i have  my own tem

  • Could I connect the design in Multisim in LabVIEW 2009? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I had design a generator in LabVIEW 2009, and now I need to send the output of the generator to pass through a transformer and a transmission lines. I found out that I could use Multisim to design the transformer and transmission lines.  I was wo

  • Version du Pilote périphérique NI et multisim pour Labview 12.0 Updated:11-30

    bonsoir! je suis un etudiant en filiere genie electrique et je suis entrain de preparer mon memoire de fin d'etude. Selon mon cahier de charge, on me demande d'utiliser Labview 12.0 or je suis encore debutant avec Labview. Mon probleme ce que  je ne

  • Running Multisim with Labview Updated:11-30

    Hey,   I am trying to convert a series of student labs for a dynamic systems course to run on a newer, better setup.  Previously, the lab I am working on took input from a sensor, fed that input through an analog circuit, and fed the output from that

  • Multisim to labview porting Updated:11-30

    how do i add a circuit designed in multisim to my labview function paletteHello anne, I don't know exactly what you mean with adding a circuit designed in Multisim to your LabVIEW function palette. What are you trying to do in LabVIEW? If you're tryi

  • Using labview cosimulation, how to control PWM duty cycle in multisim Updated:11-30

    I am new to using Multisim with LabVIEW using cosimulation. I want to ask if there is a PWM component in Multisim that can have its duty cycle be controlled using LabVIEW? I have an algorithm in LabVIEW that outputs duty cycle values from 0 to 1, rep

  • How to make multisim 11 files (.ms11) work in labview Updated:11-30

    I have designed a step down DC-DC converter circuit in Multisim 11. Is there any way that I can use this circuit as a VI in LabVIEW? I have an algorithm VI that hopefully can control the duty cycle in the DC-DC converter circuit I have designed. Than

  • Labview controll using Multisim feedback Updated:11-30

    Hello, I would like to control a circuit in Multisim with a few simple analog and digital signals from a Labview VI. The circuit running in the Multisim simulation would generate analog and digital signals to be fed back to the Labview VI which would

  • How Multisim, ELVIS 2+ Board, and Labview All Connect Updated:11-30

    My school recently obtained some ELVIS 2+ boards and I have been tasked with figuring out exactly what they can do and how we can incorporate them into the curriculum as part of my work study.  Now I have all the basics down for building a circuit on

  • Labview Multisim interactio​n Updated:11-30

    Hi all, Is there any way to invoke multisim from Labview? Or is there any way to access Multisim remotely? Because Labview has a webserver capability, so we are wondering if we can remote access multisim from Labview. Thank you!!Hi sunbird, I noticed

  • Multisim -labview Updated:11-30

    when i connect multisim and labview using connectivity toolkit i get following error"Error -2147467259 occurred at Unspecified error  in Multisim>Quick  Possible reason(s):  LabVIEW:  (Hex 0x80004005) Unspecified error."Hi

  • How can I import data in to the digital word generator in Multisim? Updated:10-11

    How can I import data in to the digital word generator in Multisim? I just  received this comment from a friend, a RADAR engineer, who has just down loaded Multisim.  He has been using HP/Agilent software.  He has a work around using a piecewise line

  • Using the NI6551 Instrument in Multisim Updated:10-11

    I would like to use the Digital Waveform Generator. I have Student Version 11.0. I followed the below instructions. Close NI Multisim if open. Open the attached file. Select My Computer. Browse to C:\Program Files\National Instr

  • Remote access to multisim Updated:11-30

    Hi all, Is there any way to invoke multisim from Labview? Or is there any way to access Multisim remotely? Because Labview has a webserver capability, so we are wondering if we can remote access multisim from Labview. Thank you!!One of the new featur

  • NI Digital Electronic​s Board DAC and ADC access from Multisim Updated:11-30

    Is it possible to use the ADC and DAC functionality of the NI Digital Electronics Board from a circuit designed in Multisim? I would like to have my students be able to digitally sample an audio input, perform transformations on the data stream, and

  • Make bode plot using Multisim connectivi​ty toolbox Updated:11-30

    Hi I have bulid low and high pass filter in  Multisim and I would like to make bode plot in LabVIEW to demonstarte the functionality of these filters ( an interactive session for student to let them for example finding threshold voltage using bode p

  • How can i import abbreviations in text to speech without using voice over? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have recently discoverd text to speech on my macbook, and I like what it can do. I would like  to edit the way it pronounces some abbreviations. I discovered this was possible with voiceover. I would like to do this even when voice over is turn

  • Does anyone from NI read these posts? Updated:11-30

    What are the chances an NI representative would answer one of my posts? I don't seem to be having much luck here at the moment. Robert PhillipsJust Plai- , Yes, as you can see we monitor these posts and generally like the user community to respond to

  • Co simulation too slow Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am using co-simulation between Multisim and Labview. My project requires to place the Control&Simulation Loop in two more For Loops (I cannot realize it otherwise). What I see is that the slow part of the VI is the Multisim Design part, when La