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ipod touch backlight problem

  • IPod Touch Backlight Problem Updated:11-30

    About 3 weeks ago, my iPod Touch backlight randomly shut off everything else worked fine, but I had to put a light up to my screen to see it. I tried resetting it, restoring it, and basically anything else I could do, so I made an appointment at the

  • Ipod Touch backlight is dim Updated:11-30

    Ok so my ipod touch backlight is very dim. you can only see it if it is held under a light. I had my ipod for over a year now and i tried restarting and reseting it and that didnt work. so then i tried restoring it and no luck... so i shipped it to a

  • Ipod touch backlight issue Updated:11-30

      l have a backlight that went out the i touch is fine but no light. No water damage about two yrs old. Suggestions?Have you tried the standard fixes to rule out a software problem: - Reset. Nothing will be lost. Reset iPod touch:  Hold down the On/O

  • IPod Touch Backlight Pulsing Updated:11-30

    I have noticed on my 1st gen ipod touch when the screen brightness is set all the way to "low" (slider ALL the way to the left), the backlight seems to dim in and out, like a pulsing. Does it with "Auto-Brightness" ON or OFF. I was won

  • IPod Touch backlight off while charging/docked Updated:11-30

    For about the last year the backlight on iPod touch has turned off whenever plugged in to charge, computer, dock etc. This makes it extremely hard to see what is on the screen and therefore difficult to use. I remember this not always being the case

  • IPod touch Battery Problems Since iOS 7 was installed last year. Updated:10-11

    Hello, I've had recurring battery problems with my iPod touch since the iOS 7 update was installed, and I find myself having to charge my iPod touch (5th Generation) a lot more frequently since I installed this update. On iOS 6, I had never experienc

  • ICal on Mac desktop to iPod Touch syncing problem Updated:10-11

    I have events on my iPod Touch that will not sync to my Mac OS 10.6.8 desktop. What I've done that may have caused this: I got a new MacBook for Christmas and so I tried syncing all 3 with iCloud, but that caused duplicate events I tried only using M

  • IPod touch connection problem! Updated:10-11

    My iPod touch no longer appears in iTunes when it is connected to the computer. I have tried to fix this problem in as many ways as I know but none of them have worked. So far, I've tried: Restarting my iPod, Downloading and installing the latest ver

  • IOS 8.1 iPod touch 5 problems Updated:10-11

    I recently updated my iPod Touch 5th gen to iOS 8.1 and have found a few rather annoying problems. 1) It now takes basically a whole day for my iPod to charge. I cannot use my iPod and charge it at the same time (or only on very low battery use apps)

  • IPod Touch Internet Problems Updated:10-11

    My iPod Touch connects to my wi-fi but the internet does not work. I've tried forgetting the network and re-entering the password, I've updated all software, I've reset network settings, and I've also restored my ipod touch to factory settings to see

  • Ipod touch disabled - problem with restoring Updated:11-30

    hi, i have forgotton my password for my ipod touch and it has now disabled to the point where i have to connect to itunes. my problem is, i would like to keep my data on my ipod, however i know that i may have to erase it all. I am having to use a di

  • IPod touch sync problem with iCal Updated:11-30

    My iPod touch (3th gen) doesn't sync any new appointment with iCal anymore (and vice versa). He only sync the older appointments, even when replacing all data from iCal to the iPod. I think the problem started since installing OS X Lion. I do not wor

  • Ipod Touch Recognition Problems...***Different Than Others*** Updated:11-30

    I have seen a bunch of other posts similar to the problem i have but i wanted to post one specifically with my problem. Ok, when i plug my ipod in it starts to charge like it should and itunes opens up, like it should...But my ipod doesn't show up in

  • IPhone SDK with iPod Touch 2G problem Updated:11-30

    I installed the SDK last night but when I went to plug in my iPod Touch 2G, I got the error message: 'Unable to locate a suitable developer disk image. Please re-install the SDK' I have reinstalled the SDK many times but still get the same error mess

  • IPod Touch WIFI problems Updated:11-30

    my iPod touch 16GB has had WiFi problems for about two weeks now. it says that im connected to my network. but i keep getting an error saying "safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding" help?I just solved this same iss

  • IPod Touch Screen Problem (Push notifications) Updated:11-30

    I have an iPod touch 4th Generation. Recently it has been doing this thing where whenever i receive push notifications or popups (such as a notification from facebook)the sides of the notification get lines and then they go away. This also happens so

  • IPod touch serious problem Updated:11-30

    I was just 5 mins ago using my iPod when I realised the wifi wasn't working so I decided to reboot it. I have a jailbroken ipod so I was able to just tap the reboot toggle from the NC. It was rebooting like it usually should be when the apple logo ca

  • IPOD TOUCH 4--problem with downloading music Updated:11-30

    I have two ipod touch (4G) linked to my username.  The problem is that when one boy buys music from itunes, the song is downloaded to the other ipod touch(belongs to other boy).  How can this be corrected?Hello twins612 You can turn off the Automatic

  • IMessage iPod Touch/Mac Problems? Updated:11-30

    I've had a 16GB 4G iPod Touch for about a year. I just purchased a Macbook Pro as well. My problem is minor, not a big deal, but I'm curious as to why this is happening... When I'm messaging someone who isn't in a wifi zone (I'm sure of it) knowing t

  • Ipod touch syncing problems Updated:11-30

    Hello to potential helpful people, I have the latest Ipod touch 64GB which up until a couple of months ago was giving me no problems, but for some reason, It randomly (from no request of mine) deleted the majority of songs off my ipod, so that whenev