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iphone 5s tidak ada fingerprint

  • Iphone 5s sya tidak ada menu Touch Id (Fingerprint) Updated:11-30

    Menu ADA Iphone 5s sya regular tidak Sentuh Id (Fingerprint)kalo begitu, ini bukan iphone 5S, ini tapi iphone 5C. model iphone 5C memang gak ada fingerprint sensor. ada lingkaran bunda dari baja di tombol home di depan kalau yang iphone 5S. kalo gak

  • Just got iphone 5s today but fingerprint wont complete just keeps saying try again. Has anyone else had this trouble? Updated:11-30

    Just got iphone 5s today but fingerprint wont complete just keeps saying try again - has anyone else had this problem?Hey Lewis1306, Thanks for the question, and congrats on the new iPhone 5s! I understand you are experiencing issues with Touch ID. T

  • My iPhone 5s recognizes my fingerprint but does not always unlock. Updated:11-30

    Hi, My iPhone 5s recognizes my fingerprint but does not always unlock. Sometimes it will unlock, and sometime it won't. It does not even give the "try again" message. Unrecognized fingerprints will give the "try again" message. Enterin

  • IPhone 6 pin or fingerprint not working please help me asap Updated:10-11

    i phone 6 pin and finger print not working please helpHowdy Karan sood, Welcome to Apple Support Communities. It sounds like you're running into an issue unlocking your iPhone because Touch ID and passcode aren't being accepted. Take a look at the ar

  • Plz i have iphone 5s ,and my fingerprint was broken so can you help me to get one.thanks Updated:11-30

    Hi plz my finger print was broken how i can get another oneUse your warranty and have the iPhone replaced.Read other 2 answers

  • HT4623 my iphone could not activate or no service provider Updated:11-30

    mohon bantuan temen2 semua iphone saya 3gs 32gb, saya baru update OS terbaru, tetapi sekarang iphone tidak bisa digunakan karena not service provider setiap mau konfigurasi selalu muncul could not activate your iphone klo temen2 ada yg tau caranya pl

  • My iphone 5 is dead  after update iOS 7 Updated:11-30

    iphone 5 saya mati total setelah saya update ios7. entah kenapa awalnya suka mati sendiri dan hidup sendiri hingga 1 minggu lalu mati total sudah saya bawa ke toko resminya yang saya membeli dan di coba tapi tetap mati tidak ada lambang apple bila di

  • I have a Iphone 5C. Should I upgrade to a newer phone? Updated:11-30

    What do other people think of the 5s compared to the 5c iphone?The iPhone 5S has a fingerprint reader for quicker access to your phone from the lock screen, a faster processor (64-bit), and an elegant aluminum and glass design. Those are a few advant

  • HT4759 can not activate iphone Updated:11-30

    saya nak tanya macam mane nk buat sekarang iphone saya tidak dapat nak masuk Activate iphone.selepas saya restore.I'm sorry but your post is a bit vague. If you have a Sprint iPhone 4, it's a CDMA only phone and can only be used on Sprint's service.

  • Using Siri to open an App will bypass the Passcode/Fingerprint Authentication Updated:11-30

    I just used Siri to open an App on an iPhone 5s and it allowed me to bypass the passcode or fingerprint authentication and gain access to the iPhone. Is this a security flaw or do I need to set another option to prevent this? Certain apps require aut

  • Fingerprint ID Updated:11-30

    I'm having problems with my iPhone 5S recognising my fingerprint. It works fine the first few tiimes, but then every other time asks me to 'try again', and then I have to access via my PIN. I have re-set the fingerprint several times, but the same th

  • I am stuck with my iPhone 5s Passcode Updated:11-30

    I set my iPhone 5s passcode and fingerprint, it was working fine. Now it won't recognize neither my fingerprint nor my passcode. When I plugged it into my iMac to restore, it wouldn't let me restore because I have to disable Find My iPhone. Well, it

  • IOS 7.0.4 iPhone 5S - crashed after Touch ID finger print unlock Updated:11-30

    iPhone 5S crashes after fingerprint / Touch ID unlock. Tried various restores and settings. Finally found that turning REDUCE MOTION [OFF] remedies it. Haven't had it crash in 7.0.4 with this applied. Turned REDUCE MOTION [ON] and the phone crashes a

  • VoiceOver for iPod Shuffle and Other Updated:11-30

    Mengapa VoiceOver di iPod Shuffle tidak dibekali oleh VoiceOver Watch di dalam VoiceOver? klik 1 kali untuk menyebutkan nama artis dan judul yang sedang didengarkan klik 2 kali untuk status baterai pada iPod Shuffle dan klik tombol VoiceOver dengan c

  • Safari cannot open page and seems like Apple doesnt cares :( Updated:10-11

    Translate please... Sering dan sangat sulit untuk membuka website mengunakan ipad dengan jaringan 3G. Dan sepertinya ipad sangat lemah dalam masalah koneksi.. Saya mengunakan jaringan 3G,dan saya rasa tidak ada masalah dengan provider saya. ( XL ) Sa

  • ICloud Keychain turns itself off Updated:11-30

    On my iPhone, iCloud Keychain goes sometimes off. I don't know why, but it's one of the very frustrating "features" of iOS8. Why is this happening and can I fix it? My iPhone is protected by fingerprint.Hi, iAmRenzo.   Thank you for visiting App

  • Why did the iPad Air not include the biometric scanner? Updated:11-30

    The iPhone 5s has a fingerprint reader... which is great. The iPad Air was released just recently, and does not have a biometric solution.No way to know. And since we are not allowed to speculate on Apple's decisions here, there's reallly nothing we

  • View BLOB data in the form! Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Does anyone have an idea how to view the contents of a BLOB column in the may contains ext. Regards -ZufiIn Forms 6i (Client/Server) there are Activex Control, OLE Container (OCX item), and we can store various data

  • Finger print cannot be read Updated:11-30

    Hi All , iphone 5s are my first iphone, before always using Samsung. First month using iphone are excellent. But after that the finger print make me so disappointed. My iphone 5s(32gb gold) brought from but when I using about 1 month , fin

  • IOS siri security Updated:11-30

    Actually not a question but a warning. There have been some warnings about unlocking the iPhone using a stolen Fingerprint. Not that easy. In fact it's it far more simple as that. Everyone using Siri and allowing it to be used on an locked screen is