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  • broadcasting ipv6 for mail? Updated:11-30

    For the past couple of weeks, I have found email going to individuals at are not being delivered, when looking at the queue, I see this message: delivery temporarily suspended: connect to[2607:f010:3fe:102:101c:23ff:fec1:5389]:

  • Exchange will recieve mail but won't send until... Updated:11-30

    I have this issue with an SBS 2008 server with Exchange 2007. Incoming mail works fine with no problems but outgoing mail get stuck in queue. The weird thing is if I open server manager and click on hub transport immediately mail will start flowing t

  • SPF IPv4 IPv6 Cross-Checking Bug - Producing PermError, Rejecting Mails Updated:10-11

    Messaging Server SPF Query with IPv6 and IPv4 cross checking not skipped, but rather producing a PermError. This would reject a lot of incoming mails which have both ipv4 and ipv6 spf records published. I suspect that it is a bug. Linux: bin/imsimta

  • How to disable ipv6 mail in Server? Updated:10-11

    I'm not doing ipv6 addressing on my server, and I'd prefer not to get the "No route to host" messages in the mail log for the v6 attempts.  I've turned off ipv6 addressing altogether with the "networksetup" command, and did the "u

  • Mail unable to connect SMTP using IPv6 Updated:11-30

    Hello, apparently Tiger's Mail is unable to post to SMTP server using IPv6. This is a big issue here as all the University WiFi access uses IPv6. Comments and experiences appreciated.Jean-Luc, Please give me some general feel and description of how t

  • IPv6 support for Mail/Postfix Updated:11-30

    After adding and enable an IPv6 address, how do I get xserver to start listening for ipv6 mail requests? Looking at the I see: inet_interfaces = all But running netstat -an | grep 25 I don't see tcp6? tcp4 0 0 *.25 . LISTEN Just to check sani

  • Does Cisco Cloud E-mail Security Solution Support IPv6? Updated:11-30

    For the Cisco Cloud E-mail Security Solution - does it support both inbound and outbound IPv6?  Are there any limitations?  I know the IronPort E-mail Security Appliances supports IPv6 - but specifically interested in the cloud service. Thanks, --Jim

  • IPv6 support in javax.mail Updated:11-30

    In the sendmessage function of the Transport class (javax.mail) can we use IP address. The sun documentation does not say what kind of Ip address IPv4 or IPv6. Can we use IPv6 address there??Yes, you can use any address that's acceptable to the java.

  • ClamAV fails to scan for viruses in emails [CLAWS MAIL] Updated:10-11

    I've recently switched from Thunderbird to Claws Mail and ran into one small, but annoying, problem. I want to use ClamAV + the clamav extension for claws mail to scan for viruses, however it does seem to have permission problems. clamd is running, u

  • Postfix, mail loop back to myself Updated:10-11

    Hello. I have tried to set up postfix and dovecot. However, I cant seem to figure out what is causing this error messages when trying to send emails to other local users. My servers hostname is MX host is I have tw

  • Voice mail always engaged Updated:10-11

    Hi All,      We have a UC520 and the system is giving us an engaged tone when ever we dial voice mail from both our external and internal numbers. I have been going over and over the config and can not understand why we are getting an engaged signal

  • New macbook pro wont send e-mail Updated:10-11

    hi. i bought a new macbook last weekend. i have a macbook pro already. i use mail on both thru a company called easyspace. i bought my own website and now i have a number of e-mail accounts on it. now my old mac sends emails fine. however when i ente

  • Mail crashes as soon as I try to open it Updated:10-11

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! My roommate pulled out the ethernet cord yesterday to do some networking stuff on her laptop, and since then, Mail hasn't worked. The window will come up, but then it immediately crashes. I've: restarted ran Dis

  • Mail "unexpectedly quits" every time I try to open it Updated:10-11

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! My roommate pulled out the Ethernet cord yesterday to do some networking stuff on her laptop, and since then, Mail hasn't worked. I've: restarted ran Disk Utility and now I'm not sure what else to do. She sugges

  • All sub-folders in Mac Mail cannot synchronize with Exchange Server 2010 Updated:10-11

    Hi all, All sub-folders under Inbox in Mac Mail cannot be synchronized with Exchange Server 2010. There are 2GB messages size in Inbox folder and 500MB messages size under Inbox's sub-folders. All messages can be sent out and received and it can work

  • IPv6 Delegated Prefixes no longer working? Updated:10-11

    ATTENTION PeterGrace Your post was removed to a secure area out of public view because it violates forum posting guidelines. Forum Guidelines state >>> clickable link wh

  • Program will close automatically when i write a e-mail for few second. And error message will pop out Updated:10-11

    Once i reply/write a e-mail, the thunderbird program will pop up a error message as below and we can restart or close thunderbird program. Please help how to fix this problem. AdapterDeviceID: 0x0046 AdapterVendorID: 0x8086 Add-ons: en-GB%40dictionar

  • Using Outlook can no longer read mail but can send Updated:10-11

    I have 4 computers all running Outlook and all has been working great for years, until I got new Verizon Jetpacks.   I am not able to receive incoming mail but I can send on a Vista machine My 2 XP computers work great My Windows 7 machine now works

  • Simple question; Mac Server Setup for Mail, iCal and Address Book Services. Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys; I'm new to the Mac Server world and need a few questions answered. I have purchased a new Mac mini Server for hosting File, Web, Mail, iCal and Address Book Services. I'm comfortable setting up File and Web Services however I'm a bit uneasy

  • Mail produces Beach Ball and big lag... why? Updated:10-11

    I seem to be having a few issues since upgrading to Yosemite.  One that is particularly annoying is that whenever I open Mail, it takes the better part of a minute to appear on the screen, and then when I click on an email, the Beach Ball appears...