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  • ISE 1.2 Guest Portal Profiling Certainty Factor not Increase Updated:10-11

    Hi I have configure ISE 1.2 Guest Portal and check for profiling which device login but I found that endpoint profile not match after user succesful authenticate Profiling Configure and Endpoint Detail in attachment belowHi salodh as you can see in a

  • ISE Certainty calculation Updated:10-11

               Hello We  have a profiling policy for a firm XP device, and I am tring to see each if it passes the 6 rules that we have I am. this is forour legacy machines which we will kill when xp dies and all new machines will have dot1x configured.

  • ISE 1.2 Profiling - User Agent attribute incorrect Updated:10-11

    Hi all, Just troubleshooting some profiling issues and have found that multiple devices are profiling incorrectly eg MAC OSX profiling as Apple-Device. Basically the issue is the user-agent string profiled by ISE is incorrect meaning that only the OU

  • ISE won't match configured profiling policy Updated:10-11

    I'm trying to match Cisco LAPs (any kind of) using profiling in my AuthZ policies, yet the specific AP (a 1252 model) always gets profiled as 'Cisco-Aironet-AP-1250' instead of the desired, more generic 'Cisco-AIR-LAP' policy. To change this behaviou

  • RADIUS Probe on WLC for ISE Updated:11-30

    I am doing a Proof-of-Concept for wireless, and I'm getting the infamous "Unknown" endpoint for a device that should be getting profiled as a Windows-Workstation based on the info that I received from Identity-Endpoints section.  My question is

  • ISE Probe attribute overlap Updated:11-30

    I'm curious what is the logic in ISE 1.3 when more than one probe report different information for an endpoint. Say an endpoint with a MAC address got identified, and next it gets two different IP addresses for the same MAC from DHCP probe and maybe

  • ISE 1.x profiler question (Network Scan Action & Exception Action) Updated:11-30

    Could someone please explain the following based on this scenario: Say you create a Profiler Policy called "DeviceBrandX" and you set the Minimum Certainty Factor to 20 and you create a condition to profile based on a check for condition based o

  • Profiling pcs Updated:11-30

    I use ISE only for profiling ( no posturing ) and it's L3 adjent with other devices (wlc). for iphones and stuff I only need OUI=Apple and i'm good ( no need to go deeper), but I'm having problems identifiying Laptops, they show up as unknown, eventh

  • Profiling with NMAP Updated:11-30

    I'm using NMAP for profiling and it seems that it runs only once for new devices on DB. There is no re-profiling after the device was discover for the first time and populate into endpoint identity groups with attribute list. In this case if profiled

  • Profiling with Rational Quantify Updated:11-30

    I am currently evaluating profiling tools to be used with WLS 5.1 (on NT). I have successfully evaluated JProbe 2.8 and OptimizeIt 4.0 but am struggling at the moment with Quantify. Anybody got any experience with Quantify 2001 and WLS? Any thoughts

  • Is ASA integration with ISE and RSA for 2 factor authentication a valid/tested design Updated:11-30

    Hi, Customer currently uses ASA to directly integrate with RSA kind of solution to provide 2 factor authentication mechanism for VPN user access.  We're considering to introduce ISE to this picture, and to offload posture analysis from ASA to ISE.  A

  • 2 Factor Authentication for Anyconnect VPN using ISE Updated:11-30

    We are planning to implement dual factor authentication for Anyconnect VPN. The end users will be authenticated using domain name in machine certificates and username password with ISE used as radius server. We have the following approaches to achiev

  • ISE in High Availability (HA) mode.. Factors to look upon Updated:11-30

    We are setting up lab where we have installed 2 ISE on VM.  We  are deploying them in HA mode. While deploying them we are facing error  after registering ISE-2 with Primary ISE-1. Even after periodic refresh  of 'Sync' tab we are getting 'out of syn

  • Remote Access VPN posturing with Cisco ISE 1.1.1 Updated:10-11

    Hi all, we would like to start using our ISE for Remote VPN access. We have run a proof of concept with the ISE & IPEP with a Cisco ASA5505. We got the authentication working however posturing of the client did not work. That was a few months ago and

  • ISE 1.2/1.2.1 license consumption issues Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I know this topic is somewhat done to death but I want to know whether anyone else is experiencing this issue. In summary my ISE deployment (right this minute) has 17 Active sessions with 17 base and 17 plus licenses consumed. My issue with t

  • ISE EAP-Chaining with machine, certificate and domain credentials Updated:10-11

    Good morning, A customer wants to do the following for their corporate wireless users (all clients will be customer assets): Corp. wireless to authenticate with 2-factor authentication: •1. Certificate •2. Machine auth thru AD •3. Domain creds When c

  • Authenticated on ISE 1.2 (as admin) against an external radius server Updated:10-11

    Hello Our customer wants to be authenticated on ISE 1.2 (as admin) against an external radius server (like ACS not microsoft). How could i do that ? Is it possible while retaining internal admin users database in a sequence "external_radius or intern

  • ISE 1.2 upgrade time Updated:10-11

    If someone has done a 1.2 upgrade, can you let me know about how long it took? Thanks! Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone AppUpgrade Time Estimation The following table provides an estimate of the amount of time it might take to upgrade to Rele

  • In ISE (ise-3315) low reliability Updated:11-30

    Hello. What will happen if ise- 3315 broke one HDD? In ISE low reliability - RAID no. How can a server for security do without RAID? How can we improve reliability?The best solution is going for the higher appliance or VMware solution for reference k

  • ISE 1.2 NAC solution for 12500 Persona Deployment Updated:11-30

    i have a deployment sceniro for  NAC solution ( ISE ) must support 12500 users and must provide the ability to implement security policies onendpoints before they connect so should i order ISE-3395 with ISE -3315 or its not a workable solution please