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  • Error while invoking a process Updated:10-11

    Hi Team, I get the following error while invoking a process. ALC-DSC-125-000: com.adobe.idp.dsc.registry.EndpointNotEnabledException: SOAP endpoint is not enabled for: ExtractingXML/ReadResource at com.adobe.idp.dsc.provider.impl.base.AbstractMessage

  • Error while invoking a WS-Security secured web service from Oracle BPEL.. Updated:10-11

    Hi , We are facing some error while invoking a WS-Security secured web service from our BPEL Process on the windows platform(SOA For the BPEL process we are following the same steps as given in an AMIS blog : - [

  • "Error 7 occurred at Invoke Node..." when attempting to open .vi for editing Updated:10-11

    I am attempting to open a vi for editing, and instead the vi is attempting to execute.  I get the error:  "Error 7 occurred at Invoke Node in>"     Possible reason(s):   LabVIEW:  File not found. T

  • Mapping/invoking key codes in a GameCanvas's main game loop. Updated:10-11

    I'm trying to bind some diagonal sprite movement methods to the keypad. I already know that I have to map out the diagonals to key codes since key states only look out for key presses in the upper half of the phone (d-pad, soft buttons, etc...). Prob

  • String literal too long error while invoking a package with clob variable Updated:10-11

    I have a package.One of the input variables of the procedure in packae is clob. I want to invoke this package with a huge clob as input. when i invoke this package like that i am getting following error PLS-00172 string literal too long can't we pass

  • Error while invoking webservice throu https Updated:10-11

    Error while invoking webservice throu https:// can any one help me on this topic please: CODE: SOAPConnection con = null;           try{                String endpoint = "https://wks3089639:4565/Service.serviceagent/PortTypeEndpoint1";          

  • Error while Invoking Web Service: Fusion Payables( CreateInvoiceInterface) Updated:10-11

    HI, We are testing the webservice from fusion/em site but encountered with an error 'oracle.sysman.emSDK.webservices.wsdlapi.SoapTestException: Client received SOAP Fault from server : MOAC Priv Name cannot be null; Initialize MOAC" Details:- Url: Fu

  • Error while invoking BPEL from ESB Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am try'n to invoke BPEL process from ESB services ,where my BPEL process contains a webservice which has an input parameter of type ,a customized bean. I am hitting with the below error <env:Envelope xmlns:env="

  • Invoking a WS from BPEL - WS URL is hardcoded in the WSDL Updated:10-11

    I have published a PL/SQL package as a webservice and deployed it successfully to a development instance (say DEV). I created a BPEL process and used a Partner Link to invoke the above web service. When I deploy the BPEL process to the DEV instance,

  • Error while invoking web service through weblogic 10 Updated:10-11

    While invoking a particular web service from other system it gives following error in instance finder exception on JaxRpc invoke: HTTP transport error: javax.xml.soap.SOAPException: javax.xml.soap.SOAPExceptio

  • Error while invoking web service over SSL Updated:10-11

    While making a SSL Connections to web service i am getting the below mentioned error in spite of configuring the certificate provided by the client onto WLS. I tried adding the certificate to the default DemoTrust and DemoIdentity Keystores. The erro

  • Error Occured while Invoking a BPEL Process from JAVA Updated:10-11

    Hi..... When initiating a BPEL process from JAVA the code is working fine and the Process is getting initiated.But while using that code in J2EE project as a java code and while calling that method Error is occuring..... Here by i am attaching my JAV

  • Error while invoking the WSDL service of EBS from BPEL process Updated:10-11

    Hi Team, when we are calling webservice client to call WSDL service which is published in Oracle EBS integrated SOA Gateway from BPEL process. After invoking, we are getting the below error <bpelFault><faultType>0</faultType><remoteFa

  • Error while invoking ESB process from a BPEL process Updated:10-11

    Hi all We have a requirement to call an ESB process from a BPEL process. We are using an adapter wth the ESB's WSDL url. After deploying the BPEL process, the registered ESB is getting called for most values while suddenly some values return the foll

  • Error While invoking BPEL Service from ADF Page Updated:10-11

    Hi All, JDev Version: Currently in my application through ADF apps i am invoking BPEL service upon cliking of 'Submit' Button, so that BPEL service will be invoked and it procees But now its throwing below error, Any suggestion please????

  • Error while invoking web service from PDK Updated:10-11

    Hi, I had written code to invoke a sample web service which is generated through WSDL file. Started the web service and followed the sequence of steps that are described in this blog: [origi

  • Reg: Error while invoking a DB Adapter in BPEL[Call a stored procedure] Updated:10-11

    HI I got this Error while Tried to invoke a DB Adapter[calling a proceudre or function]. I am not able to resolve this issue. Please help me out. java.lang.Exception: oracle.sysman.emSDK.webservices.wsdlapi.SoapTestException: Client received SOAP Fau

  • RequestTimeoutException error while invoking a BPEL process using RMI Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am getting RequestTimeoutException error while invoking a BPEL process using this code: Locator locator = LocatorFactory.createLocator(jndiProps); String compositeDN = "default/"+processName+"!1.0"; Composite composite = locator.

  • Error while invoking web service from BPEL 11g Updated:10-11

    Hello All, I am creating a webservice using java. I created service using java and deployed it on the SOA server 11g. I am able to test it from the weblogic console. When i am trying to invoke it from BPEL, i am getting the remote fault: Error Messag

  • Problem invoking a web service from soa11g BPEL. Updated:10-11

    Hi , I am trying to invoke a web service from soa bpel 11g composite. We have the wsdl, wsdl URL of the web service along with the user name , password credentials. Initially w/o any WS policy attached and testing the composite, it fails with the bel