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Invalid Domain name for federation xml

  • Invalid Domain name for federation xml Updated:11-30

    I'm trying to setup a new c# application for cloud single or later multi tentant login but when I click ok in the authorization dialog in visual studio. I get an error that the federation xml file can't be found. And I can see why because the federat

  • Multiple Domains with oc4j-ra.xml Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am using the oc4j-ra.xml file in the /oracle/app/10Gias/j2ee/OC4J_BPEL/application-deployments/default/DbAdapter/ directory to my database connection. I have now created a second domain for a TEST environment and want to use a seperate oc4j-ra.

  • Invalid tag generated in result XML file, xslt mapping done using MAPFORCE Updated:10-11

    HI My requirement is File to File using xslt mapping I have done a very simple XSLT mapping, but through MAPFORCE tool Here are the steps, I followed: 1. Supplied source xsd and xml file to MAPFORCE 2. Supplied target xsd file 3. mapped it as require

  • Data template is invalid. Should be in XML-DATA-TEMPLATE format. Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am trying to create & upload a Data Template for a Data Definition in XML Publisher. When I try to upload my data template, it shows me the error :- " The uploaded file PAFPURUP_TEMPLATE.xml is invalid. The file should be in XML-DATA-TEMPLA

  • XMLType toobject return invalid number while providing the XML Schema/DTD Updated:11-30

    We are exploring an option of converting XML into an oracle object and found toobject procedure that does the job. It works fine without XML Schema and provides XML data as oracle object. But it takes more time in parsing the XML since it uses canoni

  • Invalid UTF8 encoding when including XML page in XSQL Updated:11-30

    Hello I'm creating an XSQL page that includes an XML page generated using PSP <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <page xmlns:xsql="urn:oracle-xsql" connection="sgvrt"> <xsql:include-xml href=

  • How to read domain info from "config.xml" Updated:11-30

    Is it possilble to access information about the domain (say, the notes) from the config.xml? If it is, how? Also, is it possible to add an attribute to the root ("domain") element and, again, access it programmatically? Thank you, Vladimir Graba

  • JCIFS NTLM - giving backup domain controller in web.xml Updated:11-30

    Hi All, We are using JCIFS NTLM authentication, for which we've configured the filter in web.xml like this ... other code ... <filter>     <filter-name>NtlmHttpFilter</filter-name>     <filter-class>jcifs.http.NtlmHttpFilter</fi

  • ORA-00911:invalid character when loading an XML doc to the XMLType column Updated:11-30

    We have followed this code snippet: using the CLOB object to load an XML Document which has more 4000 characters to the XMLType column, we got the e

  • Error message 5.0.0 invalid domain name  when trying to send email?? Updated:11-30

    I can receive emails but can not send out emails. I have contacted my IP several times and gone thru settings several times. We are all stumped. Problem started when we switched from dial up to high speed.Hello, and welcome to the Discussions. Are yo

  • XML Publisher Report ends with Warning -- Invalid Character Error in XML Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have migrated the standard report 'Invoice Print Selected Invoices' from Reports 6i to XML Publisher. It has to print a Euro(€) in the report. It does not even generate the XML File fully. It gives the below error in the XML File. When i remove

  • XML Parser error Invalid Char Updated:10-11

    When using proxy to download data from ECC to XI -- XML parser throws this error -- Fatal Error: Invalid char #0x1a(:main:, row:1, col:50831067) at com.s

  • Imported XML errors " Invalid UTF8 encoding" Updated:10-11

    Hi, I had to display a mutli select table region in a Oracle Standard Supplier Site Manage page in R12. So I had a created a custom Stack Layout region and imported in to the database. The import went through fine. Then using Personalization i had cr

  • Verifying domain for Federation Updated:11-30

    I am working on federating my domain with AzureAD. I have done trials with dummy names and they have worked fine. However, I get an error on the *Second* time I run New-MsolFederatedDomain (after the TXT record has been created and propagated).  It s

  • XML across domains Updated:11-30

    I have a project that sends queries to a database and receives XML formatted data: Markets_xml = new XML(); Markets_xml.onLoad = readMarketsXML; Markets_xml.load("

  • Sitemap.xml posting with masked domain Updated:11-30

    So I have my xml which i can upload fine but I want to add the site.xml file to my masked domain do i do that when i can't change the domain listing on google's webmaster tool's page?Because the domain is

  • The request to the Federation Service failed Updated:11-30

    hey everyone my domain using ADFS architecture with another domain this zone is work over 6-7 years very well in the recent days i got this error msg on adfs server Event ID 384  "The request to the Federation Service failed" help will short my

  • Interesting Presence issue and changing the domain Updated:10-11

    I've got an interesting problem that I recently posted about in a different discussion forum. Basically I've got a presence setup. This is federated with an OCS. The OCS domain is something like This is the same as the email domain, and t

  • Error in creating the Domain from template in WLS 10.3.2 Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am using WLS 10.3.2 and I need to create a domain from the template of my existing domain. I followed these steps while creating my existing domain: I chose these 2 while creating my existing domain ** WebLogic Portal -* ** Weblogi

  • Unable to generate users.xml file Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have installed OCS applied the cumulative patchset and now on OCS Now i am trying to migrate users and their mail box from exchange 5.5 running on Windows NT 4 server. I have installed the esmigration tool on a mac