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ipod screen only shows ok to disconnect

  • Ipod screen wont turn on once disconnected from the PC Updated:10-11

    pls help , i bought a new ipod nano from the nearest retailer.i got it charged by connecting it to pc.the ipod screen shows signs of charging but its not getting fully charged.Though i have put the ipod to charged over 12 hours and synced some songs

  • Ipod classic screen stuck on 'do not disconnect' not responding to anything? Updated:10-11

    As the title suggests, I connected the ipod to load some music on it and the screen displayed the ' do not disconnect' sign.....but iTunes didn't bring it up and the ipod doesn't respond to anything. The laptop recognised an error with the ipod and s

  • Ipod won't sync - do not disconnect error Updated:10-11

    I tried to load some new songs onto my nano (just before I went on holiday) and they wouldn't appear so I naturally went through the 5Rs. Net result, not only will songs still not appear on the nano, I now have no songs at all on it! Here's what curr

  • Connecting iPod to computer & getting "Do Not Disconnect" (not recognized) Updated:10-11

    I plug my iPod (40 gig, click wheel) into my computer and the screen goes to "Do Not Disconnect" and I can hear the hard drive turning. The problem is that it never pops up in iTunes and have tried to restore and since it keeps churning away on