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iphone 7 plus assistivetouch very lag

  • Just installed iOS7 on iPhone 4.  Huge typing lag problem now.  Any fixes?  Apple please fix asap. Updated:10-11

    I just installed iOS7 on my new iPhone 4.  Huge typing lag problem now.  Any fixes out there?  How do I uninstall this update.  The phone worked better without it.  Don't even like the new layout and icon design. Apple, please fix this now!!!Try a Re

  • Iphone 3g 2.1 application lag Updated:10-11

    is it just me or does anyone else have lag for simple applications like settings, sms and stuff like that? it doesnt happen often..usually its only a few seconds to load but sometimes it takes forever (like over 5 seconds) just to load settings or so

  • Iphone is running slow and lagging Updated:11-30

    My battery life is not neccassarly anything to complain about. I keep the brightness all the way down and usually can make it through the day no problem. However, I have already lost my wall charger for the iphone (the little white one, smaller then

  • IPhone 5/ iOS 6 match lag Updated:11-30

    Is there anything I can do to fix the song lag I'm experiencing when trying to play music from match through my phone? I hate to pay for a service that doesn't work.Report your problem to Apple at Apple is no

  • IPhone 3G running iOS 4.LAG Updated:11-30

    Bought iPhone3g new-> kept firmware updated -> running great -> iOS 3.1.3 running great -> install iTunes 9.2 & iOS 4.0 -> iphone3g starts running extremely slow & w/ super lag= After 3 calls to support all they can tell me is that

  • Display mirroring via wifi (iPhone 4s to Apple Tv) lags Updated:10-11

    Espacially when I'm playing Games its bucking very strong. Both is connected via Airport extreme. The Signal is quiet very good. Film Streaming from MacBook  is no Problem. ThanksWelcome to the Apple Community. It's only the iPhone 4S and 5 that will

  • OS5 killed my iPhone... The lag times are crazy. App loading, gameplay choppy. Anyone else? Updated:11-30

    This is crazy. At first the OS5 really impressed me. The upgrades were really neat. Now that I've had some time to play games and such, EVERYTHING is choppy! Have tried the muti-button reset... Same thing. The load times to do anything have been incr

  • Iphone 4 running very slow lagging Updated:11-30 iphone 4 is running very slow..when i slide to unlock my phone it's take around 1 minute to unlock it..then if it hang too long then it will respiring.. i already restore its by using itunes but it same..the problem not solved yet..can some

  • I turned off my iphone 4 because it was lagging and now my screen wont turn on at all Updated:11-30

    Please help im having a lot of trouble because my iphone screen wont turn on!!!RESET DEVICE Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the home button together until the apple logo appears (ignore the ON/OFF slider) then let both buttons go and wait for dev

  • IPhone 3G: iOS 4 HORRIBLE LAG! Want 3.1.3 back.. but, save contacts? Updated:11-30

    Ok, so title is pretty self explaintory. I have an Iphone 3g and i go the new software update and i can barely use my phone its sooooooooooooo slow! I want the old version backk. . Can someone explain me (in detail) how to revert back to the old vers

  • Lag! iPhone 6 Updated:11-30

    iPhone 6 a lot of lag when i scroll slowly up and down in album music, in setting and album photoHi AllenXu, I've been having the same issues with my 6 plus, which is maybe a month old now. Have you found anything that helps? I did a clean restore an

  • IOS 7.1 keyboard lag on iPhone 4S Updated:11-30

    Updated my software to 7.1 last night, this morning I now have a keyboard lag. Tried the obvious off and on, closed all apps, searched the net and followed steps of similar problems with the initial iOS7 update, turning off docs in iCloud, Reset all

  • My iPhone 5s is lagging and unresponsive at times, how to fix this problem? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am currently using 5s and I noticed that these past few days, my iPhone 5s keeps on freezing, lagging, delaying and sometimes unresponsive in opening music, texting, photo streaming and in some applications. I restarted it for so many times yet

  • Sms lagging with new OS 7 on iPhone 4 Updated:11-30

    Hi folks, My brother is experiencing a problem while writing SMS after he installed the new iOS 7. He is using an iPhone 4. It`s lagging. Both while typing letters and trying to erase them. Any ideas anyone? bjarveCall your carrier, my daughter's pho

  • How many contacts can the iPhone Updated:10-11

    This question was asked back in 2008 and has been archived, however I'd like to revisit this issue. What I'd like to know, is this: How many contacts can the iPhone hold before it effects performance? I have a iPhone user with an MS Exchange email ac

  • My iPhone 5 every time I close out of an app by pressing the home button a white blob shows up close to the volume buttons, is that normal? Updated:11-30

    My iPhone 5 every time I close out of an app by pressing the home button a white blob shows up close to the volume buttons, is that normal?Hi Sabrinann21, I'm not sure what you mean by the "white blob."  Does it look something like this?   If so

  • IPhone is with 100% Reproducibility Interfering with Magic Mouse & Bluetooth Updated:11-30

    My Magic Mouse would start acting up @random - Sometimes days would pass with no problems other days I would have the problems all the time... Last week I wanted to find the culprit. And I have !!! It is the iPhone. I made a list and took notes of wh

  • What to do when phone lagging Updated:11-30

    Hello  everyone. i bought iphone 4g 32gb like 1 month and half ago. Looks like  everything is ok with my iphone  untill  now, phone started lagging when im playing some games but not all of them for example angry birds....  or surfing in internet. ma

  • Mechanical app button on face of iPhone broken Updated:11-30

    I am unable to switch between apps by using the button on the front of the phone.  I can switch by turning the phone off and on, but this is time consuming.  Is there another way to get around this?  I assume I will need to buy a new phone. Try Assis

  • Iphone 3G upgrade Updated:11-30

    I'm using version 3.1.3 on my 3G iphone because I have been concerned about "slow down" issues in upgrading to version 4.  Should I upgrade?  Is there more upside to downside?  Is there any downside?It all depends on you and what type of phone y