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  • HELP!!!! My iPad has purple lines Updated:11-30

    After two maybe three or four weeks after I got my iPad it has purple lines sometimes they're there and sometimes there not can somebody helpThe lines are always there, you just can't see them on some screens. Return the ipad and get a new one-your l

  • TS3274 Purple line in the screen of ipad mini Updated:10-11

    Purple line in the screen of ipad minijoemarck wrote: yesterday I installed the "battery saver" app, after the instaling appears a line in the screen, I erase the app and the line still appears in the screen, how can I erase it? already reinstal

  • TS3274 My Ipad display screen is coming up with blue background and pink/purple lines all across the screen. It's also blurry and difficult to see icons on home screen and when apps are opened up. Has anyone had a similar problem? Updated:11-30

    The display screen on my Ipad is coming up all blurred with blue background mixed with pink and purple lines. It's difficult to see icons but apps are still accessible. Colors are off and images are very unclear on apps and home screen. Has anyone ha

  • I have purple lines running through keyboard and picture are distorted Updated:10-11

    I have purple lines run through the keys on typing pad when I press them as well as distorted pictures . Is this a software or hardware problem?Try #2 and #3 in link below. If neither work, you most likely have a hardware issue. Basic troubleshooting

  • Purple Line Down Middle Of Screen After Update Updated:11-30

    I just bought a brand new ipad mini. Everything was fine, then i get a message asking if I want to update to the newest ios version. I say ok and it downloads and does the update. Then I notice there's a purple line going down the middle of the scree

  • Toshiba Satellite U400 - Purple lines on screen Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have had my laptop for about 2 years now and recently I have noticed that when the screen is dark coloured (like a black background or dark background) purple fuzzy horizontal lines appear on the very top of the screen. Like the top 2 millimete

  • Picture Included. Mid 2012 13 inch Macbook Pro green/purple lines on screen. Freezes. Sometimes 3 beeps. Updated:10-11

    Alright I have a Mid 2012 13 inch Macbook Pro purchased in June 2012. For about the last month, I have this issue where as I am using it random colored lines will show up on the screen (lines usually green, purple, but occasionally the issue occurs w

  • Hardware or software issue causing purple lines & no boot... Updated:10-11

    I was watching a movie on my Mac Pro (2006) and suddenly the video stopped and purple lines went all over parts of the screen. I couldn't do anything, not even a force quit, I was forced to turn off the power. Upon restart, the Apple logo is showing

  • Why do purple lines appear when I connect my macbook to my Dell U2412M moniter? Updated:10-11

    So I got my Thunderbolt to HDMI cable today and I tried plugging it in. The display comes up clear and then slowly degrades with more and more horizontal purple lines. I've never seen anything like it. The display is basically useless within 30 secon

  • Green/purple lines up and down right side of 27" imac Updated:10-11

    I bought my 27" iMac about 6 months ago, running Boot Camp (problem is not exclusive to one OS, it happens in both Windows and OSX). It started as just a small, isolated square of purple lines that randomly appeared one day as I turned it on. It went

  • I have like this green and purple line on my back camera and it's a bit irritating please help Updated:10-11

    We'll I just noticed I have this green and purple line in my camera and whenever I zoom in it gets bigger please help barely had this phone for about 3weeksAyooRobert wrote: barely had this phone for about 3weeks Contact Apple for warranty replacemen

  • Display leaves green and purple lines Updated:10-11

    Guys My display leaves green and purple lines when ever I move any windows. I have zapped the PRAM and tested the RAM with memtest. Any ideas as it's driving my crazyAHT does test the video RAM, so louie's advice is spot-on. If the test doesn't repor

  • Purple Line on the Screen Updated:10-11

    There's a purple line on my iMac screen. How can I fix it? Is my LCD screen damaged?Welcome John! Based on the images, the original poster seems to have a newer iMac than is covered in this forum; that may be why there have been no responses. Assumin

  • Purple Line on my iMac Screen Updated:10-11

    Hi, i got a serious problem and i need help. Sometimes when i'm using my mac, it appears a very thin purple line! And in a randomly space of time it disapears. My first thought was like "OMG! Calm down... maybe that's broken pixels." So i used a

  • Purple line at the top of MacBook Pro Screen Updated:10-11

    This purple line has appeared recently, I don't know what is causing it. I can see it in the dashboard space, mission control, and at the login screen.'t know.  Ask Apple when you send the computer back to them!  You hav

  • Ipad had colored lines running through the screen Updated:10-11

    My ipad first generation which i love now has colored lines running through the screen.  Can it be fixed?Howdy diana, It sounds like your iPad has mulitcolored lines all over it. I would recommend a few things here to help isolate the issue to softwa

  • Grouping Images - purple lines Updated:11-30

    I have to create an image with multiple images together. I have alligned all the images, but when I pre-view the purple grouping lines appear. I need them to not be visible, ideas?How did you preview? I think you previewed one slide, which is not a r

  • There were frequent purple line appear on photo taken with my iPhone 5 camera, is this the defect of product? Updated:11-30

    there were frequent purple line appear on photo taken with my iPhone 5 camera, is this the defect of product?So it looks like I ran out of AppleCare two weeks ago, what a shame. I guess it's not worth $260 to receive a new handset simply for a dusty

  • IMac won't boot correctly! Braille-looking screen and purple lines Updated:11-30

    Hi guys; i've got a big problem over here; about a week ago my iMac (27", late 2009, i5 2,66ghz quad core, 4gb RAM upgraded to 12, running Snow Leopard) froze while watching a movie in streaming. After a few minutes i decided to force the turn off an

  • Purple line at the bottom of the touch smart screen Updated:11-30

    I have a purple line at the bottom of my touch smart screen , that is causing the icons to flicker rapidly . How can i resolve this .Hello, If you restart your system, is that purple line still there?  During the boot process into windows, do you sti