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iPod os 3.1.3 zoom control

  • Zoom Control not appearing in Standard Toolbar (CR2008 - SP1) Updated:10-11

    In Crystal XI (and prior versions), the Zoom control would appear in the standard toolbar. I was able to either select (from the drop down list) or type in the level of zoom.  Now this control is no longer showing on the toolbar.  Is there a setting

  • Zoom controls integrated into the toolbar Updated:11-30

    UPDATED! there is a zoom control in the toolbar after all, but as soon as you select the spot removal or the adjustment, it is lost from the toolbar, so I'm still suggesting the zoom stays on the toolbar as displayed - When editing using  spot remova

  • Missing Zoom Control Box Updated:11-30

    I just upgraded to CR2008 and there's no Zoom Control Box on the standard toolbar. Online Help indicates it should be there by default. How can I make that happen? Thanks.Not exactly. View|Zoom brings up a box with three radio buttons: Magnification

  • Greyed out "close", "minimize", and "zoom" controls with Yosemite Updated:11-30

    After updating to Yosemite, the "close", "minimize" and "zoom" controls for windows are not in color. They are shown in black and white, only. I am using a 13-inch mid 2010  Macbook Pro with 4 GB memory. Any ideas on what I n

  • Setting Default Zoom Control? Updated:11-30

    I do not know how to set the default controls for the Zoom controls for the windows in Mac OSX. Someone used my computer and set up this weird thing. Whenever I open Firefox it automatically will go to fit the screen rather than the normal smaller wi

  • Dynamic Link from Premiere to After Effects causing 'Zoom' controls not to function... Updated:11-30

    I'm using Premiere Pro CS5 with a Dynamic link to an After Effects CS5 composition and I'm having some real issues with zoom control (once I'm in AE). When I run the composition 1 or 2 times the zoom function (ctrl +/-) will work, but after a few run

  • Trackpad Zoom Controls - pinch open & close application specific disable Updated:11-30

    Does anyone know if there is a way of controlling trackpad zoom controls so that "pinch open & close" can be disabled for specific applications (including the finder)? I have solved the majority of my concerns with Browsing and Office by usi

  • I sat on my iPod and on the side the metal is off the iPod and nearly covering the volume controls what do I do? (3 gen iPod touch) Updated:11-30

    I sat on my iPod and on the side the metal is off the iPod and nearly covering the volume controls what do I do? (3 gen iPod touch)You might want to repost, now that you have marked your question answered you may not get many people looking at it.Rea

  • My ipod seems to have automatically zoomed and will not unzoom, any ideas? Updated:11-30

    my ipod seems to have automatically zoomed and will not unzoom?  I am looking for a way to hopefully reset?  thank you.For more information see: iPhone and iPod touch: Home screen icons are magnified or largeRead other 3 answers

  • "fine zoom" control Updated:11-30

    Folks - looking for a way to precisely control the zoom factor for an image in a Vision Container.  So far I only find IMAQ WindZoom that appears to work only on external windows and has integer zoom factors from 1 to 16.  Consider that the image win

  • I inherited an 2003 ipod from my daughter. The controls will not work when it is plugged into a power source. Can anyone help? Updated:11-30

    I inherited a 2003 ipod from my daughter. The controls will not work when it is plugged into a power source. Can anyone help?But they work normally when not plugged in?  What kind of power source are you plugging it into? It maybe outputting more tha

  • Ipod touch scree frozen on zoomed mode despite restore  - help please Updated:10-11

    my ipod touch screens have been frozen on zoomed mode . i did a restore thro itunes and even then it remains in a zoomed mode . screen is not responsive . any help please or is it a vist to the genius bar.Hello manickam, And welcome to Apple Discussi

  • Ipod touch 1st Gen, no volume control after update to 3.1.2 Updated:10-11

    So i just upgraded my ipod touch to 3.1.2 which cost about $6, and the volume control is missing( even with the headphones plugged in). How can i fix this? i dont want to do a restore and not have the firmware i just paid for.The recovery at a XP-PC

  • My ipod touch 3rd gen is zoomed in on all do i unzoom it? Updated:10-11

    I was having trouble getting my ipod to charge and now it is zoomed in on all screens!! how do i UNzoom it? it just zoomed in all by it self when i went to try to charge it!!This is asked and answered often.  the forum search bar is on the right side

  • Ipod touch 4th generation always zooming Updated:11-30

    My ipod touch 4th generation is  always zooming ! Help please. many thanks.Double tap the screen with three fingers to get to normal screen and then go to Settings>General>Accessibility and turn off Zoom.Read other 2 answers

  • PDF zoom control Updated:11-30

    Safari (3.1.2) opens PDFs at 190% zoom. is there a control to make it open them at 100% ?Presumably, you would have to scale it down if it's too large, and that should set the default for opening other PDF files, too. But you should test that to be s

  • Ipod nano 7th gen with remote control and with or witthout dock Updated:11-30

    Hello there! First of all thank you for reading me I need to use my ipod nano 7th generation with the remote control because I'm installing it in my new ballet school and it's very uncomfortable going every time near the stereo to control it. I've al

  • IPod 5G--Fade instead of zoom? Updated:11-30

    Hello, My friend has an iPhone 5 and I noticed that whenever he double presses the home button, instead of zooming out to show the open apps, it fades. I was wondering if it is possible to get this feature on iPod 5 or is only for iPhone? I have sear

  • IPod Touch Randomly Stuck in Zoom! Help? Updated:11-30

    So earlier today I was listening to music and simply put my ipod in my pocket. When I pulled my ipod out to change the song the screen was zoomed in. I figured I accidentally bumped it with my hand or whatever and made it zoom in, no big deal, except

  • IPod touch not able to be controlled from lock screen or my car buttons when on lock screen on iOS 6 help Updated:11-30

    So I updated my iPod touch to iOS 6 now it no longer plays automatically in my car when I start it like before if its locked. Neither can I control it from my stereo buttons if its locked either so I had to set it to never lock the screen. Trying to