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is there goods movement in IW41

  • Automatic Time Confirmation for an operation in a Maintenance Order (IW41) Updated:10-11

    Hello, We have a requirement to do automatic time confirmation (while saving the order) on an operation when the user selects "DONE" standard text key on Operation line item. Is there a user exit or BADI available in Plant Maintenance that can b

  • How to create a batch job in IW41 Updated:10-11

    Dear all, I would like to create a print program batch job on the following scenario with the use of RSNAST00. We have created an output type in which when it is triggered by backflush (i.e. GI-261) via IW41 transaction, a PO will be created automati

  • IW41: automatic update of activity type when changing the work center? Updated:10-11

    Hello colleagues, when doing a time confirmation with IW41, we have following problem: In the PM order the operations are assigned to a neutral executing work center, as it not known which individual technician is completing the operation later on. N

  • Document number-PM order confirmation by IW41 Updated:10-11

    Hi, For PM work order confirmations, I want to fetch the document number. In which table can I find the document number stored? I found it in AFRU-CATSBELNR, but only for CATS confirmation. For confirmation of work order through IW41 transaction, is